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Miami-based Cuban lawyers slam American Bar Association for trips to Cuba

The Cuban American Bar Association is mad at its national sister organization, the American Bar Association, for planning to send two groups to learn about the justice system in Cuba.

In a press release issued Wednesday, the Miami-based Cuban lawyers group said it persuaded the ABA's Criminal Law section from visiting the island. But its Family Law and Health Law sections "have refused to engage" in conversations regarding the trips, CABA says.

"As it has done in the past, the Cuban government will undoubtedly use these visits by the world's largest voluntary professional lawyers association to bolster their shameful justice system," the release says. "The ABA should not be used in this way."

American lawyers should set up meetings with independent jurists on the island, the group added.

Read CABA's letter to the ABA here.


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pedro animala

So what are you saying..that they should swallow your propaganda without question, rather than see for themselves whether you're telling thee truth or not?

Family lawyers

A Washington federal magistrate judge dismissed one of two pending lawsuits between local plaintiffs' attorneys fighting over fees.

Charla Mcguyer

Learning about justice systems from one region to another can help a lot in crafting various kinds of laws. This involves cultural factors and demographics. This move may have come offensive to CABA. In this case, both parties sure have pure intentions. But, it all somehow went wrong in execution part.

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