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Mitt Romney pulls out win in home state MI, cruises in AZ

Mitt Romney's low-performing Republican US Tour continues now that he barely won Michigan, a state he grew up in and carried handily in 2008. Romney also won Arizona more easily.**

But a win's a win.

"We didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough," Romney said. "That's all that counts."

The victory changes the narrative in Romney's favor. He can triumph in the close elections --albeit, he's doing it by just going negative. And, as former Romney adviser/current friend Alex Castellanos said on CNN tonight: Romney needs to do more than that. A candidate has to give people something to vote for, not just something to vote against.

Castellanos and other Republicans broke down some of Romney's problems in our print story today.

On the other hand, a Romney supporter notes: "UAW ran ads against Romney. Obama ran ads against Romney. He even spoke to the UAW today. Santorum ran ads against Romney. Democrats actively organized in Michigan against Romney. He overcame them all.  Also, he campaigned in Michigan and doubled-down on his opposition to the auto-bailout, and Big Labor. Santorum chose to pander on both. Romney won."

**Posted was updated. There's a chance Romney could win by 3 points (when I first updated it was 4-6 points). If so, the original headline "Low-performing Mitt Romney ekes out win in home state MI, cruises in AZ" was a little too strong, hence the changes. Still, as the quotes show, Romney didn't think it was a commanding win. But, again, a win's a win.