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Rick Scott to Facebook fans: Describe this legislative session

On Monday night, Gov. Rick Scott — really his staff — asked the nearly 80,000 people who follow his Facebook page to fill in the blank: "If you could use one word to describe Florida's 2012 legislative session, it would be ___________. COMMENT below!"

People commented.

Racist. Yankeeville. Advancing. Criminal. Too slow for progress. Underachievement. Successful. Winning. Energized, but we still need to drill. Whatever word describes " I am still looking for a job" ...

About 160 different comments posted within an hour, and about 230 when we stopped looking. Some of the comments were mocking, some praising. Some angry, some hopeful. Many people couldn't keep themselves to one word.

None of the posts have been removed so far as we can tell, which only makes this discussion more fascinating.

So what would you say to describe the 2012 legislative session. What would you tell Scott if you had the chance? Story here.


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Tally Folly

to be precise very few are complimentary, and these are the ones who are his Facebook fans. I guess an obligatory 'Like' so that one can keep an eye on the Gov does not translate into actual approval.


Thank You, Governor Scott

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