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Ooops. While hurling Crist-slur at George LeMieux, Connie Mack has some Charlie taint

With the absence of Adam Hasner, it seemed as if there was no Republican U.S. Senate candidate who would trash fellow Republican George LeMieux for being former Gov. Charlie Crist's brain. But then LeMieux today tore into Mack, comparing him to Charlie Sheen. Mack's campaign responded by noting LeMieux helped "create" Charlie Crist.

But the Crist taint pervades the GOP.

Mack used to be a Charlie Crist Republican, too. He endorsed Crist in the Republican Senate race against Marco Rubio. He and LeMieux stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Crist -- until Crist bolted the party. Both LeMieux and Mack were silent when Crist promoted the now-hated stimulus plan of Obama. Contrast that with then-Sen. Mel Martinez who publicly said of his friend, Crist, that "I don't know that my governor understands all the details."

But the similiarity ends there. Mack voted against the simulus, which he repeatedly bashed. LeMieux actively touted it in his Crist-boosting LeMieux Report.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2009/02/a-valentine-for-the-peoples-governor.html#storylink=cpyThere is a difference on the simulus, however: Mack was an early and vocal critic and voted against it in Congress. LeMieux, in private practice, was more actively in favor of the stimulus and boosted aspects of it in the LeMieux Report, which he produced at the time in 2009.Anyway, here's a screen shot of Mack's conniemack.com website, which once boasted about Crist's endorsement. As a bonus, there's also a copy of a press release from Crist's hand-picked Republican Party chairman, Jim Greer, whom LeMieux helped install.

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"It's also tough to find anywhere in the record where LeMieux and Mack really disagreed with each other when it came to Crist promoting the now-hated stimulus plan of Obama."

Mack voted against Obama's stimulus plan twice:



Did LeMieux oppose it? Inquiring minds what to know.


Didn't Lemieux endorse Rubio right after Crist left party. When did Mack endorse? I think it was way after.


"LeMieux helped 'create' Charlie Crist."

If that's the case, maybe LeMieux should be elected. Crist wasn't perfect, but he was a lot better than what we have now (Lord Valemort).


George would still love to see the $7,500.00 purse you bought for your wife in Paris with Gop funds. Crist youtube 10 lies in less than 2 minutes. Same sex orgies. It just does not stop with Crist. Did we pay for those trips to Vegas? Prove me wrong. I wonder if people even know you were Censured in your own State in Volusia County while you were a sitting governor. I thank you for allowing me to exercise my first ammendment right. Tampabay.com will not allow me to express my opinions. Hats off to you for allowing people to know the truth. Blessings.


Rubio I am still confused how you charging your Kitchen floor and getting your minivan fixed on the GOP card. Which we know the only reason those funds are to be used are for votes. Maybe you could explain that to all of us. I know I am having trouble understanding. Where we come from they call that theft and guess what it is a crime. Imagine that if you can.

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