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Protesters to Scott: Rick makes me sick

"Oh, Ricky, what a pity you don't understand, you stab us in the heart when you take our healthcare plan," sang about 30 protesters in front of Gov. Rick Scott's office Wednesday

Chanting to the tune of "Mickey, Mickey, you're so fine," the flash mob protested the privatization of Medicaid and Scott's opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Many donned blue surgical masks with the slogan "Rick makes me sick."

One protester, Rudy Roberts, of Orlando, 45, said he lost his job as a Kmart manager two years ago, and has applied for hundreds of jobs to no avail. He's now homeless, but sits outside Starbucks every day and applies for jobs on his laptop. His Medicaid was also denied, and he's not sure why, he said.

"These people making the laws...I don't think they realize how difficult it really is," he said.

Some lawmakers and state workers had a negative response, or none at all.

Scott didn't acknowledge the protests, said Sheena Rolle, an organizer of the event.

And Department of Health spokesperson Ryan Wiggins tweeted, "What exactly did the "flash mob" hope to accomplish besides looking immature & completely dated in their tactics. Grow up & get a life."