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Trayvon Martin's parents arrive on Capitol Hill


Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, attended a forum today on Capitol Hill, where Democratic lawmakers are looking at racial profiling and hate crimes. They were accompanied by Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, who represents them in Congress.

The forum wasn't an official congressional hearing, although it was sponsored by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and led by its top Democrat, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

"We have a legal responsibility to end the killing of young boys of all backgrounds in America," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

The 17-year-old's death one month ago has inspired rallies and marches from coast to coast, and sparked a national conversation about racial profiling and justice. Students, some dressed in all black, have walked out of classes throughout Miami-Dade County. Celebrities and NBA athletes have adopted the cause. In Sanford, as many as 30,000 people showed up at a rally last week and more than 2 million people have signed an online petition and hundreds have donated money to help the family pay expenses.


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Lets see in 2010 the Republicans won 63 House Seats, 6 Senate seats, and 6 Governorships. Now the Democrats seem to want it publicized in the headlines across America that they want to repeal self defense laws. WOW what a wonderful thing to say to voters in an election year! If they keep this up they will be handing the presidency over to the Republicans. The Stand Your Ground Laws are in 27 states they pass with Republican and Democratic support! they are upheld as CONSTITUTIONAL by the State Courts. They give people who are victims the right to defend themselves instead of requiring a legal obligation to retreat or prove they had to try to retreat in court! I would like for someone who opposes the stand your ground law to give an intelligent answer on why it should be repealed or changed in anyway.


Like many of my white friends there is a specific group of black people I hate, truly despise. On the whole I think they are lazier, do not have the same value for rules or societies acceptable behaviors. They are louder and more obnoxious then others. They do not consider other people before they act, and think it’s better to hustle or steal then work hard. And yes I think they are more likely to be criminals then other people and violence to them is viewed as acceptable. Most white people wont say they hate this group of black people for fear of being labeled a racist, but here’s the thing. We don’t hate them BECAUSE they are black, it just turns out that this particular group of people happen to be black. If they were white we would hate them every bit as much. Every other black person we see outside of this group we view as equals and love them as much as anyone else who is white, so how can we be racist?



Unfortunately we're dealing with a largely uneducated part of the population that relies on rhetoric rather than facts. The facts establish that Martin attacked Zimmerman and was shot in self defense. The fact that Al Sharpton and other blacks who prey on racist tensions want to turn this into a race issue is disgusting. Sharpton and Jessee Jackson are the real criminals here. Let's return some sanity to our country and stop running scared every time race enters an issue.

mama scott

george u better turn urself in ,u kill our son n the did it cold hearted,but u no when god punish u its the worse punishment u gonna get, u better do the right thing, think if it was ur child or brother. if it was him that shoot u he would be in jail long time ago.

Account Deleted

Some of these comments or just crazy but it's ok. What goes around comes around. Live long enough and your stupid will serve you in the way it should. George!!!!!


Each year, approximately 26,000 Black Americans are murdered and of that number, about 24,500 are murdered by other Blacks.

When oh when will we stop talking about racism and start working on putting an end to the horrific environment of America's inner cities?

I feel as though on a regular basis some incident, often tragic, but always unusual, receives tremendous publicity via our media and is hyped out of all perspective and proportion. And like many readers, I am weary of what I feel is deliberate manipulation by certain special interest groups. And frankly, the only racist behavior I witness on a daily basis is black against white. I do not know one person who goes around spewing hate for blacks. But many Black organizations, churches, politicians, are openly and unapologetically racist against whites and Asians.


Yep let's keep the circus going for the thugs.

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