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Marco Rubio on immigration, the DREAM Act

From the National Review Online (which also asks Republican Sen. Marco Rubio about his endorsement of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and ObamaCare):

NRO: I saw that you are offering what is being characterized as a revised or reformed version of the DREAM Act, and I notice the editors of the New York Times didn’t like it. I’m sure their lack of approval stuns you and has you all torn up inside. Could you walk us through your proposal and how it differs from previous versions?

Rubio: Well, we don’t have a formal proposal yet; all we’ve discussed is concepts. I think the vast majority of Americans understand that if you were four years old when you were brought here, you grew up in this country your whole life, and you’re now a valedictorian of a high school or are a high-achieving academic person, and have much to contribute to our future, I think most Americans, the vast majority of Americans find that compelling and want to accommodate that.

The problem is that all of the existing policy proposals that are out there like the DREAM Act create amnesty. They create incentives for illegal immigration, chain migration, and all sorts of problems. What I have said is that I believe we can deal with these kids and these circumstances without making all of the DREAM Act’s mistakes.

That’s what I have talked about. There’s no specific proposal, but I hope that it will be bipartisan, although I doubt it will be. As the New York Times has shown, writing an editorial denouncing a piece of legislation that doesn’t exist yet, the Democrats and the Left are terrified of losing this issue. They don’t want to solve this issue; they want this issue to remain out there because they want to use it as a political tool. If and when we are able to come up with a conservative-Republican alternative DREAM Act that deals with the issues of these kids without undermining our heritage as a nation of laws, when we do that, we are going to expose the political reality behind this.

There are many on the left who want this issue to stick around, because they want to use it for political gain. They’re not nearly as interested in solving it from a policy perspective. Not all — I’m not saying all of them. I’m sure there are many who legitimately want to address this issue. We’ll see soon enough who’s who around here.


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Ruby0 is a turd in the punchbowl


Conservatives are proposing something other than the Gingrich-inspired ARMS Act?
If they hurry, they'll be just in time for 2012's latino-targetting ads.

But when will we get to the real issue--our shortage of documented farmworkers?

Juan Rodriguez

Kooltoze, you are a turd in a punchbowl.



Rubio voted to continue 20 billion dollars in subsidies to big oil companies. How does that serve Florida taxpayers? How does that help reduce the deficit? Why is Rubio acting as a stooge for big oil companies?


How about stopping illegal immigration from Cuba?
Aren't cubans coming illegally to the US having a special treatment.
It's disgusting listening to this guy.


Marco Rubio will only get Mitt the Cuban vote, NOT, the nationwide LATINO vote. No self respecting Mexican or Puerto Rican will vote for a Romney/Rubio ticket. Don't believe me? Google Marco Rubio and his stance on immigration and his voting against Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the supreme court and his voting against another Puerto Rican when she tried to become the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador. Marco Rubio is FIRST AND FOREMOST, a Miami Cuban and as such, is FOR the Cubans in exile. Cubans look down on all other hispanics, and this is a FACT. So Mitt, I am very sorry for you, but it you pick Marco as your running mate, you will be sorry, it will be McCain and Palin all over again. Why are you not doing your homework? If you want a hispanic running mate you will reach out to ALL LATINOS, pick Luis Fortuno!'

Oh and by the way, Marco, stop repeating that you "Don't want to run for vice president" or, that "you won't be asked", or, that if you are asked, you will "decline" the offer, which are ALL BIG FAT LIES! Let's see how quickly you say "YES!" to Mitt if he chooses you. Let me guess, your speach will go something like this: "I had made up my mind not to run for VP of the U.S.A., because I wanted to focus on my work as senator for Florida, but America NEEDS a new begining and I believe Mitt and I can make the difference!

Come on now Marco, do you realize how TRANSPARENT you are? Stop being such a hypocrite! The last thing this country needs is a corrupt Cuban one step from being the President, I DON'T THINK SO!

Xavier Sardana


Mitt, if you pick Marco Rubio to be your VP choice, be ready for all the dirty laundry the press will dig up on him, including:

1. He ran late on paying his mortgage

2. He billed personal expenses to his government issued credit card

3. He said his parents came to the U.S. "fleeing" Fidel Castro ( records show they arrived BEFORE Fidel took power in Cuba )

4. That most of the Cubans in power in Miami Dade are corrupt and discriminate against all other latinos and blacks, including Haitians and even Cuban blacks.

WAKE UP MITT, Obama will sweep the floor with you and Marco come November.

Sarah Palin cost John MCCain his presidency and Marco Rubio will cost yours.

How could you even consider picking someone with this type of background?


Marco Rubio is Not eligible to be VPrez because he is Not eligible to be Prez. He is born of non citizen parents.

Light Bearer

Yebbid you idiot. To be eligible for the presidency you must be born on U.S soil, that's it, parents have nothing to do with it. A naturalized citizen, one that wasn't born on the U.S but became a citizen through naturalization, on the other hand, can never become president unless the constitution is changed.

Unheard No More

Senator Rubio is not the only one supporting an apartheid-type, un-American bill for immigrants. Members of the Hispanic, Asian Pacific American, Progressive and Black Caucuses co-sponsored H.R. 1466 a bill that would provide a non-citizen status to legal foreign workers of the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and chain them to the islands! H.R. 1466 takes our country back to a dishonorable and shameful time in our nation's history. It is utterly amazing that members of the U.S. Congress who promote themselves as champions of immigration reform and advocate for undocumented aliens would support such unjust, un-American and undemocratic legislation. The similarities between laws that were implemented after the Civil War and H.R. 1466 are striking. H.R. 1466 proposes to grant about 1/4 of the 14,000 legal, long-term nonresident workers a CNMI-only status. No other state or territory has their own status under the INA, and for good reason. The long-term foreign workers of the CNMI have been considered as labor units for decades. Under H.R. 1466 they will remain as a disenfranchised underclass, as labor units chained to the CNMI. The discriminatory status would restrict travel and deny them of political, social and economic rights just as the post-Civil War Black Codes kept the freed slaves as second-class citizens unable to serve on juries, vote or hold public office. Under the Black Codes, some states forbid social mobility, prohibiting freed slaves from entering certain states. Similarly H.R. 1466 would prohibit the "freed" nonresident workers from entering the United States or leaving the CNMI. Every co-sponsor of H.R. 1466 should read Rubio's bill, including Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Judy Chu (D-CA), Mike Honda (D-CA), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Nydia Valazquez (D-NY), Charles Gonzalez (D-TX), Delegate Gregorio Sablan, who introduced the bill, and the rest. Then they should look in the mirror and see Senator Rubio staring back at them. It is time that the Democrats either remove their names from H.R. 1466 or defend their hypocritical stance. See:http://unheardnomore.blogspot.......

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