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Congress gets involved in the Trayvon Martin investigation

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the House Democraic Leader, released a statement Wednesday on the Trayvon Martin investigation.

"The story of Trayvon Martin’s death has shocked the nation and spurred many leaders, including members of Congress, to call for action," she said.  "I salute the action taken by the U.S. Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Holder, to ensure that justice will indeed be served. This thorough investigation by the federal government will mean that the loved ones of Trayvon Martin will get the answers to their many questions and the community will be given help to heal."

Earlier in the Day, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., spoke with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the case. A spokesman said their conversation, about 10 to 15 minutes, was a good one that focused on having an independent and thorough investigation. They also talked about the need to get to the bottom of it "for the family and all concerned." 

Holder told Nelson he had members of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI working on the case, along with community relations staffers.


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Martin Dockery

This is a comment that I posted on my own FB page, and wanted to share here....Here's a question for everyone, including the Press... As sad as it was about the young man that was was shot last week, why doesn't the death of a Correctional Officer-A Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Florida cause the same OUTRAGE??? Where are our elected officials, they are not publicly demanding justice or a investigation in to Sgt. Thomas's death. Does the death of a devoted Correctional Law Enforcement Officer rank so low in the Florida daily business that even the State AG could not comment. So based on what I hear and read, we the Public Employee are a item that can be disposed of as our elected officials see fit. Today I am so outraged in the conduct of everyone of our elected officials of both parties. This lack of respect is only added to the mounting list of reasons to show you, "the elected official", that you are also disposable and will be tossed to the wayside come November......


I'll tell you why it doesn't cause the same outrage, idiot. Because they signed up for that dangerous job. They made that choice. What choice dud Trayvon Martin have? Huh? And I'll tell you why else. Because of cops like the Sanford police that give all cops a bad name. Honestly, right now, I could give a flying f*ck about a cop


Amy, I feel sorry for you. U must have a life full of problems caused by your narrow minded thinking. But, then if that same inmate had escaped and injured/killed u or a member of your family. U would be screaming bloody murder and wanting justice now. From your statements I see that the death of a singer rates more attention then the death of a solider. How can u take the side of something that you don't even know the facts of the case. Case in point, how did a recording of the boy and his girlfriend talking on the phone surface...maybe reproduced after the fact. But the facts are that it happen, and should not of, but we don't know the entire story. So, before you start insulting people, maybe you should have the facts.

Peter Santisteban

Facts: The boy not man went to the store to get skittles etc
Facts: The dispatcher told him to stop following the boy. Because they were sending someone on the way.
Facts: Witnesses statements say when they came out. The scene the man who was folloing the boy on top of the boy with his hands pinned down over him.
Facts: The man that was following the boy was not in law inforcement. Just your reg citizen in plain clothes with alot of time in his hands patrolling his streets.

Make your judgement. More will come out. I agree with agove. Amy, how you can compare i have no idea and lost for words. There is abuse and corruption in all levels of authority. WAKE UP.


So many killings get dismissed without a proper investigation, both the correctional officer and Trayvon Martin. The fact is, cases of inconvenience are overlooked and law enforcement just rides out public anger until people get tired and the controversy blows over. But Martin the reason that this crime is getting so much attention is because a seventeen year old boy that wanted to go to college to be an engineer, and was walking home with a pack a skittles and a can of iced tea in his hand was shot and killed by a grown man in 'self-defense'. Self defense was not why he was shot, it was because he was black, it was night, he was wearing a hoodie, some wanna-be superhero in the safety of his own home took it upon himself to go follow him although he was told not to be police and ended up shooting him for some unknown reason. Many times African american boys get shot by the police and the excuse is always that they " had a weapon". Okay fair enough we don't know. But in this scenario it was clearly not the case. Law enforcement just needs to start doing their job, people just need to stop abusing the 2nd amendment, white people just need to stop overreacting to the sight of a black person although sometimes they look threatening, and indecent. Trayvon Martin did not deserve to die and Zimmerman should not have left his house to go hunting in the first place. Both cases are unfortunate.


Murder is a terrible thing whenever it happens.

I had missed the part of the story where the guy who murdered the Corrections Officer was not charged with a crime, and where the local Police Chief blamed Sgt Thomas for his own death.


2 young men died needlessly for no reason other then where they were. My bottom line is that no one death has greater meaning then the other and the public should be demanding the same attention to Sgt Thomas's death as they do to Trayvon.


Wow I do feel sorry for the corrections officer who lost his life..but I am deeply saddened by the lost of the young Trayvon Martin I will not play the race card but I will say this when you make a law that give people the right to shoot and kill someone and scream SELF DEFENSE now that is a problem.. You don't need law enforcement cause you give them the power to be JUDGE, JURY..THAT LAW NEED TO BE EXAMINE AND CHANGES NEED TO BE MADR


Lonnie, I never put race into the mix of things, I just feel that we lost 2 young men needlessly, and that we should demand justice for both. I fault our elected officials for both deaths, 1 for a undefined self defense law, the other for such deep cuts in the FDC manpower and funding.


Because it is part of their job description if you work in a prison just as if a person worked on a crabbing boat; you may die.


My heart goes out to both of the victims here. However, both situations are not the same. Same results though. @ Martin, I can speak on the Fla. D.O.C. officer's story, because you are right, it didn't get the coverage as Trayvon's story is doing. But I can speak on Trayvon's. Was it self defense, or should I say "stand your ground"? No, definitely not. How can you say you were standing your ground when got out of your car, and ended up pursuing the victim. If anything, Trayvon was the only one in that situation that was threatened. So, to all of the readers who beleive that the Correction Officer's death should've been investigated more deeply, you may or may not be right, but the story now is what happened in this cold-blooded murder of an African-American, unharmed teen, who, was trying to run AWAY from trouble.


Just remember for Sgt Thomas, it as not just a job, but a way of life, I know, that was 30 years of my life. He earned the demand for justice, so let's ensure that he gets it.


every one knows that the state of florida,is one the
racist states in the union! but we as americans have over looked so to speack for decades. Its time for a change.millions of tourist enter the state every year black,white all different races . but to live there its heart breaking!!!!

The Mommy Psychologist

The one positive thing that I see from this is the way young people have joined together to see Zimmermann brought to justice. So much of the articles that we read about teens are so negative and I've been so impressed with how young people have formed an alliance to get officials to hear their story. It's refreshing to see them working so hard to be agents of change.

Check out all my thoughts on "Zimmermann 2012" at www.themommypsychologist.com

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