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Gov. Scott asks FDLE to investigate Trayvon Martin's shooting

In a one-paragraph letter released late Monday, Gov. Rick Scott asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to intervene in the investigation into the shooting death of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin by a Sanford neighborhood watch volunteer last month.

"The circumstances surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have caused significant concerns within the Sanford community and the state,'' Scott wrote to FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. "I understand an investigation was initiated by the Sanford Police Department and referred to the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit State Attorney's Office. I believe it is appropriate the the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provide any assistance necessary to fully investigate this matter. Accordingly, please ensure that FDLE offers and provides the appropriate resources to the State Attorney's Office as they continue their investigation." Download Memo to Commissioner Bailey Re Trayvon Martin-1

The governor's announcement coincided with a statement late Monday from the U.S. Department of Justice that federal investigators will also intervene in the case. Martin, who was not armed, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, 28, on Feb. 26. He is under investigation by police after many in the community have raised questions about whether the shooting was racially motivated. Zimmerman has not been charged.

Legal experts told the Miami Herald that Florida's controversial 2005 "Stand-Your-Ground" self-defense law could hamper any efforts to charge Zimmerman. More on that story here.


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James Steinberg

If the state of Florida fails to prosecute Mr. Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Black teen-ager, there is something ugly and rotten eating at the soul of Florida and corrupting your governor's and attorney general's offices.
Let America see Florida act with justice and conscience in this deplorable, vicious killing.

Joe Schmo

Don't forget to vote with your wallet, folks! Cancel all travel to Florida and avoid Florida products until justice is served!!!


Thanks for nothing Rick Scott...Where's the FBI.


Joe Schmo: Why stop with Florida? Why not ask the entire world to boycott the USA until justice is served?
reddotmiami: Rick Scott is Governor of Florida not President of the US.


If Zimmerman was scared then, he should be terrified, now. Even if he gets off with the courts, someone is going to find him, and show him what "vigilante justice" is like on the receiving end. Karma, dude!

Yuriy Kleyner

The unarmed black teenager attacked and beat the crap out of Robert Zimmerman, as demonstrated by the damage to Mr Zimmerman. None of the witnesses identified the man screaming, none of them said it was a boy during the initial call, and if you think a 17-year old 6'3 black guy is more likely to sound like a boy than the lispy-voice you hear on 911 call from Zimmerman you are nuts. Trayvon Martin got what he had coming to him.

James Steinberg

You are either hallucinating or lying.


Yuriy Kleyner, you are very mistaken. Zimmerman attacked the boy even after the 911 dispatcher's advise not to do so. All accounts have indicated so. Your racial bias is sadly evident in your comment. Much more obvious is that you don't know many 17 year old black boys. The law should protect citizens from people like you with selective perception of reality and interpretation of the law.

Andre Hamiel

Yuriy Kleyner, have you been smoking rocks? Now its against the law for a black man to walk down the street? The law that are passed are supposed to protect the innocent not the guilty! I think you need to go back under the rock that you crawled from, or better yet go back to India or whatever country you came from! And if you don't like what I said then come holla at me. I live in mobile Alabama!!!

Mike D

Yuriy KKKleyner, if zimmermann was dangerous, it is pathetic whites like you that are 10 x more dangerous. I will bet you also have a million ways to justify the killing of those women and children in Afghanistan just like people like you have justified the killings of American Indians and taking their lands. People like you can always find a way to justify the killings of minorities. The difference between people like you and actual human beings is that when Colin Ferguson murdered those whites on the Long Island Railroad I did not see a whole bunch of black people getting up to justify the shootings.

Cody M. Hinnant

Mike D you forgot about the Arab Slave Trade.How about the way Arab Women are treated in Countries under Islamic Rule?Sharia Law which permits Women to be stoned to death,have Acid thrown in their Faces.Ever heard of the Armenian Genocide?Or the Rawandan Genocide?Who was responsible?Al Sharpton the Tawana Brawley Hoax,The Crown Heights Riots that claimed the Life of Yankel Rosenbloom, and Freddie's fashion Mart.The Black Panther Leader calls for killing White Babies.Mao Zedong murdered 60 Million of his own People.Idi Amin murdered and ate 100,000[some say 300,000]of his own fellow Ugandans,Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge murdered 10,000 innocent Cambodians.Willie Horton?The Beltway D.C Snipers?The first Virginia Tech Shooter?The Ft.Hood Shooting?


To all the idiots above;

This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Most of you are calling for Zimmerman's head without even having all the facts. Now you have made yourselves the judge, jury, and executioner by calling for "vigilante justice". I see a bunch of racists comments above including one idiot blaming whites for all the evil in the history of the world. Blacks are no longer the minority in this country and that is a fact. Since when are hispanics considered white? Hispanics now make up the majority of the population in this country, followed by blacks, followed by whites; ere, whites are the minority. The media and the government keep us racially divided and you half-wits buy into it and keep it going. If you think Obama, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton care about you then you're all more stupid than you get credit for. Quit judging the world based on skin color. If you think there is such a thing as an honest politician then you need to grow up and face the truth. The truth is that this has nothing to do with skin color, religion, "lispy" voices or anything of that nature. I don't know who is guilty of what because we haven't been presented with all of the facts.


To all the idiots above;

This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Most of you are calling for Zimmerman's head without even having all the facts. Now you have made yourselves the judge, jury......


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/03/gov-scott-asks-fdle-to-investigate-trayvon-martin.html#storylink=cpy

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