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Healthcare groups ramp up criticism of proposed hospital cuts

A long list of healthcare advocacy organizations have joined together to lobby against proposed budget cuts they say will be devastating to hospitals and have a trickle down effect to Florida families.

Operating as “The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida,” the 64 partners include organizations representing hospitals, medical professionals, educators, and niche groups like the American Cancer Society’s Florida Division.

The coalition’s main focus has been advocating against proposed cuts to Medicaid reimbursement rates for hospitals. These reductions, added to cuts implemented in previous years, could affect quality of care statewide, the group has argued through a series of press conferences, news releases and videos that encourage people to lobby lawmakers to oppose the budget reductions.

Tampa resident Tish West and her 15-year-old daughter Caroline are featured in videos sharing their story of Caroline’s lifelong battle against a rare neurological disease called alternating hemiplegia of childhood. Caroline gets most of her treatment at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital's Chronic Complex Clinic. Her family used Medicaid to supplement their private health insurance as Caroline's hospital bills piled up.


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Health care is important to the well being of Florida
citizens .These cuts that is being propose is extremely high and will affect many floridians who need these benefits ,especially in this economy.There are many of our neighbours who because of the state of the Florida economy have no health Insurance because of job loss.The different Institutions that provide health care services will be severely affected but yet thy have to provide the same level of care. Health care cost needs to be reduced but the Florida Legislature have to balance cuts with the needs of the Population and the state if Florida's Economy.Daily i talk with individuals who would love to buy their own Health Insurance but just cant afford it.


Healthcare is not subject to normal market forces! Anything that you have to buy at any random moment in order not to die is not something to which a rational supply/demand calculus can apply. Check out "Penny Health" articles on how to reduce the cost of insurance.

LIOYD Robinson-All Horizon Financial Services

Health Insurance. The state of florida is allowing 70,000 employees at Florida State University to be run by one company instead of the four or eight Companies that was running and insuring that Group. The employees will have far better coverage by having more companies providing Affordable medical plans.In my opinion it doesnt appear that politicians have learn any thing from the last Financial Crisis.Multiple companies offering medical coverage is less risky than one company offering the same .Insurance is and always will be about risk when you spread the risk amoung four or eight companies,you reduce risk,creat a more diverse group of plans for employees and more than any than any thing it leave the Citizens of Florida with less risk.

Lloyd Robinson

The rising cost of Health Care-The cost of Health care is increasing every year.As a result of changes in the Health Care industry and the economy,we're seeing higher cost for medical services and treatment,which impact insurance premiums.Our Health Care System has a lot to offer-at a price.This is affecting every one:consumers,employers,health care providers,insurance brokers and agents ,insurance companies and the government.Like it or not changes have to be made to the current system because the current model is unsustainable.We have to start some where.

Lloyd Robinson

Among the uninsured workers 18-64 almost 63% are self employed or work in small companies.One of the challenges people face when they open their own business right out of college or leave a big company to work for
them selves is that they don't have access to a group sponsored health plan.Finding health coverage isn't always easy,especially if they don't know their options.


No. The premiums will not go up for that. Usually heatlh insurance is up for renewal once a year and the cost increases at that time, but not just because you use your policy. The cost of group heatlh insurance where I work has had double digit increases in the premiums every year for 10 years now. The heatlh insurance companies are out of control. If you have insurance and need heatlh care go get the care you need.


Yes, as a matter of fact there is There is a dioesuntcd health benefits program that enables you to see a chiropractor anytime you wish. The plan is only $19.95 per month and comes with Dental, vision, prescription of course Chiropractic care. There are more than 7,500 participating doctors. There is a free initial consultation and there is a 50% savings on all diagnostic services required x-rays. 30% savings on treatment and most other services. No limit on number of visits and there is a toll free number to locate participating network chiropractors. If you want more info, please contact me.


NWIP / Military ID and Tricare are 2 different tgnihs. You need a new ID card and if you are over 21 then you need to get her proof that you are a student. To get one you need a Form DD1172 and a Power of Attorney from her to go get one from the closest Pass

Lloyd Robinson

Finding Affordable medical Insurance in Florida takes time and working with an Independent Broker.There are Many Insurance Companies in Florida Offering different plans Consumers have to be more diligent in choosing Health Insurance Plans.Higher Deductible Plans cost Less in monthly premiums and Consumers may have to start looking at saving on monthly premiums by selecting Limited doctors visits rather than unlimited visits higher deductibles or even visiting walk in clinics instead of emergency rooms .Keeping health care cost in check is a responsibility of insurers,consumers and providers.

Lloyd Robinson

As we wait for the Supreme court to rule on Health Care Reform the anxiety is building.Health Insurers are moving ahead with implementing the Law.Hundreds of millions Dollars have been spent.The Law is design to keep cost down and to put consumers back in charge of both cost and their own medical care.Keeping cost down benefits every one.


I have had Medicare since about 1999/2000. Medicare pays 80% of what they consider is elrsonabae cost. Believe me that isn't much. For example: Suppose I have a bill of $1000. Medicare determines that elrsonabae cost is $400; they pay 80% of that. And even though I have a private insurance which supplements Medicare, Medicare still sets the elrsonabae cost which means in my example that my private insurance will pay 20% of $400. Whoever performed the service (doctor, hospital, whoever) is out $600. When my doctor retired about five years ago I called four places which wouldn't take me on as a patient because I have Medicare.Even though private insurance companies are in it for profit, because they charge much higher premiums than the government does for Medicare, they can afford to pay more out because of those higher premiums. It's truly a case of you getting what you pay for.Because I don't work, Medicare is primary and my Blue Cross/Blue Shield is secondary so Medicare sets the reimbursement rate. Secondary insurers REQUIRE that a person be entitled to Medicare if they are eligible to cut down on the costs of the secondary insurance.If I didn't have Medicare and I wasn't eligible for it, my Blue Cross/Blue Shield would be reimbursing my doctors and hospitals at a much higher rate than what Medicare does.Now why doesn't everyone in the United States have Medicare? The insurance companies wouldn't stand for it and the medical community would be backing them up. Our representatives and senators wouldn't dare extend Medicare to all Americans!Frankly I think Medicare should be extended to everyone with increased premium rates and higher payments to providers of services and it could be administered through the private companies. But who am I?

Lloyd Robinson

Affordable Health Insurance-The Need for Proper Health Insurance Coverage For all Americans Makes the most financial sense for the country Long Term well being.There is no way to keep the cost of health care check without having more Individuals properly Insured.The Idea of People Showing up at hospitals Emergency Rooms for health conditions that could have been treated by a doctor is just unreal.At the very least basic health Care should be a priority for every citizen and Legal Resident with some form of Hospital care base on a pre-determined coverage amount the cost should be the consumers responsibility.The Government can then get involve with some form of Cost Sharing arrangement for excess cost over the coverage amount.

I am sure that the Insurance companies could develop a plan that cover the excess cost that is shared by Individuals and the Government .Health care Reform will make a difference in solving the long term needs of the Uninsured.In the Long it will help to reduce cost.

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