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Opponents of Miami-Dade pit bull ban protest outside Tropical Park

A couple dozen pit bull lovers -- or at least supporters of a proposed law to repeal Miami-Dade's pit-bull ban -- held signs and gave out fliers Sunday afternoon in front of Miami's Tropical Park.

"We heart pit bulls!" read one sign. "Stop the killing," read another. And a third: "Fix the real problem: bad owners."

Cars honked in support of the crowd as a banner airplane flew overhead: " MDABSL: Support HB 997 & SB 1322! UnitedAgainstBSL.org."

"MDABSL" stands for Miami-Dade Against Breed Specific Legislation.

Miami-Dade is the only Florida county that bans pit bulls. After the county's ban was put in place, the state prohibited future counties from doing the same. The proposed bills -- sponsored in the House by state Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican -- would remove the language in state law that allowed Miami-Dade's exemption, invalidating the county's prohibition, which often leads pit bulls that land in Miami-Dade's animal shelter to be euthanized.

The county opposes the legislation, noting that Miami-Dade's prohibition was enacted to prevent pit bull attacks after a slew of them in the early 1990s. Proponents of the bills say pit bulls as a breed are not inherently dangerous.


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actually, there were 24 and a half protestors at this rally (2 dozen plus Robin Johnson, of Orlando)
Ms Johnson, just lost both legs and one arm, this weekend in Orlando, when Ian Summers, a noted "dog expert," invited her into his house where "Fiesty" the pit bull was staying.
Fiesty, true to his name, proceeded to amputate 3 of the 4 limbs on Robin Johnsons body.

If you look closely at the photo of the protest, you will see Robin Johnson and her sign...hard to spot, as she and her sign are less than one foot off the ground (no pun)...and nice to see not only does she still love pit bulls, but she still has a sense of humor...her sign says:

"people who want to ban pit bulls don't have a leg to stand on"



its the owners fault don't kill innocent animals. what have then done to you?


Doesn't everyone watch animal planet and Discovery Channel? Its not the breed its the owner!


Pit bulls are bred to attack, bite, rip, tear and shake until their victim stops moving. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the owner. If all you dog freaks must blame a human for the actions of these 4-legged sharks, then you can blame the breeders, but even so, the only way to eliminate the problem is to eliminate the dogs!


My dog got attacked by A pitbull 2 days ago. So this ban great. Ohh owner did not raise him to fight. Dog took down a fence to get to my pup.


i have a pit and its the best dog arou d my kids and family i hope they stp the killing and the dumb ban cause its the owner not the dog people that fight those dogs should be put to sleep not the poor dog they are living creatures to and deserve love and honor just like us


Birttany’s almost illegible post above demonstrates firsthand the type people who own pit bulls. No animal that attacks, maims and kills humans or other animals deserves anything from us but a bullet between the eyes!


All dogs are different, and training has most to do with it. Any dog of any breed can be nice or furocious. I have been arond many more good pit bulls than bad ones, and ownership most certainly has much to do with a dogs behavior. I find that many are misinformed, haven't even met a pit bulls, yet they are they first to want the ban. Meet a pit bull before you make that judgement call, and as most people that meet them, change their judgement of the pit bull breeds.


Jasons sounds like a psycho! So aggressive and talking about shooting a dog. Most dog attacks are not by pitbulls, people do not identify a dog correctly and the default is just to got with the underdog... The pitbull! Jules...Are you a vet or dog breed specialist ??? Are you sure the dog was a pitbull? I go to dog parks on a weekly basis where there are all kinds of dogs...yes even pitbulls, and never in 7 years have I seen a pitbull fighting, I have however seen cocker spaniels, beagles, chihuhaus, labs, english bulldogs, etc fighting... NEVER a pitbull... Please open your eyes and stop discriminating based on the breed!


Pitbulls are NOT bred to attack! Just like chihuahuas and yorkies are NOT bred to be aggressive little dogs... The owners are responsible, not the dog! You are not "bred" to be ignorant enough to make such ridiculous statements like the one you just did...you are raised to think that way...just like a dog is raised to behave and act a certain way. I am sick of people like you! Do you have a dog? If you do, I bet he is an aggressive monster, because from your comment it sounds like dogs are just born a certain way, which leads me to believe that you didn't train him and just let him be... Because the owners have nothing to do with how a dog behaves... RIGHT... Just like parents aren't responsible for how their kids behave... RIGHT!!!! Read a little and educate yourself about dog behaviors and the effect that their owners have on them...you are insulting many people and it's not fair! And if you don't have a dog... Then you should NEVER get one!!!!


Jason: Mark Buherle, the new Marlins player has 4 dogs, one of them is a pitbull...you are being offensive by insinuating that people that have pitbulls are uneducated... NOT the case! You... I'm not so sure :-)


Damn right! Michael Vick had a college education, too....Virginia Tech


Well if they leave the pit bull band they should add to the list the real killers, we have more deadly attacks from German Sheppard’s and Rottweiler’s in Florida than any other dog, the thing is it doesn’t sell News !!!


Reply to ItsNotstheDogsfault (above)

Typical pit bull nutter reply.

An absolutely false statement, posted in the hope that no one will call you on it.

From 2005 thru 2012, there have been ZERO Floridians killed by Rottweilers or German Shepards.

In the same 7 years, 7 Floridians were killed by pit bulls:

Roy McSweeney, June 15 2011
Tom Carter, April 14, 2010
Justin Valentin October 24 2010
Carshena Benjamin May 26 2007
Mary Diana Bernal June 29 2007
Tine Marie Cantebury October 02 2007
John Brannaman July 21 2006

The 16 people you claim were killed by GS & Rotts (8 each in order to exceed the total by Pit Bull) - please cite their names and dates.

You just posted your insane remark minutes ago, so we know you are reading my reply...so, we will wait for your reply.

PS in fact there were 3 other canine fatal attacks, they involve boxers, Presa Canarios, and Bull Dogs. And they were one each.
Not a single fatal by German Shepard or Rottweiler.


To Itsnotthedogsfault!: There hasn't been anyone killed by German shepherds or Rottweilers in Florida in recent years.

To All you Fools who say pit bulls aren't "bred" to attack: Please tell us when was the last time you heard of any dog other than a pit bull-type, tearing the arms or legs from an adult or scalping someone? As JasonF said, it is the nature of pit bulls to attack until the victim stops moving.

Additionally, once a pit bull-type dog begins an attack, most of the time, nothing short of a bullet will stop the attack no matter how well the dog is "trained." If training was the determining factor in whether or not a dog will attack and maim or kill someone, please explain why dogs raised by official "pit nutter standards" killed Tina Canterbury (Florida), Michael Cook (Arizona), Darla Napora (California), Joseph Hines (Indiana) and countless other pit nutter owners. And please explain why pit bulls raised by official pit nutter standards killed countless children in the home of pit nutters.

Michael Vick owned pit bulls for the purpose of fighting them, a few other so-called "celebrities" own pit bulls because they think it proves something. However, 99.9% of the people who own pit bulls are the types who post on sites such as this one promoting pit bulls -- i.e., people who can barely read and write! (I'm not saying everyone doesn't misspell the occasional word or make some other grammatical error when posting on such sites, but at least people can figure out what most of us are trying to say!)


To Itsnotthedogsfault!: What instrument does your pit bull play in the "pit bull BAND"? And it's German SHEPHERD, not SHEPPARD. Instead of sitting in front of the computer posting about things you know absolutely nothing about, you should be attempting to find a high school or community college that offers adult education courses in English grammar!


@KlondikeSam- Glad you asked!
" Missouri woman lucky to survive Brutal Dog Attack"
- American Bulldog
" Dog attack 3yo girl"
- GA, Australian Shepherd
" Dogs that attacked 18mth old boy Euthanized"
- 4 Boxers ( child crawled through doggy door while parents were asleep)
" Mother & child are both seriously injured"
- 160lbs Bull Mastiff
" Girl loses scalp in family dog attack"
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
" Child still recovering after Creston dog attack"
- 4 Am bulldogs
How about this one just for you 1/31/12
" 6yo killed by service dog that attacked"
- Clarksville, Tenn GSD- No history of violence. Child was left alone with the dog.

I can do this forever, I can post several Labs, Goldens, Great Danes, GSD( the majority of them K9), not only attacking but killing.

PBs are no more bred to attack than any Bulldog, Terrier, GSD, Great Dane, or any working Breed. While the GSD, used by Hitler himself have been breed to attack humans, PB were bred to fight other dogs.
LoL Next to your Bullet theory, if it took a bullet to save someone from being attacked by a PB, then why aren't most Attacks- Fatalities?
Now to your 99%, how can you Lump Millions of people together into 1 Category. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't Promote Spaying & Neutering. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't Promote Micro-Chipping, Training & Responsible Ownership.
I put you Haters in 2 Categories, Ones who don't know & the ones who are to Ignorant to try to learn.
I am not asking you to like PBs, I am asking you to Educate yourself on not only ALL dog attacks, but on Canine Behavior.


@Pat Then explain to me why with Millions of PBs, there aren't Millions of Deaths a Yr due to these Breeds. So if you hate PBs for being a dog fighting Breed, why don't you hate All Dog Fighting Breeds used for the same purpose. Once you Kill all PBs, they will take their Place.
Chows, Shar Pei, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, English Bulldog, Presa, Bull Mastiff, Akitas, English Mastiff, Fila, or the Tosa. ( Just to name a few).



Your 99% logic can be disqualified in 60 seconds, without prejudice.

You say that since their are millions of pit bulls in the USA, we shouldn't mind that every year 2 dozen humans are killed each year, and hundreds maimed (like Robin Johnson in Orlando, where a pit bull amputated both of her legs and one arm).

What if Tylenol said we should just take our chances with just 7 people who died due to cyanide laced pills out of 31 million bottles of Tylenol in 1982....

What if Ford, Toyota and Checy all said "well, hmm...fewer than 40 people were killed in 50 years combined by the deadly Explorers, Pintos, Corvairs, and Camry's...out of tens of millions on the road.

Lets translate 99.9% into real life:

2 unsafe plane landings per day at O’Hare Airport
500 incorrect surgical operations each week
50 newborn babies dropped at birth by doctors everyday
22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank account each hour
32,000 missed heartbeats per person, per year
114,500 mismatched pairs of shoes shipped each year
200,000 documents lost by the IRS this year




MzTx- Glad you posted a handful of non-fatal and fatal attacks by dogs other than pit bulls !

No one has ever said that pit bull exclusively kill humans.

But the fact is, year after year, pit bulls, while being less than 5% of the canine population, account for 2/3rds (66%) of all fatal human attacks each year since 2005.

Here is an extensive 30 year (1982 thru 2010) study of canine fatal attacks:


All the breeds you mentioned, such as BullDogs, Ridgebacks, Aussie Shepherds...and pit bulls....

However, lets look at each and see the total fatal attacks in 30 yrs ( see link above) :

American Bull Dog = 3 humans
Rhodesian Ridgeback = ZERO humans
Aussie Shepherds = = 1 human
Pit Bulls = 207 humans

FYI to be fair, the #2 dog for killing humans was the Rottweler,

Rottweiler = 78 Humans killed

Fact : pit bulls killed 3 times as many humans as the 2nd place breed, the Rottweiler.

German Shephard = 21 humans
Dobermans = 7 humans

Again, thats in 30 years.

Note that in the past 2 years, pit bulls killed 22 humans each year (44 total).

22 per year x 30 years = 660 humans will be killed by pit bulls in the next 30 years...and thats if they stay stagnant at 22 humans a year.

A Boeing 737 seats 110 passengers. Pit Bulls will kill the equivalent number of humans, as if 6 American Air Lines 737 crashed in the same period, or one every 5 years.

Would you fly an airline that knew every 5 years one of their 737 jets would crash?

Why not? Wouldn't you just as comfortably say "Duh, well,, you see here Normy, there are millions of 737's that fly that never crash....drink up"


Please watch this video if you fear "pit bull type dogs". This shows Michael Vick's dogs AKA the "Vicktory dogs" after they were rescued from that monster.



Please watch this video from 2 weeks ago, where a pit bull is amputating its owners arm:


icing on the cake:

below is an admission, and apology to fellow nutters, from Best Friends, the #1 pit bull nutter organization....it seems that one of the other Michael Vick "Vicktory" rescue pit bulls, broke out of its containment, and attacked 2 other dogs, badly injuring one, and fully decapitating another (yes, it ripped it head off !!):


Now keep in mind, best Friends was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to "rehab" Vicks pit bulls. They are top notch dog trainers....yet they failed just as miserably as the 44 pit bull owners whose pets killed humans in the past 2 years alone.

Nutters always point fingers and say "bad owner" when a pit bull escapes and goes on a killing spree.

They ALWAYS say "blame the owner, not the breed" when a pit bull kills a human or animal unprovoked.

IF PIT BULL HEADQUARTERS CAN'T TAME & CONTAIN, with hundreds of thousands of court ordered support from Michael Vick, what makes you think your next door neighbor can?

If you lived next door to Best Friends, it is 100% certain that this "Vicktory" Mike Vick rehabbed pit bull would have killed your child, sibling or parent, instead of another dog, when it broke free.


this is a direct quote, from a pit bull nutter, on the #1 pit bull organization Best Friends (see link above) that was awarded Vicks pit bulls and hundreds of thousands of dollars to rehab them:

"Tug broke out of his run and attacked and killed Beans, they found his head in the dirt. He then went after Denzel."

We can deduct that not only is "Best Friends" an organization of "irresponsible owners"...but they don't know Beans about pit bulls. (couldn't resist).


@MzTx, the person Klondike Sam was responding to said "German Shepherds and Rottweilers" were responsible for most of the "deadly attacks" (that means attacks resulting in deaath) in FLORIDA! Typical pit nutter, you lack the ability to comprehend what you read! But then if you possessed the ability to reason, you wouldn't be a pit nutter!


@ILOVEALLDOGS: If YOU knew anything about the BREED, you would know that pit bull is not a BREED but a TYPE of dog. No one is saying that other dogs do not fight, snap, bite, or whatever, but when something like a cocker spaniel, beagle, Chihuahua, etc. bites, one well-placed kick can kill the little buggar. If a larger dog such as a Lab bites, one good swift kick in the ribs and it will run away whimpering with its tail between its legs. I read about a woman who tried to stop a pit bull attack on someone by grabbing a pair of garden shears and actually cutting off the beast’s hind leg and it didn’t faze the monster. Once a pit bull begins an attack, no matter how well it is “trained,” the owner cannot control it. Additionally, pit bulls have been known to climb 6-foot fences and chew through wire cages, so the owners cannot adequately contain them either. No one should be allowed to own an animal that he/she cannot control or contain. (Incidentally, we all know what "love" means in your case.)


...an 84 yr old woman in Plantation FL was just mauled by the pit bulls she rasied....her son could not get the pit bulls off her, so he got a gun and shot....his bullet hit his 84 yr old mom.

I think that should just about put the final nail in the coffin of ever hoping to repeal the Miami Dade pit bull ban.

Not only will people in Miami Dade have to worry about their neighbors pit bulls, they'll have to worry about the families stray bullets when they can't pry their own pit bull off their own 84 yr old mother.


Well Jason, according to UKC a pitbull is a breed. Call it what you want; breed or type. You are judging a dog that is known to be a very good family pet and great with kids. These "types" if dogs have unfortunately been used for fighting and been mistreated by their owners in many cases; but you can't punish a reponsible person who owns or wnats to own this type of dog. I firmly believe and know for a fact that a dog is a product of it's owner. I have three dogs; various breeds and they are the product of my husband and I. We took the time, money, and effort to train them and they are amazing; they weren't bred to be good dogs, we trained then to be :-) And yes, I LOVE all dogs, and it means just just that! If I had the money I would rescue and rehabilitate any kind of dog and would dedicate my life to helping them.


two words: Darla Napora

Proof that pit bulls are not a product of their owner. Google "Darla Napora"...her pit bull just killed her a few months ago in Pacifca, CA.
Darla (like you) felt so strongly that pit bulls were given a bad rap, that, according to her dad, she move from her home in Yakima, WA because Yakima banned pit bulls.
She was bound and determined to prove that pit bulls, if raised by responsible owners, would only lick you to death.
Darla was 7 months prego, and she and her husband Greg slept with their land shark in their bed every night....until one morining, her pit bull mauled her to death....then it tore her open and ripped the unborn baby out of her womb, and tore it to pieces.

yet her husband Greg still loved both Darla and the pit bull - so much so he had the buried in the same casket !!!

Two more words: Mike Cook (of Tuscon AZ)

within weeks od Darla's ordeal, Mike Cooks own pit bull of many years (that neighbors and relatives all testified was raised and loved by Mike - and that their own kids played with - it amputated several of Mikes limbs...he did not die right away - he lingered on his death bed in a Tuscon hospital ER....in fact, he blood rate loss completely depleted Tuscon's entire county supply of that blood type.

Two more words: Joseph Hinds

Joe Hinds of Burnettsville IN raised his pet pit bull "Honey" for the past 5 years...until last fall, when "Honey" mauled him to death...same story, all the neighbors spoke out saying Mr Himds loved his pit bull, and their kids played with it as he took it for daily walks.

You say " you can't punicha responsible person who owns or wants to own" a pit bull.

I say, we don't have to. The pit bull will punish them.

You say " you firmly believe and know for a fact that a dog is a product of its owner"

I say Darle Napora, Joe Hinds, and Mike Cook thought so as well, as recently as 6 months ago.

If they could speak from their graves, they would say differently.

And there are many many more responsible pit bull owners killed by the family pet - just in recent years...Savannah Gragg of Kokomo, age 9, killed by the family pet pit bull, as she opened the back door to let it roam freely in the fenced backyard,as she had done so many times over the years...with her grandmother sitting 10 feet away, who witnessed the fatal attack....as the dog passed her on the way out the door she was holding open, it turned to her, without warning or provocation, and ripped her larnyx out of her throat, and killed her.


forgot to mention:

Darla Napora was also a card carrying outspoken member of BADRAP - the San Francisco Bay Area pit bull organization who goal is to prove that pit bulls are given a "bad rap"

confirmed by BADRAP


update: robin johnson, the woman mauled so badly in Orlando this week when a noted "dog expert" introduced her to Fiesty, a pit bull in his house, so badly that she likely will have both legs and one arm amputated....

....just slipped into a coma.

Sad to say (but not surpisingly) this woman will be yet another fatal human attack by a pit bull in Florida....


this man was just killed yesterday, when his next door neighbors pit bull escaped and started mauling him.

police arrived, and shot the pit bull point blank....it still kept mauling him....police shot it again, point blank...it still kept mauling him...so, not to be out done, the poilce shot it a 3rd time....but the pit bull shrugged the bullets off its back as if it were a bad case of fleas....so, the police reviewed their options, and shot it point blank a 4th time...but the pit bull just laughed it off, knowing it was culled over hundreds of years to withstand great pain while maintaining its goal of killing a human totally unprovoked (while on his own property)....2 more point blank shots, 6 total, and the same thing...pit bull unfazed...since the police pistol only had 6 rounds, they had to stop, remove the clip, insert a new clip...then shoot the pit bull once more point blank....the victim watched in horrow as his blood slowly oozed out of him, while the pit bull tugged and twisted with all its weight, in an effort to kill him before the police could kill the pit bull.

one final round, 8 bullets total, and the pit bull died (nutters, take a moment to mourn the loss of the "understood" pit bull).

PS as a foot note...at about the 6th shot, the human died.

read about it here:


then vote


update to above fatal attack:

the next door neighbor that owned the pit bull, was the victims niece.

"I will always love animals but I agree with Linda (Allan's wife) that a dog can change.”

She said she'll never own a dog again. “I am on medication to help me calm down. I can’t sleep at all, the incident keeps playing in my mind and I keep thinking what if I’d done this or that to save uncle Allan.

“It’s such a tragedy because uncle Allan is someone we grew up with. This is a real definition of tragedy.”

Coco had been with them since she was a puppy and the dog had never attacked her children, she said.


I feel sorry for the pitbull. He was made by humans to be lethal . As for Robin I know her personally and she is a horrible person. She's out there fighting for pitbulls? Why didn't she fight for the 5 kids she had taken away??????? She allowed horribe things to happen to some of them. She is disgusting and I hope she rots!! If she were to gain any monetary means it she all go the the children and the families she destroyed!


I live in Washington and over here pitbulls are not illegal and never have I heard of a pitbull incident. Pitbulls are great dogs its all how you raise them to be

Michelle Douglass

Unfortunately pit bulls are a more aggressive breed of dog due to their breeding. They were originally bred as bait dogs, and game hunters. But many other breeds have also been bred for the same purposes. This does not mean that a pit bull is born vicious and biting every human being or dog that it sees. They are a powerful breed that, unfortunately, often ends up in the wrong hands due peoples attraction to the amount of power they carry. I have personally owned a pit bull for two and a half years along with two shih tzus and a dachsund and of course I have had a few problems with my pit bull along with my another one of my dogs being aggressive towards other dogs but this comes with any breed. He is a regular visitor to the doggy day care I work at, he goes to dog parks, and he goes on off leash hikes all the time. He is not a dog that I purchased from a breeder either, he is a rescue case and I went through a year long rehabilitation and socialization process with him in order for him to trust humans again. I am a firm believer in the statement that many of the latter people have said, that it depends on the owner, not the dog. I have yet to meet a breed as a whole that is innately vicious and not able to be social. I just hope that some people are able to see the breed from a different light that the media has unfortunately shed on the breed.


I love people citing to statistics from studies like this- http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/dog-attack-deaths-maimings-merritt-clifton-2011.pdf- which includes in its list of deaths caused by pit bulls deaths caused, say, when a little girl was choked to death by the dog's chain, a woman who was killed by a horse kicking her in the face when the horse was attacked by the dog, a couple of people who were killed in an attack where multiple dog breeds may have been involved by the specific dog that killed them wasn't known, and a woman who was killed when her leashed dog dragged her in front of a train trying to run and catch up with his owner. Um, do you realize how insanely this pads the numbers? This is the kind of data relief upon by people who WANT the number of pit bull-related deaths to be high and are willing to use any incident in which a pit bull was standing on a nearby street corner when someone was hit by a car to get there. That's why they end up looking so much more vicious than other dogs: it just plays better in the media, because they look scary and have this boogey man effect, so the media highlights these deaths or maulings above other dog attacks. They don't report on EVERY dog attack, mind, just the most sensational ones, and thus once where other dog breeds attack kind of get glossed over or perhaps reported by just that one small potatoes news agency.

And for those implying that one needs to be a backwoods redneck moron to own a pit bull, or otherwise woefully uneducated, I own one and I am an attorney who graduated in the top 10% of my law school class, graduated a year early from college with two degrees, and is a member of multiple organizations devoted to celebrating academic achievement. So just you keep thinking that, because if you say so, it must be true, and I will poof out of existence to accommodate you.


To Amanda: "...for all those implying that one needs to be a backwoods redneck moron to own a pit bull, or otherwise woefully uneducated, I AM ONE...."

"...I own one and I am an attorney who graduated in the top 10%..., and IS A MEMBER...." That should be "and AM a member."

Trust us, Amanda, no one on this site is denying you are a woefully uneducated backwoods redneck moron! If you're an attorney and use such confusing sentence structure in your pleadings and correspondence, you're the laughing stock of the community where you practice.

If you're going to try to pass yourself off as a professional – even on an internet website such as this – do yourself a favor and take a course in basic English grammar and composition!


If we r going to keep using tax payers money to kill pit bulls why not start also killing sharks, bears and all sorts of dangerous animals?? Let´s kill them!! After all they
can´t defend themselves and we humans think we have the right to do so!
This law is so unfair, inhumane. I can´t believe this happens in America!


Breed specific legislation reminds me of gun control laws. Yes, there are people who can manage to responsibly own pit bulls and do all of the insane amounts of work necessary to have happy, safe pit bulls as pets. And there are probably people that we could trust to own fully automatic machine guns and even nuclear weapons who would never choose to go on a murdering spree. However, I support laws that ban people from owning fully automatic machine guns and pit bulls because the danger is just too high that they'll end up in the hands of idiots. Because when they do end up in the hands of idiots, the potential for serious danger is really high.

If a Chihuahua or even a German Shepherd decides to attack, it's nothing compared to a pit bull. If you've ever tried to wrench the jaws of a crazy pit bull open as it tries to kill your dog, then you know how dangerous these dogs are. I've seen lots of dog skirmishes at dog parks and dealing with strays and such, but no other dog that I've ever dealt with compares to the way pit bulls attack when they're in the kill zone.

Much like I'd rather some psycho who decides to go shoot up a mall only have access to a regular handgun rather than an Uzi, I'd much rather have all of the bad dog owners (who are never going to go away) unleash less dangerous dogs on the rest of us than pit bulls.


Is there going to be another protest and where I am all in I love these dogs and am the proud owner of one beautiful girl named lady please let me know if there is we would like to go out there and support all pitbull lovers



I understand and respect your point. It's actually a logical one for once, but the problem remains that it is impossible to control what the "bad guys" have and do. Fully automatic weapons may not be legal to have but that only controls what we "good guys" have. The bad guys don't care about laws. They still find a way to illegal weapons, or they modify semi-automatic guns and turn them into automatic, and/or equip them with extended clips.

The same goes with dogs. Making dog fighting illegal hasn't stopped it. The scum still participate in it. pit bulls are banned in Miami Dade county yet they still confiscate and euthanize pits every year.

If the pit bull is banned, the "bad guys" will still have them just like felons still have guns. All it will do is decrease the amount of good natured pit bulls and create a market for the next breed of fighting dog which is not banned.

The lazy answer is to just ban the breed. Heaven forbid we actually put some more work into the problem than that. Not to mention it completely ruins it for the majority of responsible owners who have never had an incident with their pit. This country wasn't founded on punishing the whole based on the actions of a few. I certainly hope we don't head in that direction. But hey, that's just my 2 cents.

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