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Tallahassee attorneys march to Gov. Scott's office, chanting "Justice for Trayvon"

About 50 lawyers marched to Gov. Rick Scott's office on Tuesday, asking for increased scrutiny in the case of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old who was shot to death in Sanford, Florida.

Tuesday's protest in Tallahassee was one of several taking place across the country in the wake of Martin's death.

The group asked Scott to start a task force on the issue of racial profiling, and give state law enforcement agencies authority to intervene in the case.

--Toluse Olorunnipa and Tia Mitchell



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Lloyd Robinson

Many Years ago Florida was in the news for hanging chads This time Florida is again in the news for poor investigation in a case where some one life was taken from them with out a reason.It is amazing that when people screw up their job for not following the rules rather than correcting the mistake they dig themselves in.The police department in Florida is change with enforcing the law ,the State Attorney ,Judge and jury decide Guilt or innocence.As Floridians we should not accept that level of performance.The vast amount of police officers in the state do a good job every day,their lives are constantly on the line. This kind of performance does not make their jobs any easier.

Lloyd Robinson

Health Care reform goes before the Court this week.People
are divide on this but the law is not perfect.Reform is still needed in order to control Health care Cost.There are far too many people with out Health Insurance.My guess is Health Care Reform will be the law of the land.The Supreme Court will provide clarity .People with preexisting conditions need Insurance.The vast amount of uninsured
still need protection.I imagine the debate was the same when Laws Were passed for Social Security and Medicare look at the good it is doing for seniors.

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