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Protesters to Scott: Rick makes me sick

"Oh, Ricky, what a pity you don't understand, you stab us in the heart when you take our healthcare plan," sang about 30 protesters in front of Gov. Rick Scott's office Wednesday

Chanting to the tune of "Mickey, Mickey, you're so fine," the flash mob protested the privatization of Medicaid and Scott's opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Many donned blue surgical masks with the slogan "Rick makes me sick."

One protester, Rudy Roberts, of Orlando, 45, said he lost his job as a Kmart manager two years ago, and has applied for hundreds of jobs to no avail. He's now homeless, but sits outside Starbucks every day and applies for jobs on his laptop. His Medicaid was also denied, and he's not sure why, he said.

"These people making the laws...I don't think they realize how difficult it really is," he said.

Some lawmakers and state workers had a negative response, or none at all.

Scott didn't acknowledge the protests, said Sheena Rolle, an organizer of the event.

And Department of Health spokesperson Ryan Wiggins tweeted, "What exactly did the "flash mob" hope to accomplish besides looking immature & completely dated in their tactics. Grow up & get a life."



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Rick is never going to acknowledge anything. Are you kidding. That is a joke. He is a joke. he is a selfish greedy man and could careless about the ppl. its about money and how much he can make. god forbid the jobless and homeless helps him out. after all, they are (now) broke. so he "discredits" them...have no value in his sick mind.

He is a shameful governor. disgraceful. blind to what is really going on and deaf to how to really fix it. but if he is not making money from it, he will always be blind and deaf. goes in one ear and out the other. he does not know what goodness is. he is a liar and a thief.

He need to crawl under the rock he came from and stay there!

Paula Tangeman

Health Care is Not a Business... It is a Necessity!!!


...and oh Ryan Wiggins- another clueless idiot. maybe he needs to be in our shoes and see what its like. We have a life and we are fighting for it- hence the protest. We are advocating for our livelihood, our values, our beliefs. What part of this do yo not understand. maybe he too is not listening. seems to be alot of "deaf" ppl around here.

and of course some of the lawmakers "respond" the way they do...cuz they are clueless too.

Rich people (lawmakers/congress) just don't get it! if they did, they would be helping not hurting. There is a difference. I hate ignorant ppl. Ignorance to learn or know the real truth.

maybe they need to get a life!

Sharron Carr

Pink Slip Rick won't be satisfied until the State of Florida is totally privatized and in the control of his cronies and himself to feed their greedy pockets at the expense of the rest of us real people trying to do the right thing and keep jobs and pay bills and take care of our families.


Ryan Wiggins is a lousy "spokesperson".

Paul Heroux

Ryan Wiggins tweeted, "What exactly did the "flash mob" hope to accomplish besides looking immature & completely dated in their tactics. Grow up & get a life."
As the 'elder statesman' of that flash mob, Mr. Wiggins, I want you to know we hear you. Next event, we will go for something mature, hard-hitting and original! We will organize a 'work-day' selling doughnuts...

JANICE moland

Access to affordable health care is a basic human right. If humans have value as a fetus, then they have value at every stage in their lives.


Shame on Scott He governs to the 1% But was elected by more than that. I guess he forgot to remember. I hope ie learns to live by his own healthcare plan one day. Take your own medicine Rick. Shameful man.


There is nothing amusing about the way Scott has presided over this state, not if you live here. What I have a hard time wrapping my brain around is all the retirees that back him on his stance against the Affordable Health Care Act. They decry socialized medicine, yet they are on Medicaid and Medicare.We need to stand up and declare that we want an end to the current lawsuit and we accept federal funding for our health programs. All this jerk has done is gut those programs because he wants them all to go to the private sector. Where did he make all his money?

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