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Florida Legislature shifts power to Gov. Rick Scott's office

Thanks to the Legislature, Gov. Rick Scott has a little more power.

More power to supervise agency rulemaking. More power to remove members of local jobs agencies. More power to dish out millions of dollars to help businesses relocate to Florida.

In each case, Republicans say they wanted to take big decisions out of the hands of unelected agency bureaucrats and give them to the state's highest-ranking official — the one accountable to voters.

Democrats call it part of a disturbing trend.

"Why don't we just change the title of governor to king and give him a crown and be done with it?" said Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Weston. Continue reading.


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Can't take anymore

The Repug's started the trend away from a weak governor and strong cabinet form of state government under the power hungry JEB! Now that they are in absolute control they are shutting the door on ever letting Democrats back into the game. The likelihood of Repug governors ruling Florida throughout the next generation is quite real. They may not even have to be elected: they can be "annointed" by the perpetual Repug legislative majority and have a coronation instead of simply swearing him in. The Bush family may seek to make the position hereditary.

Tally Folly

Yes, put evil Voldemort in charge.
Brilliant idea, how about we relinquish all control to a crook with no political experience.
Republicans are the worst scourge to ever hit Florida.

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