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Jeb Bush on why 'best orator' Marco Rubio should be Mitt Romney's VP pick

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review caught up with former Florida Jeb Bush yesterday and asked him about his endorsement of Mitt Romney and who his VP pick should be. Bush chose the man to whom he bestowed the Sword of Chiang (derived from "Unleash Chiang Kai-shek") when Marco Rubio was Florida House Speaker.

Bush, 59, the son of a president and brother of another, pushed aside any interest in running with Romney. But he has strong feelings on whom he wants Romney to pick as a running mate.

"Marco Rubio," he said of the freshman Florida GOP senator, who served as a volunteer on Bush's governor's campaign. Bush described Rubio, 40, as "dynamic, joyful, disciplined and principled."

"He is the best orator of American politics today, a good family man. He is not only a consistent conservative, but he has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism," Bush said.

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George Fuller

You would think all of these so called smart people who try to tell us ordinary people what we should think would do a little homework........

If they did a simple check they would find Rubio is not qualified to serve as VP.....next in line to be Prez since his parents were Cuban citizens when he was born......undoubtedly he had dual citizenship since he was born in the USA and his parents were Cubans......

I wrote Rubio about this very point and he never responded...I guess he thinks if Obama can be President why can't he be VP?........

Denny Wood

Why ADA Violator Jeb Bush is running loose, sticking his nose in government is a mystery. Rubio as VP. We would be safer than leaving the ADA violator Rubio in the Senate.

Bush ought to stick to his mission to make millions off education.



A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population of the
Hispanic community. Most Latin Americans don't like CubansThe same
Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver? Marco Rubio Really Admires Dead Ra cist Jesse Helms. So, Marco Rubio is going
around calling America "weakened." He blames it on Social Security,
and Medicare.spented thousands with GOP credit cardSen.

Marco Rubio
born to Cuban exiles? Not true, after all.

it time to recall this clown

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