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Lawyer: girl spoke with Trayvon Martin just before he was shot

Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin was on the phone up until the moments before he was killed, his family’s attorney said Tuesday, and the girl Martin was talking to could hear him when the teen asked a stranger: “Why are you following me?”

Attorney Benjamin Crump held a news conference Tuesday where he played a recording of his interview with the girl, whose name he would not disclose. In the taped conversation, the girl tells Crump how she and Martin were chatting on the phone when he became startled by someone following him.

“I told him, ‘Baby, run!’” the girl tells Crump on the tape.

“Trayvon tells her, ‘I think I lost him,’ but then he says, “He is right behind me,’” Crump said. “She hears him say, ‘Why are you following me?’ Then she hears, ‘What are you doing here?’”

Crump said the girl heard a push, which she thinks was Martin’s earpiece coming out because she didn’t hear from him again. There is shuffling, the girl told Crump, then the line went dead.

Crump said phone records back up the girl’s story, showing that the “suspicious” person who neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman thought was “up to no good” was simply a teen like any other — one who ran up 400 minutes that day talking on his cell.

“The dots have been connected,” Crump said.

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He was being threatened, by a bag of Skittles.

Let's be honest: he was killed for being a black kid who dared to walk home from a 7-11, through a racist white neighborhood. This is no different than the racist lynchings that went on back in the 50s, and the cops are still turning the other way and refusing to prosecute the murderers.

Fortunately, that state self-defense law can not save him when he's prosecuted in FEDERAL court!

Robert Jacobs

Zimmerman claims he was attacked and was defending himself. Which person in this case was defending himself, a kid armed with a bag of candy or some hulking jerk armed with a pistol? It doesn't take any functioning neurons to figure out that Trayvon was the one defending himself desperately against a stalker set on killing him.

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