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Senate sends out 'decorum memo' to remind members to be kind

A week after the dust-up over the 2014 Senate presidency fight that provoked teeth-clenching anger and charges of betrayal within the normally subdued Repubican caucus, Senate Rules Chairman John Thrasher has sent out a "Decorum Memo" to his fellow colleagues.

The gentle reminder from Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, who provoked some of the anger, describes how senators should refer to each other with their honorary titles when on the floor, how they should inform each other when they plan to offer an amendment to their bills and how they should give each other a heads up when they will be speaking against each others' bills.

"These small acts of personal considerations will hellp make it possible to handle the foreseeable conflicts and heavy workload ahead with a decorum benefitting the Senate," he writes. Download Decorum Memo