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Scott signs water pollution bill, but battle may still rage

Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill today that paves the way for Florida to reject federal water pollution rules and set individual standards for each water body.

"The future of our state's environment and economy depend on the health of our water bodies, and the state's rules will ensure the protection of both," said a press release from Scott's office.

The move may only fuel the years-long battle between at least a dozen stakeholders, including environmental groups and large businesses and farmers that pollute. At issue is the level of "numeric nutrients" in the water, caused by runnoff from farms and yards.  

Attorney General Pam Bondi's office, which led a lawsuit against the federal government opposing the standard, also weighed in.

"Florida has always had the best expertise and resources to determine how to protect our waters," she said in a press release.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency must approve the state standard before it can be implemented. For more, click here.