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Miami-Dade pit-bull ban critics urge Florida lawmakers not to back off proposed repeal

Opponents of Miami-Dade's 23-year-old ban on pit-bull ownership geared up for a legislative battle Wednesday, urging their backers to ask state Rep. Carlos Trujillo to keep fighting to repeal the county's prohibition.

A committee of Miami-Dade commissioners agreed Tuesday to put the ban to voters this fall -- a move intended to stop Trujillo from pursuing HB 997 (and its companion, SB 1322), which would do away with the exemption in state law that allows Miami-Dade to be the only county in Florida with a ban on a specific dog breed.

Dahlia Canes, who leads the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, sent out a plea to her supporters Wednesday asking them to call and e-mail Trujillo, a Miami Republican, urging him not to back away from his legislation. She also urged them to reach out Sen. Jim Norman, R-Tampa, the bill's Senate sponsor, and to Commissioners Sally Heyman and Lynda Bell, who said the county shouldn't take any action until seeing the outcome of the legislation in Tallahassee.

"The issue with the Miami Dade County Commissioners being discussed was primarily of a power struggle between Tallahassee and this county," Canes wrote in her own message to Trujillo. "The Florida Legislature also represents this county, as this is an issue that affects ALL of Florida residents, not just in Dade County and they cannot vote in these August elections."


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There are no bad dogs. Just bad owners and bad training.

Daniel Crespo

"The issue with the Miami Dade County Commissioners being discussed was primarily of a power struggle between Tallahassee and this county," once again, this demonstrates that these commissioners are driven by their own EGO's and personal interest, not by the desire to make our community a better place. These Commissioners, Bovo and Diaz should be recalled like they did to Bovos predecessor and the other commissioner and former Mayor. Birds of a feather, stick together. We need new birds with the community in mind, not $pecial interest.



Pitbulls advocates routinely lie. They cover up maulings and NEVER speak of Darla Napora and others like her who tried to sell the its the owner not the breed mantra to others and was viciously attacked and killed by her own pitbull that she lovingly raised from a puppy.

Mortality, Maiming and Mauling by Vicious Dogs is a study of animal injuries in hospitals published in Annals of Surgery April 2011. It found that you have a more than 2500 times higher chance of dying if attacked by a pitbull instead of a Labrador retriever. It also found that people are losing a body PART to a pitbull mauling every 4-5 days now.

Even if you threw out 2/3's of all pitbull attacks because of some freak determination that they got the breed wrong, pitbulls would still be the top killer and it is family loved, unabused pitbulls that are mauling people. These dogs turn on a dime without warning. Pitbull bans are advocated by PETA to protect humans, and pets, and to stop the breed/kill cycle of pitbulls. Pitbull bans are overwhelming effective (see Denver Colorado's stats, or Council Bluffs, Idaho. Remember pitbulls don't bite, they maul and kill.
The severity of the dogs attack warrant regulation as an incident with a pitbull is an emergency. You cannot classify it as a simple bite and release dog bite. Think about it. You put up a smoke alarm, try to buy a car with a high safety rating, and then you deliberately put the dog with the highest incidence of turning on its owners, and the most lethal tenacity in its style of attack into your home. Is this rational? No. Pick a safer breed; don't accept the deed.

The issue of higher gang criminal activity in cities witout pitbull bans is also ignored by pitbull advocates. In addition, the millions of pounds of pitbulls that are euthanized is ignored.
Miami Dade's ban is safer for residents and cheaper as the public is not paying enourmous sums to house and euthanize pitbulls. 50 to 70 percent of all pitbulls are brought into the shelters to be euthanized VOLUNTARILY by their owners as a lot of people have trouble with this breed. Overbreeding and promoting an animal to meet its death only benefits one group: Dog fighters.

The Miami Dade ban is more humane and protects residents and tourists. The ban was enacted because people were irrepairably shredded by pitbull dogs. It was decided to be for the greater good of all to protect residents from this random mayhem as pitbulls don't bite and release like other breeds, they maul.

The pitbull cult loyalists who grow up following "celebrities" on reality t.v. don't comprehend that reality t.v. is not reality. They just want to belong to something and feel cool. Logic, intelligence, and respect for others is thrown out the window. Children are now growing up in the USA that are so facially mutilated with missing eyes and scalps that they will never go to a prom. How can any commissioner think this mayhem should be tolerated?
The right to life and liberty should not be trumped by the selfish want of some to own a vicious breed of dog. Any commissioner who supports the eradication of the ban is doing so for selfish reasons. Any commissioner who supports the repeal of the ban will have blood on their hands in a very short time. Pitbulls maul at random, and they maul often.




Sunbeaz..there is no Pit Bull cult? Only responsible owners that have the same right as anyone else to own whatever breed of dog they so choose. It's also a property rights issue...not to mention the slaughtering of innocent dogs with our tax dollars. Please do research on the real facts...National Canine Research Counsel...


Dahlia, the NCRC is a subsidiary of the Animal Farm Foundation. The AFF is simply a pit bull advocacy organization owned by a VERY wealthy pit bull apologist. There is no actual "research" done by the NCRC. Peaceful people have rights too. Communities have home rule rights. The repeal of the Miami/Dade pit bull ban is pushed by Best Friends Animal Society, an animal rights PAC headquartered in Utah. Florida legislators would do well to consider the safety of their constituents over the desires of Utah based PAC.

Miami Mama

Dahlia (and everyone else),
Sunbeaz and April29 aren't affected by what happens in Miami-Dade, or even FL. They're 'national advocates' for BSL. Their premise is NOT bans (because those are being defeated, repealed and overturned to frequently these days). Instead they promote 'heavy regulations' including mandatory spay/neuter, muzzling in public (which means in your own yard), 6 ft. fencing and minimal $100,000 of insurance.

Their long-term goal is to completely kill off the pit bull breeds, short term is keeping them from interfering with their personal quality of life...not the safety and well-being of all tax-paying, law abiding, registered voting community members.

Miami-Dade has had a pit bull ban for more than 20 years, and yet has been consistently identified as one of the nations most dangerous cities. The amount of tax-payers money spent on anti-gang education and awareness would feed most of Miami residents for a year alone!

Bottom line, if gang members want pit bulls - they'll already HAVE pit bulls because they are already LAW BREAKERS.


Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes
Maybe you bsl advocates should live with a Couple of pitbulls for a while before you try to kill them off! Which is what you are doing with this bsl bs!

James C.

If the American Pit Bull Terrier is such a bad dog, why is there a bronze statue of one at the battlefield in Gettysburg, PA? Breed discrimination has ZERO effect on public safety. As a RESIDENT of Miami-Dade County, property owner and TAXPAYER I support HB 997 SB 1322.


Personally, I am an advocate for the safety of peaceful people and their peaceful pets and livestock. Pit bulls killed 24 Americans last year, five of those died in December of 2011 alone. Beagles? Zero. Poodles? Zero. Yorkies? Zero. Chihuahuas? Zero. Anyone who really cared about pit bulls would demand mandatory neuter and spay for the breed that fills United States shelters. The estimate is one million pit bulls are euthanized in U.S. shelters every year. These are dogs turned in by owners because the dogs became aggressive, or abandoned on the streets for the same reason. Only pit bull advocates can change this horrid fact. Stop breeding dogs with no future other than a short life and death on the streets or in a shelter. If breed specific advocates controlled their dogs then muzzles and insurance would not be necessary, but breed specific advocates do not control their dogs. This is why laws are passed, to protect the rights of the innocent. Best Friends Animal Society is a Utah based PAC, they push their agenda without care for the safety of Florida residents.

Harve Morgan

James, what about these pit apologists and what they were doing to alter a local issue? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/08/AR2007120800094_pf.html
She said the employee discovered a posting from March on http://www.pitbullforum.com, a forum for pit bull advocates, in which someone encouraged other advocates across the country to participate in Loudoun's survey and vote in favor of lifting its adoption ban.

The poster reportedly provided a list of 20 Loudoun Zip codes and instructed respondents to delete the cookies stored on their computer so they could take the survey multiple times.

Can dish it out but can't take it.

Harve Morgan

Interesting to note that the Mayor of Lancaster, CA, an anti-BSL state contributes a dramatic decrease in violent crime since passing the only version of BSL allowed by State law. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/01/lancasters-dog-ordinance-is-cited-in-helping-to-drive-down-gang-crime.html
The law, adopted in January 2009, was primarily aimed at preventing gang members from using dogs, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers, to bully people or cause physical harm, officials said.
Parris believes there is a correlation between the results of the dog ordinance and a drop in the city’s gang crime rate. Lancaster’s violent gang crime, which includes homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, fell by 45% last year, and there was a drop in overall gang crime by 41%, Parris said, citing statistics from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


I am glad that this ban might be repealed. It has produce no positive results. It is unfair that we single out Pit Bulls even though they are not one breed but seven different breeds that people lump together.I do however support a ban on breeding these dogs. Too many are put to sleep.

Miami Mama

Harve Morgan, you should know well how 'national advocacy' works. Haven't you recommended to your fellow plotters to reach out to law makers with fake addresses so you APPEAR to matter/have a vote? Do you and your campaign not share posts from anywhere in the country to show your support FOR Breed Specific Legislation?

Point a finger...three more point back at YOU.

April29, perhaps you should be willing to consider the fact that breed ID is not always accurate. According to Dr. Victoria Voith and colleagues at Western University (and published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, July 2009), breed ID is incorrect 75% of the time.

Not to mention that anything that is short-haired, muscular, and has a block head is considered pit bull by the anti-pit community. The majority of you include the Argentine Mastiff, Cane Corso, American Bulldog, Boxer, etc.

HARDLY does the inclusion of every single breed that physically matches that of the APBT or AmStaff breeds quantify solid statistics for ANY year of DBRFs.

Especially considering that you pull your statistics from the ONLY source that tallies such information, an anti-pit blog site that gathers their data from media stories. Even that data is 'pick and choose', the media accounts on several differ when IDing a breed/type of dog...the blog owner selects only the stories that reference a 'pit bull'. And on some of the stories if breed is NOT noted, she makes comments such as "breed ID isn't necessary to know THIS attack was a pit bull"...
THAT'S pretty scientific work there huh? Certainly makes her stats rather 'spongy' at the very least.

The truth is, there is no un-biased, legitimate organization that tracks fatal dog bites because of several reasons. #1, while tragic and unnecessary, fatal dog bites are too rare for government agencies to spend tax dollars on tracking; #2, it's realized that rather than spending tax-money tallying so few tragedies the tax-payer is best benefited with spending tax dollars on educational data/info that works to PREVENT such rare tragedies.

As for peaceful people and peaceful pets: According to the data that comes from YOUR campaign, fewer than 1% of the population of pit bull type dogs are involved in fatal bites. OR, 99% of pit bulls living across the country are NEVER dangerous nor vicious.


Mama, Interesting to see where you pick your sources of support. A cursory look around at the Animals and Society website reveals a pure vegan/animal rights agenda. This blogger finds evil intent in 4H programs. Where do you think food comes from? Are you aware that courts have never supported the "void for vaguesness" theory. Any case that rested on that premise never prevailed. The only individuals that have difficulty identifying pit bulls is pit bull owners... unless something free is involved, shots, surgery, training, or if there is a Pit Pride Parade and rally planned. If a manufactured product caused the deaths of 24 Americans in a single year, the Federal Government would order a recall.

Miami Mama

It has nothing to do with WHO publicized the study April29 (nice try...but a simple google will produce thousands of results where the study is publicized by various groups and organizations), what matters it is a PUBLISHED PEER STUDY recognized by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, (July 2009).

Do you know how many owners 'adopt' a dog from a shelter that is told the dog is a "collie" mix, Shepherd mix, or pit bull mix (just to name a few) that have no idea if that 'tag' is accurate or not? Unless a dog is registered through a breeders registry, such as AKC, UKC, etc, there is no way of knowing lineage. DNA testing is the closest science can provide.

How is it, your camp can make a claim that so many pit bulls show up for free spay/neutering, yet also claim that more pit bulls are euth'ed annually in shelters as unwanted dogs? Don't you also claim that pit bulls aren't THAT popular because of their reputations when compared to Labradors?

Seems IDing pit bulls as pit bulls is only convenient to you when it supports your arguments of most frequent to attack, most over populated shelter dog, or most moocher-owner dogs.

Fact is, more pit bulls are owned by decent, hard-working, tax-paying, registered voters...many of whom are recognized world-wide as celebrities of many walks of life. Fact is the vast majority of pit bull type dogs NEVER display aggression, never do anything that will make a newspaper or evening news broadcast.

Remember, less than 1% of the pit bull population is involved in dog bites per the blog site that you pull your information/statistics from.

James C.

Sunbeanz: Just because one irresponsible owner, who lied about owning a dog that attacked his own kid, means that everybody who opposes BSL is now a liar? That doesn't seem very fair. Sounds more like a smear. Did you watch the video you posted? The two "owners" did not exactly look like model citizens.

Harve: You don't say where you are from, but I have lived in Miami-Dade since 1980 -- when it was still called Dade County. I don't have a problem with American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers or Staffordshire Terriers. I am very familiar with these dogs and I know that in a loving environment they are great family dogs. Personally, I support HB 997 and SB 1322. I hope they get an up or down vote, and I hope they both pass.

I don't condone anyone trying to influence the outcome of an online poll via that tactics you suggested, however online polling is not exactly the most scientifically or statistically reliable way to conduct a survey. Lastly, just because one person correlates BSL in CA with a decrease in crime rates doesn't mean that the former caused the latter. My guess is there was a whole lot more going on in terms of community policing and targeted investigation of organized crime in the area to cause the crime rate to go down. To say that BSL would cause the crime rate to go down is naive, but what do I know I only have a B.A. and a doctoral degree. . .

James C.

One last thought here. How many people die EVERY DAY in a car accident? How many more are seriously injured in car accidents every day? Are we going to outlaw the automobile and force everyone to ride the bus? Of course not.

Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of being struck by lightening (remember now FL leads the nation in lightening strikes) than being killed by any kind of dog. I think the proper solution is enforcement of the FL dangerous dogs statute that deals with the conduct of the dog and not its breed. It should be noted that Miami-Dade County has a dangerous dog ordinance that deals with dogs behaving badly. We also have an anti-tethering law, which is good because many dogs found to have attacked were also tethered. Commissioner Pepe Diaz also suggested tougher penalties for those involved in dog fighting. I wholeheartedly agree. I think these breed-neutral laws go much further in protecting the community from dogs behaving badly (for which I blame the owners) than an indiscriminate ban on any particular breed.


Mama, it is not "my camp" making claims. Announce a pit bull rally and the place will fill up with pit bulls and their proud owners. When a free program is announced that is specific to pit bulls, shots, surgery, training, whatever, pit bulls are brought in by their owners who can identify them in this circumstance. The dogs brought in for neuter and spay are not in the majority and this is most unfortunate. The April 1, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association has an article titled Epidemiology of surgical castration of dogs and cats in the United States. On page 901 you will find a table showing percentages of castrated dogs by breed. Pit bulls come in at the bottom of the list. This is exactly why free surgeries are offered for pit bulls in a breed specific manner. It is to impact the terrible numbers of the breed euthanized in shelters. Most pit bull websites give estimated euthanization totals, for good reason. The number is horrifying and only those who breed pit bulls can make an impact here. DNA tests to not identify pit bulls, please check the website for the Mars test for backup on this. DNA tests only claim any accuracy at all for first generation. If you look at that "research" (if we are talking about the same one, and it has been put up on many of the pit bull advocacy websites) they are giving second and third generation claims. If you look at the breeds claimed in this "research" there are breeds so rare that you could go your entire life without encountering one. These extremely rare breeds are not commonly walking the streets of America contributing their DNA in a random manner. Courts in the United States do not support the statement that "nobody can identify a pit bull" and give plenty of reasons why they should be identified.


I have two rescue pit bulls. They are the best behaved and loving dogs I have ever owned. One of our pitties was recently attacked at the dog park by a labradoodle - while my dog could have easily won the battle, he ran away and hid!

Any dog that is taught to fight will fight. And a dog raised as a family member will be part of the family.

Too much hysteria and little fact in these rants.



Apparently, only Miami-Dade has dangerous pitbulls. Or maybe put this way, a majority of Miami-Dade resident are just not capable and too irresponsible and careless to care for pitbulls properly. This is what the Miami-Dade BCC apparently believes about the citizens of Miami-Dade County.

hell no pits.

First of all to all you racsit honkeys screw you.I don't care what y'all say I don't want pits.the issues is miami dade have to many getto and blacks that use pits for wrong reason.so I don't need to walk around and see all these thugs with pits.and for all you honkeys that like pits so much take them to your countys hey if you like eat them too.

hell no pits.

Whatever floats your boat.if you like feeding your kids to pits go right ahead. We don't need pits so you can have them if you want.awawa pits are not bad dogs yea right


For a county with a 23 year old ban on pit bulls, I sure do see a lot of puppies for sale from Miami-Dade. So someone is obviously breeding them. I am against the ban but law is law. We have no ban in Palm Beach but it is still illegal to breed without a license. Why are these people breeding and SELLING for profit without being noticed. If you make a law banning the dog then you need to enforce it for the sake of the people who would love to have a pit bull but obey the law.


dogs are very much like people each with their own personality and quirks saying that no one can have Pitbulls and that they are a menace to society is esscentially the same type of small minded thinking that caused slavery,segregation, and the killing of native-Americans we are committing the same mistakes we are just doing it to a different species there should not be a ban of any type of pet. people say that pitbulls kill more than any other dog breed but fact of the matter is that what ever that number is it is no where near the number of people that are killed from cigarettes or alcohol yet people still drink and smoke so why can't I have a pitbull

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