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Video: Bill To Overturn Miami-Dade Pitbull Ban Advances

Miami-Dade county's grandfathered ban on pitbulls may soon be overturned, if a bill by Rep. Carlos Trujillo (R-Miami) gains more steam. Several groups have spoken out on different points against the ban.


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to paraphrase a great leader- MLK Jr.
I Have A Dream
That one day my dogs will not be judged by their appearance but by the content of their character.
Thank you Rep Trujillo and Sen Norman for giving all dogs a chance to be judged by their character and not their appearance.

David C

I believe that the Aspca's lobbyist is not very familiar with the states " dangerous dog law" that protects our states citizens, as she makes reference this law only protects Miami dade residents the residents in he other 66counties are not protected. Mainly because they have local leaders, that under home rule charter, know what's beat for their communities and disagree with dade counties bogus claimyhat by bang 1 breed of dogs, our county will be safe. His is a typical case of a witch hunt and blame game by the county, led by two county commissioners with personal aspirations and a lack of common sense and leadership.


As Director for the MCABSL, I can assure you these Bill are of historical porportions in the state houses. It has passed 4 committees! Miami-Dade needs to wake up and stop the senseless killing of innocent dogs with our tax dollars. It's costing over $3,000,000.00 a year to have this hideous and genocidal antiquated ordinance in the books! This ordinance protects no one and gives the general public a false sense of security. This is not only about Pit Bulls folks, as many similar breeds have fallen to this ordinance. It has ripped families apart... Please join us tommorrow, Feb. 12 1-4 p.m., at Tropical Park for our Peaceful Demonstration in support of the Bills HB997 & SB1322 being heard presently by our Florida Legislators.


Oh...and by the way..the Miami-Dade County lobbyist addressing the legislative committees in Tallahassee in this video, was hired by Commissioner Javier Souto, with your tax dollars, without any consent whatsoever from the citizens of Dade County or the other Commissioners. Soooooo? Who is this lobbyist actually representing in Tallahassee? Comm. Javier Souto's hidden agenda only! He put the ordinance there and this is his legacy...and he wants no one to touch it! Please write to the Commissioners...

Sharon A

This archaic ban of a pitbull-type dogs is ridiculous, and does NOTHING for Dade county. Everyone loves to hate a monster, and sadly, our beloved pitbulls were turned into that monster by mainstream media looking for a clever angle. My pitbull lives with a 4 pound maltese, a 5 pound poodle, and a 19-year-old 5 pound kitty. NEVER had an issue...EVER. She is, without doubt, the best-behaved and respectful animal in our house (well, aside from the husband....LOL).

Iris Lambka

I too have A DREAM That one day MY dogs will not be judged by their appearance but by the content of their character Thanks to Rep Trujillo and Sen Norman for giving ALL DOGS a chance to be judged on their character and not what the look like
Martin Luther King Jr. We thank you!!!


I wish that at the same time we could create legislation to effectively prohibit lowlifes from breeding and training dogs to be aggressive weapons. We'll also need effective enforcement and prosecution, with penalties so severe that dealing in dangerous dogs will involve far greater risk than reward.


G. Monteleone

Regardless of the ban, people STILL own Pit Bull type dogs. However, the people that DO own them are in hiding. Hiding dogs that they are not vetting, not getting spayed and neutered, not getting proper training, not going to dog obedience classes. These people are raising unsocialized dogs which is dangerous for the community REGARDLESS of breed. The ban is actually making things WORSE for our community of Pit Bull type dogs. They still exists. The ban is a brick wall in the way of progress for groups like mine.

As founder of a dog rescue organization I see big problems with this. We not only rescue dogs. We assist families in financial need, offer help with training, and take in owner surrenders. It hinders the resources I can offer for those in need.


This breed ban that is currently in place in Miami-Dade does nothing for the community or the residents. It protects no one! It only costs each and every one of it residents millions of taxpayer dollars to enforce each year, it has cost the lives of thousands of family pets to be senselessly killed and much pain to the families. These dogs are loving, intelligent beings, noble and loyal. They need to be judged individually just as we humans are, because they are each as different as we are. We fight every day for equality in our country this is no different.

Sharon A

I can't agree more with G. Monteleone. Seeing the bigger picture of what a ban is doing, instead of the inaccurate premise of "it's safer for Dade" is what needs to happen here. It's about responsible ownership, as it would be in ANY community, and as with ANY TYPE OR BREED OF DOG. THAT is what's safer for Dade county.


I sent my pit to Texas to live with my daughter to make sure our pit would be safe.Because of Ohio laws and city began to scare me.She is the best dog we have ever had,she lives with our two grandsons who she loves, and they love her. I would love to have another pit because they are the best family dog,and of course we could not take our pit back seeing it would hurt our grandsons.(Like I said they love her and she loves them)I truly want another pit just because of their nature.(family dog)Please stop the discrimination it's the dog its the owner.


Great story. I am thrilled to see this getting so much media attention. Without Dahlia Canes, this would not even be happening. Her tenacity is without measure. Hopefully the Florida Greyhounds and racing will be next.
My only criticism is that it is too bad they needed to interview a "breeder". We have more than enough pitbulls, especially here in Broward County Animal Care and Adoption. BCAC is overflowing with them and they constitute at least 50% of the dogs euthanized every year. Breeding is only contributing to this problem. Highlighting it is a mistake.


As a PROUD member and supporter of MCABSL, I support the overturn of this ban and urge citizens to support it as well. Pit bulls are unlike any other breed in the sense that they have been terribly misrepresented. Our group rescues and finds homes for hundreds of pit bulls each year along with many other Non-Profit organizations. These animals all deserve loving homes whether it is in Miami-Dade, Broward County, or any other place in the world. My children grew up around my pit bulls and had a bond with them that is simply indescribable. My female was hit by a car in Hollywood, FL back in November and the driver did not even stop. I am a firm believer that because of the stereo typing of these animals and legislative bans put in place this is the reason why they did not stop. This crushed my daughters heart. I hope and pray for everyone to see this wonderful breed as thousands of others already do....sweet, loving, affectionate, energetic, and amazing.

PLEASE HELP OVERTURN THIS BAN AND SUPPORT the Bills HB997 & SB1322 being heard presently by our Florida Legislators.

Hopefully all of the voices heard make a difference, not only for pit bulls, but for the other breeds as well that are affected by this ban. I pray for the families who have been affected and the thousands of dogs who have been euthanized.


J. Nike

Breed Specific Legislation is discriminatory, and solely based on a Dog's physical characteristics, as opposed to their character & temperment. Aside from costing Miami-Dade Taxpayers $3,000,000+ a year in the slaughtering of innocent dogs, it costs hundreds of families in heartbreak; when their beloved family pets are killed -- often mistakenly -- for having "bully" traits.

PLEASE HELP OVERTURN THIS BAN AND SUPPORT the Bills HB997 & SB1322 being heard presently by our Florida Legislators.


As a county employee I will make it known that when Jovier Souto
Comes up for re-election we will encourage a NO vote him.

The Wechslers

BSL = The Mass Genocide of THOUSANDS of innocent pets and $3,000,000.00 in Tax Payer Dollars EVERY YEAR! If you are concerned about a "dangerous dog", then make stricter laws for the OWNERS of truly "dangerous dogs" NOT bogus, antiquated, and criminal laws based on an overly general specifications of what a "Pitbull" is supposed to look like. Pitbulls, American Pitbull Terriers / American Staffordshire Terriers are among the highest testing Breeds in standardized Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Testing; make fantastic ADA Assistantce & Therapy Dogs, as well as being among the kindest and most loyal family pets. Please stop discriminating against a Breed that was once so beloved by the United States (so much so that the US Navy made it its official Mascott); and, instead, go after the cruel, sadistic individuals that have jaded this breed by teaching some of them to fight, tarnishing our beloved family pets along the way.


PLEASE HELP OVERTURN THIS BAN AND SUPPORT the Bills HB997 & SB1322 being heard presently by our Florida Legislators.

Pilar Borras

I have owned many different types of breeds and consider the pitbull to be one of the most loving and loyal dog I have ever owned. Yes, they can bite just like any other dog can bite. The only difference is Miami Dade MURDERS THEM! These are dogs not monsters!!! These are the dogs that our children and grandchildren play with and love.. And they take them away and KILL THEM.. What does that say about our country and our town??? Why do we not put this effort into punishing the people that use them for fighting instead of putting a label on our dogs. MIAMI YOU ARE KILLING OUR FAMILY MEMBERS!!! STOP IT!! THIS IS COMPLETE DISCRIMINATION!!! WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF OURSELVES FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAVE GONE THIS FAR!!!! ENOUGH!!!

Margery Glickman

The logic used by Jess McCarty, Assistant Miami-Dade County Attorney, is totally misleading. He said "we think" people would have been attacked if there were no law banning pit bulls. Who is the "we" Mr. McCarty is referring to? What a person or persons "think" isn't necessarily true. People have to have facts. Mr. McCarty has none. He has no statistics proving that without a ban people would have been attacked by pit bulls. There's no standard DNA by which anyone can determine which dog is a pit bull. It's absurd and unscientific for us to kill dogs just because Mr. McCarty and his cronies think a dog is a pit bull and that the dog would attack someone.

Sylvie Helman

Thank you Pilar Borras, I could NOT have said ANY BETTER, so true


I own them in hiding. They are UTD on vaccines. Spayed and neutered. So if there's a will there's way. This ban is ridiculous and needs to be overturned. Our babies need to enjoy life like the rest of them. We want to be able to walk them without fear.

Janette Barcena

It's about time...protect the animals = D


This ban is rediculous and needs to be overturned. Miami Dade is spending insane amounts of money yearly on killing family pets yet here we are laying off police officers, firefighter ect. Really what are our priorities? I do not want my tax dollars spent on killing innocent animals. Let's wake up Miami and end the senseless slaughter. Our dogs don't have voices but we do!

Shady Lady Miami

This is the most ridiculous law ever, not to mention a huge invasion of government into the Constitutional rights of the CITIZENS of this County. Government out of our lives and off our backs? Republicans spout such lines all the time and yet our Commissioners DEFEND the government's right to tell me what kind of dog I can own? Me, who has trained dogs for 35 years and never have had a single instance of one of my dogs harming anyone in ANY way? There are wonderful family dogs in this County owned by responsible people (some are police officers!) that would be taken away and KILLED by the County for absolutely NO reason except it is 'the law'. There are dogs adopted out all the time from MDAS as 'Lab mix' 'Mastiff mix' etc. that are obviously Pit Bulls or crosses but even the people that work at the SHELTER know how stupid a law this is. Waaaay back we trainers and our vets and other experts fought hard against Hollywood's proposed law - that was NOT implemented - but then Dade for an UNFATHOMABLE reason decided to come up with theirs. The Commissioners, in their unbelievable blindness, and against ALL expert testimony and proof that the only effective regulations would be for every dog to be judged as an individual (just as people ARE) - passed. The Commissioners, in their infinite blindness, decided to be, once again, the STANDOUT COUNTY in the State of Florida. They ignored the obvious and predictable outcomes of the implementation and enforcement of this law. Many families and children devastated at having to KILL their beloved family pets and yet the Bad Owners, who bred aggressive dogs as 'guard dogs', would #1 - ignore the law and #2 - happily cross their Pits with Rotties, Shepherds, Danes, Mastiffs - any aggressive dog of any breed that they came across, creating new generations of bigger and badder 'guard dogs' that would not be easily identifiable as 'Pits', passing as the 'mutts' they are. NOT to mention that dogs close to and more than 100 lbs. like American Bulldogs, Presa Canarias, Kangals, Filas, and Wolf hybrids are all LEGAL while my always friendly 40 lb. Pit Bull is considered too dangerous to LIVE. SO, what good did the law DO? Not a thing. It is idiotic, mean spirited, counter productive, and DAMNED EXPENSIVE  to continue to try to enforce this farce of a law. But then, Dade County is nothing if not the definition of a farce.

Lee M.

Jess McCarty, Assistant Miami Dade County Attorney, needs to be terminated. We should not be wasting tax dollars on an attorney's salary who 'thinks' Dade's $3,000,000 pit bull ban has kept citizens from being bitten. Where did he get his credentials? Walmart?

Myth: A pit bull is more likely to bite me than another dog.

Fact: Pit bulls are even less likely to bite than many other types of dog! Breed groups commonly identified as pit bulls have consistently scored at or below average for aggression when compared to other dogs. Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society give American Pit Bull Terriers a very high passing rate of 82.6%, while the average passing rate for the other 121 dog breeds tested was only 77%.
No spayed/neutered, indoor pit bull has ever killed a person.

According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killed…
- by a family member
- by a falling coconut
- in a bedroom slipper-related accident
- choking on a marble
- drowning in a 5-gallon bucket
- getting struck by lightning
…than by a pit bull.

Commissioner Souto, stop spending OUR tax dollars defending YOUR horrific ordinance. The HSUS only grandfathered Dade's BSL because Dade threatened to veto other legislation in 1989. Wow, that's real democracy at work ... holding hostage other legislation to get yours? HB 997 and SB 1322 WILL pass, and you will be sent packing in the next election (if a voter recall isn't instituted first.)

Sandi Dillard

I believe that people who try to ban one breed of dog because...let's be honest ...some people fight them, are a word "lazy"...Lazy because its' easier for you to ban the dogs but not the deed...The time, effort, and money that you spend on, not only banning, but euthenizing this wonderful,loving breed of dog,could be spent searching out and punishing the people who fight them...I've got news for you people and especially Souto..you're taking the easy way out...These people don't just stop at fighting dogs...they are criminal in many more venues...basically, to go along with "lazy" you are "ignorant" and in my eyes as corrupt as they are !!!!

Luke Russell

The thing that gets me is every Pit-bull owner who believes they are responsible owners because there dog hasn’t attacked and killed yet, agree that it is the owners fault, just not themselves. I laugh at all the defences the Dog Dic@heads come up with. Dangerous Dog Defenders are marginalized members of society, so they choose a dog to reinforce that status, but to also offer them an illusion of protection. People who choose marginalized dogs then go on to become vocal extremists in defending dangerous dogs and rub salt into the wounds of victims with their ludicrous statements. I can tell you now as a victim of a multiple pit-bull attack while at work, that left me unable to walk for six months, A deep vein thrombosis and a host of infections, that dangerous dog owners and defenders are the scariest, most evil members of our society, if I was to tell you some of the things I have learnt through my own experience, the average person would be shocked. Even if there were no dangerous dogs, the type of people who defend them would still be a greater risk to society than the dogs themselves, for these people have turned their back on the victims and become obsessed with a breed of dog to the point of violating every known human rights law to man. I advocate for breed bans on dangerous dog breeds in society, and once society has rounded them up, we can then focus our attention on why people feel the need to own and defend such killer dogs even when their behaviour is highly offensive and insensitive to every victim and their families. My experience shows me that Dangerous Dog Defenders have never met victim, they always dismiss victims and feel no problem with threating, harassing and intimidation to the point of extreme criminality towards victims of Dog Attack. In the last 2 ½ years I have had my life and physical body ruined by Pit bulls and their Owners and Defenders, the resulting medical and legal expenses have bankrupted me and left me afraid to leave the house. I have many permanent injuries and no compassion for dangerous dog defenders. They are cruel human beings who should be euthanized with their dogs.

G. Monteleone

Luke, I think you will find that most responsible dog owners WOULD NOT dismiss the events that have happened to you. I certainly would not. What occupation were you in?

I have met victims. My son has attacked by a Cocker Spaniel in the face two weeks ago. We spent two days at Baptist Hospital and I have a $14,000 bill. No news stations contacted me, there were no stories written.

I defend all dogs because dogs are all individuals and should be judged on their temperament and behavior and not the way they look. I oppose the Miami Pit Bull Ban because it does not work for the purpose it was intended all the while costing tax payers 3M/ year. Regardless which side on the fence you are on common sense says that there is a problem there. We have dangerous dog laws in place and they should be enforced. Instead of this "banaide" they placed on the problem to calm the lynch mob back in 1989. Miami Dade county still houses thousands of Pit Bulls.

Again, I sympathaize with your injuries and I can understand why you would feel so strongly.


Luke , please realize that it was not the dog but the irresponsible owner. We are sympathetic to any one who has sufffered any type of injuries. My question is simple...who evaluated the dog to be a Pit Bull? Was it a Pit Bull? Do you realize all types of folks from all walks of life own these breeds? That we have a strong Dangerous Dog Ordinance in the books? It just has to be enforced without being specific on any breed of dog. Please do not allow your anger to blind you from the real issues.

Jessica Pita

When I moved to Miami from Louisville, KY I was very saddened to see this city was/is still under the grips of "breed-ism."
I've fostered and found homes for various wonderful pit bulls (in KY). This debate should be over. It shouldn't even be a debate so we can all move forward and put our energy towards finding these dogs homes instead of killing them. It's absurd there's still BSL here- let's put an end to it now. We're closer than ever! Thank God we have people like Dahlia keeping this at the forefront of issues. Peace.

Jessica Pita

One more thing... In speaking w/ a Euthanasia technician at MDAS I was told, "pit bulls are always so nice and easy in the Euthanasia room. They usually come in, tail wagging, licking us. They are sadly the easiest of breeds to euthanize. Me da mucha pena que tenemos que sacrificarlos."
These are the words of a Euthanasia tech. And this is not his fault. It is not the shelter's fault either. They are merely complying with outdated laws. WE must demand change. It's in OUR HANDS. It's our responsibility as residents of Dade. Peace.

Shayla FLA

Breed Specific Legislation is discriminatory, ignorant and has been the cause of the mass genocide of innocent dogs in Miami-Dade County, many of which were mistakenly identified as "Pitbulls". Miami-Dade paid over $3,000,000 in Taxes last year alone because of these mass killings. Orida's Dangerous Dog Laws are effective enough that an entire breed -- known by its advocates as loving, gentle, loyal & intelligent -- be discriminated upon because of physical traits. What is important here is the dog's ?any breed of dog's) personality traits; which are a direct result of how they are raised. Let's hold the bad owners and bad breeders responsible for bad behavior, instead of the thousands of good dogs that are put to death every year simply because they have "bully" features.

Roberto Castillo

Breed Discriminatory Legislation does not protect people from dangerous dogs. Dangerous dog laws protect people from dangerous dogs. The Pit Bull breed is a group of dogs and just like any other group of dogs they consist of many individual dogs that have been raised and treated in a variety of ways. To treat a dog as anything less than an individual is to discriminate based upon a stereotype or a generalization.

Christina Warren

I think that the ban is an example of shallow and ignorance because to judge a breed of animals as a whole is absolutely ludicrous. My boyfriend I've been dating for around a year has a five year old pit bull that is absolutely the most gentle sweet and loving animal I've ever been around she is truly an example of a well behaved dog and a joy to have around.I have been around chows, German shepherds, Australian shepherds,huskies that have been aggressive towards people and especially other dogs to a point where it was not enjoyable and more of an inconvenience.I'm currently in Texas and I love Miami and I want to buy a home there in a couple of years after my children graduate. There's got to be something we can do to change this horrible law.

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