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Marco Rubio's faith, a timeline.

The timeline of Sen. Marco Rubio's "faith journey" as provided by his office, which says it will be part of his upcoming book.

  • His family moved to Las Vegas in 1979 and joined the Mormon church when Marco was about 8 years old.
  • While still in Las Vegas, by the time he was 12, he and his family left the church and resumed attending Catholic services.
  • He received his first communion at the age of 13 in December 1984 in Las Vegas.
  • The next year, the family returned to Miami, where Marco was confirmed, married and had all his children baptized in the Catholic church in subsequent years.
  • In 2002, Marco and his wife began attending the First Baptist Church of Perrine (subsequently renamed Christ Fellowship). While they were never baptized or registered as members, they attended regularly.
  • Around 2005 Marco began to return to his Catholic roots.
  • He enjoys the sermons and the excellent children’s ministry at Christ Fellowship, and still attends often.
  • Rubio is a practicing Roman Catholic who attends mass regularly at both St. Joseph's In Washington, D.C. and St. Louis's in Miami where he is a parishioner.

Questions arose today after revelations that Rubio was briefly Mormon.

Posted by Alex Leary at 2:48:38