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AG Pam Bondi pledges "thorough investigation" into Trayvon Martin's death

In Washington D.C. for the health care arguments in fromt of the U.S. Supreme Court, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi also addressed the investigation into Trayvon Martin's death. She said she spoke to Trayvon's lawyer Ben Crump on Sunday, and that she'd spoken to the teen's parents recently, too.

"They know how I feel, I know how they feel," she said. "My heart breaks for these parents. They've been through so much. It breaks my heart, what they're going through."

She's also been in close contact with the U.S. Attorney office that's working with the FBI on the case. In addition, she's been speaking daily with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, an agency she called "completely objective."

"They will do everything in their power to have all the questions answered," Bondi said. "Right now we have too many unanswered questions."  

Bondi said that she herself has no jurisdiction to prosecute the case, but called the special prosecutor, Angela Corey, "second to none," and pledged a "thorough investigation."

"We are doing everything in our power to ensure that justice is sought in this case," she said.

The task force appointed by the governor will be taking a look at the role of the state's "Stand Your Ground" laws, Bondi said. They do not yet know what role that law played in the incident, she said.

"What we do know is that a 17-year-old boy was walking home, and now he's dead," she said. "And when you have questions like that, they need to be answered."

Bondi also talked about the first of three days of the health care arguments in front of the Supreme Court, which is looking at the constitutionality of the new health care law this week.

Florida will follow the law if it is upheld by the Supreme Court, Bondi said. But since the governor doesn't believe the law is constitutional, the state has declined to implement some of the changes scheduled to go into effect, particularly with Medicaid.

"We are not accepting the money," she said. "We firmly believe the court will rule it to be unconstitutional."

A decision in the case will come from the Supreme Court by June, at the heart of the presidential campaign, but Bondi downplayed the political nature of the health care arguments.

"We're not here to debate health care policy," she said. "I would be the first one to say we need tremendous health care reform. But this is not the way to do it."


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Robert Jenkins

After 3 and 1/2 weeks; a through investigation is under way? Why did it take so long? Did Trayvon have a right to stand his ground, afetr being chased by an unknown person with a hand gun? If I start an incident, by not adhering to police commands; can I claim I was satnding my ground? If "I" got caught up in a like situation; I too would fight to save my own life!!! If "I" start a fight and determine I'm losing; is "Stand Your Ground" an appropriate defense? If Zimmerman had followed the 9-1-1 dispatchers orders; would this have happened? If "I" apponit myself as a vigilanty, can "I" create a situation (legally), that allows me to shoot a person, "I" find suspicious? To many unanswered questions. One absolute here is that the inital investigation was very, very flawed. Will the EMT's on scene report be provided to the public?


This is nonsense! How many different investigations are going on at the same time? the DOJ, FBI, FDLE, now the Attorney General and they all come to the same conclusions as the original Sanford Police investigation and the original State Attorney investigation. Just more waste of the tax payer money. There were no flaws in the initial investigation as everything that has come out backs up Zimmerman. The Media did not like this so they had to create conspiracy theories. Why has the herald not reported that the new prosecutor said they can't win this case? Why has the herald not reported that fires were set near railroad tracks in Sanford and that Martin supporters are believed responsible? Why is the national media covering up the wounds suffered by Zimmerman when Trayvon attacked him? The media is the only one with an agenda on this. They don't like the Stand Your Ground Law, They Don't even seem to understand it or want to report on all the good it has done (reduced crime in our state). No we have to listen to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and a host of other self appointed reverends attack Florida's self defense laws.

Robert Keenan

Ms Pam Bondi by her comments on CNN seems to be very pretty, well spoken, and completely disingenuous, unreliable, and unqualified to be attorney general of any jurisdiction whatsoever.

Justice! Justice?!?

Justice not just for the unfortunate Trayvon Martins but also for all the misled George Zimmermans and deluded Pam Bondis of this our twisted world!


America needs to take a deep look into the mirror and ask "what is going on in this part of the world?" America could criticize China for human right abuses, condemn barbarism of the Talibans (like public execution) in Afghanistan and attack Iran for the brutality against its own people. Nonetheless we have death penalty in several states in the US (USA. as become the only advance country in the world that still believes in death penalty and execution), the world still don't understand why would someone just OBVIOUSLY kill body else and not get arrested. This should not be about the race card but about barbarism.
As long as white Americans won't stand up to vigorously condemn the death of Trayvon Martin, so long would the world reserve the right to see white Americans as people that live in the vacuum of delusion and as a people that live in the barbarism of an obviously civilized world. Isn't that a shame that Russian president reminds America that we are now living in 2012 and not 1970s?

Cerulean D'Avignon

I sincerely hope that Attorney General Pam Bondi is serious about her and her colleagues' efforts on seeking justice in this case.

At the least, George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and put on trial so that a judge and jury can evaluate the evidence.

It's still hard for me to fathom that Zimmerman didn't spend a single night in a jail cell after shooting to death an unarmed teenager who was just walking home after buying candy at a convenience store.

I hope they are investigating the conduct of State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, Police Chief Bill Lee, Police Captain Robert O'Connor, and Robert Zimmerman, Sr., the father of George Zimmerman and a former magistrate judge in Virginia.

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