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Joe Biden to give campaign speech in South Florida

Vice President Joe Biden plans to visit South Florida next Friday to deliver a campaign speech.

According to a campaign official, Biden will tout President Barack Obama's accomplishments. In the vice president's campaign role as attack dog, he will also contrast the administration with Republican presidential hopefuls.

The visit will mark Biden's second trip in as many weeks to crucial swing states. He entered the campaign fray Thursday, delivering a speech framing the race to United Auto Workers in Toledo, Ohio.

Earlier this week, Biden's office announced the vice president will deliver one of three high school commencement speeches this fall at Cypress Bay High School in Weston. (Biden backed up some traffic in Miami with another visit last week.)

Further details about Biden's upcoming speech will be released in upcoming days.


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Is it just me, or does it seem like Obama & Biden do nothing else but campaign
It would be nice if they both stayed in their office and did some work for the American people who pay their salaries
Work on the economy, work on jobs, work on security
and stop with all the dinners
Why has George Clooney been to the White House 3 times in the last two days ?
Photo op, photo op , photo op

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