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Scott and Haridopolos full of spite for Fulford's ruling

Gov. Rick Scott and Senate President Mike Haridopolos both couldn't understand how Fulford had arrived at her decision with Haridopolos repeating his claim that Fulford, who ruled against the state in the prison privatization decision, was responsible for judicial activism.

"I think its unfortunate, clearly after vigorous debate in both the House and Senate, signed by the governor this was a law that we passed that showed respect to workers across the state,'' Haridopolos told reporters. "The fact that so many people pay into their own private retirement accounts, we're moving it to this new type of system. As I expressed yesterday, I think this is an example of judicial activism, and this is why we are immediately going to appeal this decision.

"I'm hopeful that Sen. Alexander's evaluation of the subject is the correct one. Again, it just causes concern when a judge, over a year later, makes this type of decision. To add insult to injury, we expected this to happen before we close out the budget. Now that we have closed out the budget, we need to re-address this situation.

"But I think the law is clearly on our side. I think most of us are not surprised by this particular judge's decision...but we expect to win on appeal."

He predicted the decision will put "people's retirement in jeopardy, but also basic programs that we rely on" but then predicted the state will prevail.

"We don't expect to lose this case so we're not going to hand over a billion dollars any where any time soon. Our best lawyers are working on it, our governor is working on it. We're going to quickly appeal. That's substantial to say the least. Remember, our goal is to add a billion for education. I do not expect to open up the budget, I expect to win the court case."

The governor was also not pleased.

"This is an example of a judge wanting to write the law," he told reporters. "We all know this is constitutional. There's no question about it. State workers paid in before, so it's actually constituitonal.
"I don't understand the ruling.It doesn't make any sense to me. We are appealing it and I'm sure it will be held constitutional, but think of the adverse impact it has on our state ...That plan is getting more unfunded every year."
Scott said the decision will have an "unbelievable impact" on state and county budgets. He added: "I cannot imagine a judge making this decision. Everybody has to remember our civics class in ninth grade. We said there were executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. I don't get to write the laws. The judiciary is not supposed to be writing the laws. This is writing the laws of the land. That is wrong."


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Get rid of the dumb governor

The republicans in charge now are dictators and only care for the wealthy. Florida made a big mistake with Rick Scott. The Legislature got rid of staff that tried to tell them you cannot do this but they didn't want to hear the truth. They tried to force it down people's throat. Thank God our founding fathers made 3 branches of government. This is a first of many things the court will find unconstitutional that this stupid governor has done, costing the taxpayers millions and making the lawyers rich. This governor you people elected is awful, a laughing stock.


Rick Scott and Haridopolus should take Ethics and Con Law 101. Close the tax loop holes and stop assaulting the State Workers.

Where is the Job Creation?????
Why are insurance and FPL bills increasing?


Unfortunately the people of Florida get what they vote for or what the electronic voting machines voted for. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could vote for the crooks we ave up in Tallahassee. It wasn't me. Maybe it was Diebold. First corporations become people and now machines are voting for us.


Article 1 Section 10 of the Florida Constitution - Prohibited laws.—No bill of attainder, ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.


These GOP slimeballs assume we are all stupid, and in Floirduh where we keep electing them; there mostly right.


Caught stealing again!!


let's vote them all out in november!


The judge did not in any way make any law as the governor says. A lawsuit was filed because of the new law the legislator made and the governor signed. The Judge said after hearing all the facts that the law was unconstitutional period. That is no different than the Supreme Court declaring a law unconstitutional. I think the governor needs to read the constitution. This proves why we need checks and balance system because our elected leaders just don’t get it.

rickhead blows

Suck it rickhead!


Many of the legislators knew the right thing to do was to make the law take effect on new hires, but Poly, Dopey, and Baldy hate state workers so badly and care about the rich they got greedy and forced the issue. Now they are crying like little rich spoiled kids that the courts aren't fair. Whats even more repulsive, is their lack of understanding of the three branches, and the checks and balances. This only proves that the legislative branch is corrupt.


I am a state worker, and as far as I am concerned, they can keep their 3% AND their raises, just stop messing with the state workers and let us do our jobs..all we want is to have a job and be able to retire someday. We never figured we would get rich.. :)

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