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Lynn and Thrasher quibble over parent trigger bill

The hotly debated parent trigger bill will make it to the Senate Floor after all.

The controversial proposal, SB 1718, would allow parents to demand sweeping changes at low-performing public schools, including having the school converted into a charter school. The proposal has divided the Senate, and insiders predict any vote on the bill would be really, really close.

On Monday night, the Senate Rules Committee voted 3-3 to block the bill from being placed on the calendar.

But on Tuesday night, Republicans made sure a fourth vote (a previously preoccupied Budget Chairman JD Alexander) attended the Rules Committee meeting. What's more, Rules Chairman John Thrasher prevented members from voting on each bill separately.

The move outraged Republican Sen. Evelyn Lynn.

Lynn said she had received thousands of calls from constituents on the issue -- and aruged that she should be able to vote her conscience.

"The political maneuver was unnecessary," Lynn said. "I do not quite understand why that process was used."

Democratic Sen. Nan Rich, another opponent of the bill, was also incensed. "If something is that egregious to us that we would like to separate it out, we should be able to," she said.

Still, Thrasher denied the request, saying he had done everything possible to be "as open and transparent to everyone on the committee."

The committee voted 4-3 to hear the entire proposed agenda -- including the trigger bill -- on Thursday.

The meeting was more evidence that the Senate is in a state chaos. We'll see what happens on the Floor Thursday.


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Mark Halpert

Empower parents yes, the Parent Trigger NO!!!

Could you imagine your boss just raised your goals several notches, gave you three high potential but challenging employees and told you you would be replaced if you did not produce the results in a few months

Public School Roulette is what some legislators are suggesting and Republican Senators Simmons and Lynn are saying, "Hit the pause button"

That is the least the Senators should do and then try getting input from the key stakeholders -- yes businessmen and the Bush Foundation deserve a seat at the table and so do parents, teachers, superintendents, and other committed citizens

If the Senate chooses to put our kids, teachers and schools at risk, then they deserve to be at risk in November, when the voters get their say

Christine Fioritto-Sket

Parents are saying NO!!! Yet, we don't have the option of taking our Senators off to a luxury hotel on an island to sell them on our dreams for our children. Parents need power, yes... This bill does anything but empower parents.


Stand up to outside Florida interests. This does nothing to empower parents for a better education for their Florida child - vote NO on Parent Trigger. Look at the chaos it has caused in California. Putting parents against each other and getting lost in the "battle" rather than funding a better education for their children. Parents have the trigger already - it is their vote. Let local government work with parents voting for a school board that puts programs into place their community wants and needs.

Cindy Taylor

Never, EVER turn your back on John Thrasher - he can't be trusted and probably should be investigated.

The only trigger I will pull is the one at the polling place in November.

It's time to "sweep the kitchen," and clean everybody out of Tally. Time for new heartbeats in the senate.

C. Taylor

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