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RNC's South Florida ads, robocalls whack Barack Obama over rising healthcare costs

The Republican National Committee is hitting President Obama on his home court -- liberal South Florida -- over his signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.  The ads will run from West Palm Beach to Key West.

Meantime, the RNC also plans to robocall voters.

Here's the TV spot:

Here's the text of the robocalls: In 2008 Barack Obama campaigned on the promise of providing relief to American families and creating jobs. Instead of the relief he promised, health care premiums are rising, budget deficits skyrocket, and 6 million Seniors will lose their prescription drug benefits. America can’t afford 4 more years of Barack Obama. Help us defeat Obama in November. Visit www.gop.com or call 866.641.7189. This call is paid for by the Republican National Committee and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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Robert Jenkins

This is throwing good money after bad. President Obama "will" be re-elected with a strong majority in the House and a larger majority in the Senate. "I" as a long time Republican, can not vote for either Santorum, or Romney. I believe with the "Bush" endorsement, signaled T.A.P.S for the GOP. T.A.P.S. being Taking Away Any Success!!! The only worse endorsement would be from King Scott!!! Imagine this folks an endorsement from the brother of the man responsible for the meltdown in the first place. That would be like a presidential candidate in Haiti; receiving Baby Docs endorsement. lol

C williams

Free Market Enterprise....same with gas....Gop wants no government intrusion...

John Totten

As Robert pointed out, NOBODY is clamoring for a Scott endorsement. A Bush endorsement is almost as bad.
Jeb's major accomplishment for Florida schools has been filling his wallet with taxpayer money.
Jeb promised an education in Florida that would allow our students to "compete for jobs in the state."
He left out the part where the jobs he was referring to were in the farm fields outside of Immokalee.
T.A.P.S. - I LIKE it.

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