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Charter school backers find little support in Tallahassee this year

The charter school lobby came to Tallahassee this year with an ambitious agenda:

Win a share of school districts’ construction dollars. Create a separate high school sports association. Empower parents to demand charter-school conversions.

But they fell short on almost all counts.

The defeats came as a stinging surprise for the charter movement, which had enjoyed a string of victories in previous legislative sessions. Just last year, state lawmakers gave high-performing charter schools the green light to grow more rapidly — and pay less in administrative fees.

What was different about this year? Was it the slowing of the school choice movement? The peculiar politics of redistricting? The last-minute meltdown in the Senate?

To some extent, it was all of the above.

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Robert Jenkins

No it's that this sow; has only so many teets!!!

Can't take anymore

Florida has run out of teets to suckle the greedy SOB's that bought our esteemed Legislature. You can be sure that JEB! and his friends have (like lampreys) attached themselves to extract the last measure from the pale body of state government.

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