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Suspicious letter delivered to Rubio office at Capitol

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's office reported receiving a suspicious delivery Friday afternoon, sparking enough fear that the FBI is now investigating.

Keith Kameg, a spokesman for the Florida Deparment of Law Enforcement, said the letter was delivered to Rubio's office on the 21st floor of the state Capitol. Rubio opened the office just last month.

The scene was secured and no injuries were reported, Kameg said. The FBI will test the letter off-site to determine if there is anything dangerous is in its contents.


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Awfully convenient.

Senator Rubio faces questions about his multiple-religion religious history and the fact his folks got out of Cuba years before Castro - and then a "suspicious" letter, per his personal public relations house at the CANF-Herald appears at the Senator's D.C. place of business.

As such, Senator Rubio goes from the questioned to the questioner, from the victimizer to the victim, in a mere couple of days.

Even Fidel would be proud of the Senator.


The many flavors of Marco Rubio's religious tastes: Catholic, Baptist, Mormon.
Posted by Marc Caputo at 10:49 PM on Thursday, Feb. 23


Suspicious letter delivered to Rubio office at Capitol
Posted by Tia Mitchell at 6:56 PM on Friday, Feb. 24


In 20 hours and seven minutes, Senator Rubio goes from the flip-flopping politician to the noble leader standing up against evil. Brings a tear to the eye for efficiency if nothing else.


I'm thinking that letter came from his ole Buddy David. It simply had in it a skeleton key, and a note simply saying; I know where to use this key. Marco Rubio is freaking out; because it appears "He" may be the October surprise. So the brand "X" republican't presidential candidate, picks Marco as his or maybe her (brokered convention) running mate; then Eric Holder announces the "Valor Robado Boy"; is being indicted, SURPRISE!!! That is though how politics works nowadays. So they FILL IN THE BLANK/Rubio ticket takes a big hit. You will then here; this is politics at it's worse. It doesn't matter that a grand jury sent down an indictment; or that what is written on it is true. It will be called bad or good politics; depending on which side of the Constitution you are on. lol

joe blow

turns out it was only fecal matter much like Little Marcocito himself!


More than likely it was a collection letter from American Express.

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