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Talk is cheap. But gaffes could prove costly for Mitt Romney

Like a product in any ad campaign, Mitt Romney is a brand. He has a slogan: “Obama isn’t working.”

Now he could have a new one-liner — if opponents get their way.

“I’m not concerned about the very poor,” Romney said in a post-Florida Election Day interview with CNN from Tampa.

Romney said far more than that. He explained he’s really focused on the middle class, and he believes the very poor have social services that protect them from falling lower.

Yet it might not matter what he says he meant.

In politics, when you’re explaining, you’re often losing.

Campaigning isn’t so much about telling truths as it is about marketing — it’s more show than tell.

Candidate/product Romney is often showcased by his campaign in factories and warehouses to convey that the Republican is a jobs candidate.

Now Romney is in danger of being branded as out of touch, as “the guy who laid you off” in the parlance of his 2008 Republican opponent, Mike Huckabee.

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