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Following Trayvon Martin's death, NRA ready to stand its ground over Stand Your Ground

With Trayvon Martin’s death, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law and the National Rifle Association’s agenda are in the crosshairs.

And the NRA probably couldn’t be happier to stand its ground.

Chances state lawmakers will strike the deadly force law from the books: Nil.

Chances it will be amended: Slight.

Chances the NRA will get to boast of a win: High.

That means bragging rights, a happy membership and, ultimately, more money for an organization that can boast of its effectiveness in the state Capitol.

The NRA relishes a fight. But it has gotten nearly everything it wanted out of Florida’s Legislature. And that could become a strange problem — for the NRA.

“The NRA is a victim of its own success,” said one of its longtime opponents, former Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach. “There’s not much more for the NRA to win. It’s running out of people to pick fights with.”

So, in recent years, the NRA’s fights in the state Capitol have become, relatively speaking, more small bore and geared toward waging turf battles with other special-interest lobbies.

Read Marc Caputo's column here.


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Can't take anymore

The NRA in Florida has not yet won the battle to allow open carry of firearms (pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, RPG's, flamethrowers, anti-tank rocket launchers, etc.) that are essential to protect the homes and safety of its members. The outrageous government prohibition against public displays of these manly tools of self protection will be the NRA's next overwhelming victory in the Florida Legislature. Gov Scott will sign the bill as soon as it is introduced because debate and voting will be superfluous. Happiness is a warm gun.


After careful croisdeoatinn of lagging donations and angry letters from lifetime membersthe NRA-PVF announced today that it will not be endorsing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for re-election in the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Nevada.There. Fixed it for ya.


Author. You lose your jounalisitic integrity when you say things like "[people/NRA] need RPG's, flamethrowers, anti-tank rocket launchers".

I am a very socially left guy. I root for the Whale Wars folks, I am fiscally moderate, Anti-NRA, and believe in smart Gov't regulation. I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Gun. I would be Anti-Gun, if you could get rid of ALL or MOST of them.

However, after living in Los Angeles, SF, Miami, etc. the cops show up ATFTER you are knifed, shot or killed or your family members are dead or wounded. I am a human being. Like every living creature on this earrth, I have the right and esponsibiltiy to defned myself. I am totally for Stand your Ground. Zimmerman chased the guy. The Law makes it clear that you cannot do that. You are mi-using the law for personal opnions against guns.

I am not crazed. I will not go start a fight and haven;t been in one in 35 years (I'm 46). I have never done anything worse than steal a few things like candy and drink underage my whole life. I have a great credit score and pay all my bills on time. I am a responsible citizen and I vote. Yet who are you to tell me I cannot defend myself. I could give a crap about consumer possessions, but my family or myself. Another story.

But you know what. Someone tried assault my mom and knife her in CA. Out here. My first week, someone tried to car jack me. Reached right in thru the wndow on 395 and Biscayne. In CA, when I went to S. Central LA at 4am to produce a hip hop music video, and my co-workes were sexy, cute girls. Now I am 5' 10, but not a work out guy and not a fighter. So I had to break the law and bring me concealed weapon (illegally). CA doesn't give me the right to protect myself from would be assaulters, possibly drunk or wasted in the middle for the night. What if a gang of guys coming out of a club saw me and our expensive Film gear and wanted to screw with me and beat me up, possibly kill me or my friends/co-workerkers. What would I do? I for one am all for Stand Your Ground until this idiotic society and species of ours cures poverty, greed and corruption.

A very long wait.

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