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Gov. Scott signs economic development package, billion-dollar savings for businesses

Flanked by leaders of Florida's top economic trade groups and agencies, Gov. Rick Scott signed a number of business tax cuts he says will accelerate economic development in the state.

“The passage of my jobs passage is a great example of all of us working together to make Florida the best state to live and do business,” he said Wednesday.

The economic development package includes more than $1 billion in tax cuts for businesses over the next three years. It features broad cuts of the unemployment tax and the corporate income tax, and targeted reductions for manufacturers, private plane repairers, and fruit and meat packers.

Scott said it’s difficult to say definitively how certain targeted tax cuts will lead to job creation, but noted that the package helps make Florida a more competitive state for business expansion.

“If we want employers to hire more people, we’ve got to think like they do,” said Scott, a former CEO. “We’ve got to keep their costs as low as they can. We’ve got to make sure that we’re more competitive than any jurisdiction in the world.”

The public signing is the latest in a public relations push by Scott to shape the discussion about the job he's done as jobs governor.

With gubernatorial elections still two years away, the Republican Party has been running television ads touting Scott’s pro-business record.

Between oral arguments in the Supreme Court healthcare case and Trayvon Martin's death, Scott has has seen a heavy dose of media attention in recent days. After speaking about Trayvon on CNN and MSNBC last weekend, Scott pivoted to touting Florida as a great place to do business before a national audience.

The state has indeed added about 77,100  jobs since Scott took office in 2011, but 36,000 jobs were lost in January and several problems persist. Florida continues to lead the nation in stalled foreclosures and unemployment is persistently high, at 9.6 percent.

A new poll shows that 68 percent of Floridians believe that the state is still in recession.

Scott’s economic development package also includes bills that help the governor reduce regulations and fire ineffective members of regional workforce boards. 



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Michael D'Angelo

Gov. Scott’s problems begin with the stating the obvious proposition that his administration was launched from a defective base.

While the methods employed to reach the pinnacle of the business world are sometimes questionable and unscrupulous, they are not illegal. But if the intention is to advance the progress of ordinary citizens, one would not point to his resume for a desirable role model.

To learn more, click on the following link:

Life among the Ordinary

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