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How long did it take Connie Mack to finish college?

George LeMieux depicts Florida Republican U.S. Senate rival Connie Mack as a man who vaulted from college party boy to congressman. And those college days, well, they lasted awhile, according to LeMieux.

In the Web ad "Two and a Half Macks" LeMieux says that  "Connie the IV took seven and a half years to finish college," while showing a buffoonish-like Mack wearing a T-shirt that says "Kollege" and dancing around in front of a University of Florida sign.

We’ve already checked other claims in the same February 2012 Web ad including that Mack "failed to pay his child support" (False) and whether his only job in the real world was an events coordinator for Hooters (Mostly False). In this item, PolitiFact explores how long it took Mack to finish college.


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Johnny Hothead

Clearly, mini-mack was not a Fine Upstanding College Kid. He has proved himself an embarrassment to that fine university....

Poor little George

Does it matter how long it took him to finish college? Mack may not be a saint (and how many of us really are?), but at least he is not a sniveling little weasel like LeMieux.

Can't take anymore

Another dumbass fraternity boy who partied his way slowly thru college on his family's name and money. Too bad he didn't have a draft board keeping tabs on his progress. All he has to do now is proclaim that he has been born-again shout a few hallelujas declare himself forgiven. Hell, it worked so well for W Bush that he got two terms as president out that plan.

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