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Scott blasts court ruling, promises 'swift appeal'

Gov. Rick Scott has issued the following statement on the pension ruling:

“As you would expect, I believe this decision is simply wrong. 

"The trial judge has ignored thirty years of Supreme Court precedent in a decision that refuses to allow Florida to have common-sense pension reform. This is another example of a court substituting its own policy preferences for those of the Legislature.  The Court’s decision nullifies the will of the people and leaves Florida as one of the only states in the country in which public employees contribute nothing towards their retirement, leaving working Floridians with100 percent of the tab. 

"The State plans to file a swift appeal to reverse this decision.  Nonetheless, the Court’s order should be stayed throughout the appellate process, which will avoid an immediate impact on the 2012-2013 budget."


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E Dahmus

So it was OK when the US Supreme Court ignored more than 100 years of precedent in their "Citizens United" ruling, but this is not OK?


Why can't this dhick-wad just say the process has to play out, instead of spouting his neo-fascist ideological sputum?

axel mendoza

we live in a democracy, The middle class should stand up and vote in November so we can change how the legislature is now.

 Maria Jose

Rick Scott is a monster who will not be satisfied until he enslaves the average Joe and hands outs prize contracts to his cronies. Never have I seen such a blatant disregard for constitutional rights from a Governor. I am sickened and disgusted that this jerk i our governor.


The communist unionists are out to get Gov Scott. In case these posters don't know it the robed men and women sometimes think and rule against the wishes of the people and it's wrong! Obama thugs.

john roane

We are a country of laws, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, all are free to process through the courts. If you are truly outraged maybe you should check out the Constitutional Rights this Administration has take away from you. And please don't point to someone else’s bad behavior to justify your or your candidate(s) bad behavior.


Wait until those in the orp plan realize the legislature just cut their contributions by another 2%. I guess that is common sense as well though. God forbid we don't fund the bay of pigs museum or a log cabin, right? WRONG!

james volder

finally a victory for the little guy. I dont think people relize what 3% out of our pay means to us (being the state employee) we dont make the money that private sector makes and the benifits that we get makes up a little part of that.

Living on pennies in fl

James is right...and in addition to pay being far lower for state employees, they have received only two raises, or COLA's in...what 11 years or so!!!


Oh, stop whining you government workers. I used to be one of you and I was paid handsomely for my work and the benefits were over the top. More and better than ever got thereafter working a civilian job in the general population working group. You should have to contribute to your pension plans and such just like the civilian workforce does. You aren't special. Stop whining. Pay your fair share.

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