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New prosecutor in Trayvon Martin shooting has "lock-kids-up" rep, charged youngest-ever murder defendant in Jax

Angela Corey, the special prosecutor Gov. Rick Scott appointed to handle the Trayvon Martin shooting case, has a reputation as a tough-on-crime state attorney who has the distinction of prosecuting the youngest murder defendant in Jacksonville history, 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez.

Cristian is accused of savagely beating his 2-year-old brother, David Galarriago, to death. If convicted, Cristian faces life in prison.

One advocate has started up a petition to remove her from office over the case, but Corey appears highly popular in Duval County. Critics say she might have misled the public by charging Cristian as an adult and thereby subjecting him to the prospect of facing life in prison.

"Corey is known throughout the Jacksonville community for her lock-the-kids-up-and-throw-away-the-key approach to juvenile crime in Florida," says the website Justice 4 Juveniles. "In 2010, the Florida Times Union reported that the number of juvenile felony cases tried in adult court had doubled under the reign of Corey ["230 juvenile felony cases went to adult court in 2009, twice as many as in past years"].

Corey resented the petition and the criticisms and issued a lengthy press statement that outlined her reasons for charging Cristian**

Corey has also clashed with the local press, specifically Folio Weekly, which reported that some of her employees at a Christmas Party felt pressured to sign petitions for her re-election. Corey reportedly shot back, claiming the publication libeled her and insulting the looks of one of its reporters.

"I understand why she is what she is," Corey raged, according to this blog post. "I understand her need to spit venom. I do. I finally saw her for the first time."

**Corey's biggest p.r. battle, though, is Cristian's Case. Here's part of her statement:

"The juvenile system is limited to 18 months to possibly 3 years confinement followed by aftercare until the age of 21. The juvenile period of confinement is inadequate for these very serious charges and as to aftercare, this young man literally has no family to which he can be returned to help facilitate rehabilitation.”

“One concern that has been mentioned by several people is ‘Why isn’t the mother responsible?’ We are vigorously prosecuting Cristian Fernandez’s mother who will be held accountable for the lion’s share of this blame. Even considering all of the mitigation, Cristian Fernandez too must be held accountable. Children are taught at an early age not to bite, scratch, or kick ~ surely basic concepts understood even by those who grow up in difficult environments. However, though that does not excuse crime it does mitigate punishment in some cases. This is the reason we have been working so hard towards a solution that will both punish and rehabilitate this young man.

“The misinformation being circulated, primarily by persons who do not live in Florida, who do not understand our laws, and who do not know all of the facts, is rampant and I hope to correct those misimpressions now by issuing this statement.”

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Save Cristian Fernandez

Cristian Fernandez was barely 12 when Angela Corey sought two indictments for him. If convicted he will receive the mandatory sentence of life without parole. When the defense rejected a plea deal that could have exposed him to time in an adult prison along with having to carry a felony murder conviction she retaliated by seeking a THIRD indictment for a charge she had been sitting on for EIGHT months. David's death was not intentional. His mother waited six hours to seek help for him upon learning of his injury. Doctors said if she had acted sooner he might have lived. This child has been physically and sexually abused his whole life. What Angela Corey is doing to him is unconscionable. Hopefully she will do the right thing for Trayvon because she has said repeatedly she does not "prosecute by petition". She ignored what more than 182,000 people said when they asked her to move Cristian's case back to juvenile court. http://www.change.org/petitions/reverse-decision-to-try-12-yo-cristian-fernandez-as-an-adult


The best thing to happen to the South was for Northerners to move down there. The worst thing is that Southerners still live there.



If you don't like the south stick to your local Northern news.

You and your douchish comments must have been banned from the North...
She might be from the north but she moved to the South to up hold our laws for a reason.

I beleive if we watch it all follow out he(Christian)will receive more rehab and treatment then actual prison time. She just doesnt want him released at 18 or 21 into society. He has proven himself, for what ever the reason, to be able to "snap" and kill. How many times do we allow even a juvinile to get away with murder?

As far as Treyvon...I am super duper suprised that man has not blow his own brains out by now. I am sure he does not feel safe at home. He deserves to do time in prison for murder for sure! He is the reason that I beleive in the death penalty. THAT WAS AN UNARMED CHILD shot by a coward!!!
Get his ass Angela!!

Robert Chandler

I dont know but this lady sounds like a Witch if I ever saw one...

Shame on her for trying to convict this boy for life...White people will coddle their own kids, and persecute the others...

She should not be handling this case. Dangerous for all of society.

Robert Chandler

BUT if she CONVICTS THIS Zimmerman guy...I would look at her in a total favorable light...lol

Justice for Trayvon Martin!

Kenneth Terry

What happened to Trayvon Martin is horrible. None deserves to loose their life over a simple argument. However, I was not there when this man shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Nor was anyone else who is calling for his conviction. It is my understanding this Trayvon Martin was beating this man. Again, My position is this young man did not deserve to die. I am simply stating, I was not there. I do not support violence in any shape fashion or form. But there are three sides of this story. Trayvon's side, The gentleman who shot Trayvon, and the truth. Unfortunately, There is a young man lying dead and is not able to tell his side of the story. I do support self defense, as I have been a victim of a violent crime and wish I would have been able to defend myself. I, unfortunately, still carry the scares of that attack.

Isiah Ezekiel

Society must take its share of responsibility for the behavior of our youths, especially legislature.We, the people, value the dollar more than the lives of people, especially the poor.The cause of misbehavior is learned from others;adults teach youths to disrespect by their actions, and then reduce the youths self-esteem to nothing when he/she imitates adults' disrepect. Our children need mental health treatment which results in rehabilitation, not incarceration; life imprisonment surely will not evoke rehabilitation - just resentment. As for Zimmerman, he desires prosecution for the capital offense of murder and no plea bargaining; give this adult the death penalty.


This is a new kind of lynching..lynching by social media. We are so adamant that Zimmerman should be arrested/killed/whatever do not know what actually happened. The media continues to fire up the mob..repeatedly calling Zimmerman WHITE not Latino to evoke and promote the white/black thing.Ultimately it grants that the Zimmerman's father is white and the mother Peruvian. So is he a half racist killer because of his father?It shows pictures of a cute 10-14 year old African American vs a burly man. If there are pictures to be shown, can we see a recent one? And as usual spins the story to create news in an otherwise slow news period. By all accounts this is a sad and tragic incident which cannot be trivialized. I feel so sorry for those parents, who have raised a beautiful son, to have nothing now.But let us not be used in our sadness and led by the media to create a show for the 6 o'clock news. We should allow this to be investigated properly and not rush to judgement.

Isiah Ezekiel

If this kid was white and the shooter black, Carmen, your response would be totally opposite. Stop being a hypocrite! Your kind is who divides this country. Black people have been prosecuted and sentenced to death for less, where were you then?

R. Berthaut

The comments I've read here give the impression that Zimmerman has been charged with a crime. As far as I know, he hasn't. While I don't sanction fatally shooting teenagers, I don't presume to know the facts of this case either. Before calling for Zimmerman's head on a platter, let's hear the evidence. If Prosecutor Corey determines a crime has been committed, then she will level charges. If not, we're all just hyperventilating for nothing.


I would suspect that Carmen was not even a twinkle in her grandads eye..We should all be treated equally under the law but when are black going to try all whites for the sins of the pre-Civil War days?


In watching the "Zimmerman Police Tape", I noticed the officer walks in front of Zimmerman after he alighted from the car. I believe the other officer put a bullet proof vest in the trunk. But most noticeable was the way "Zimmerman" walks all the way around the motorcycle while the officers walk to the left- Zimmerman unescorted walks to the right around a motorcycle? The officer has to hesitate before he can walk behind Zimmerman? Going into to the station there are two officers walking haphazardly without care in front of Zimmerman and a reluctant officer behind him. However as they enter the interior of the precinct there are two officers in the rear and one in front? Did they have a conversation in a vestibule or hall about the cameras before entering the precinct? Why wasn’t caution tape placed around the crime scene? If Zimmerman was wounded were the wounds self-inflicted? You might at first think this is insignificant but think about it for a moment- the police are treating him like an old friend? One officer turns his back and puts his bullet proof vest in the trunk of his car. Two officers just walk off ahead of him and Zimmerman goes out of his way to nonchalantly walk around and perhaps verbally admire a police motorcycle while the last officer waits for him? Although two officers walk in ahead and one behind… I am curious to know why they reversed roles?
Tana Meadows, Largo, Florida

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