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Trayvon Martin's parents on Capitol Hill today

Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, are expected to attend a forum today on Capitol Hill, where Democratic lawmakers will be looking at racial profiling and hate crimes.

The forum is sponsored by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee. It's billed as a briefing on racial profiling and hate crimes, and is expected to assess the role of the federal government in those issues, specifically in 17-year-old Trayvon's case.

Among those scheduled to speak: Albert E. Dotson Jr., Chairman of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., and Robert Parker, former Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department and Community Liaison for the 5,000 Role Models of Excellence project.

Trayvon was shot to death Feb. 26 while serving out school suspension in Sanford, where his father’s girlfriend lives. A neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, called the police to say he saw someone in a hoodie who looked high on drugs, and was suspicious because he walked too slowly in the rain. The unarmed teenager carried Skittles and iced tea, and was talking to his girlfriend on the phone, records show.

The 17-year-old's death has inspired rallies and marches from coast to coast, and sparked a national conversation about racial profiling and justice. Students, some dressed in all black, have walked out of classes throughout Miami-Dade County. Celebrities and NBA athletes have adopted the cause. In Sanford, as many as 30,000 people showed up at a rally last week and more than 2 million people have signed an online petition and more than 400 people have donated money to help the family pay expenses.

The forum is at 3 p.m. in room 2237 of the Rayburn House Office Building.


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of course it is the democrats....


Will they be discussing ...

Trayvon's suspension for drug use and graffiti?

Trayvon's penchant for being in "unauthorized locations" and possessing stolen goods and burglary tools?

Why Trayvon did not have a receipt for his ice tea and skittles?

Why the media continues to show old photos of Trayvon instead of current ones that show he was 6'3" and sported gold teeth and multiple tattoos?

I would like to know. Thanks!


None of the things mentioned to try and degrade who Trayvon was have any bearing on the fact that he was yards away from his home, facing the direction of his home, with his back turned Zimmerman and he is now DEAD!


Will they actually talk about the facts of the Zimmerman Martin confrontation? Or is it more melodrama and lies and false accusations?

Tolberg  Massy

One less thug. Zimmerman should get a medal. And these lawmakers wearing hoodies....idiots.


Why has this turned into a rcist issue? The issue is that..."Why did Mr. Zimmerman shot Trayvon? Where is the evidence? Mr. Zimmerman is not a "COP". Who gives a Neighborhood Watch Officer the right to shoot someone. Why doesn't everyone stick to the actual issue instead of making it a "Racist" thing. Sounds like instead of actual JUSTICE, they are looking for a quick buck with a kid who still remains to be eith innocent or guilty. This world is in BIG trouble!


Both of the previous comments have some major flaws don't they? Who gives a crap if the kid had a receipt for his snacks??? Most teens and many adults, I would assume, throw away their receipts from the quickie mart. Also, the comment that he was "yards away from his home, facing his home, with his back turned" is nonsense. How would you know? Facts would be nice to know, but most people don't give a damn about them. They just want to see their agenda moved forward...The previous two included.


Who cares about Trayvon's suspension or whatever he did that is not relevant to the incident leading to his death? What exactly did he do suspicious? Why didn't Zimmerman stop stalking him when the police told him that they didn't need him to pursue Trayvon.
A receipt? I sometimes leave my receipts at Walgreens and the cashier tosses it in the garbage. Really does that matter? Tattoos, lol I'm a 140lb woman working a corporate job with tattoos some of my white colleagues including EXECUTIVES have tattoos and ride a bike ooohhh! What did Zimmerman see Trayvon doing besides being black, walking in the rain through a gated community with a hoodie on?


I wonder how many white folks have been invited to Capitol Hill after a senseless killing at the hands a black folk? Instead of saying we have a crazy man with a gun, we turn it into a national racial issue.


Yeah, this seems to be trial by Sharpton, once again the man plays the race card because a black man was shot by a half hispanic half white man. It's interesting that they post a picture of this innocent looking victim who looks about 13 years old. How about a current picture?


The Democrats will have to take my gun from my "cold dead hand". HYPOCRITES.


Some of these comments are exactly why we need to discuss the issue of race. I ask the same question as another reader, why was Mr. Zimmerman continuing to follow Trayvon when he was asked not to? Why was he carrying a gun for a neighborhood watch program? all he had to do is lay back and let police know where the supposed "suspect" was. As for the comment about Trayvon and his suspension, it has no bearings on this case. Many kids get suspended for smoking or drinking. I'm a VP in corp America and I've been suspended once, and I've smoked "weed" a few times as a youth. Many of us did. That has been no different than at any other time in history. That does not mean that I'm a thug!So the person making the one less thug comment is really an idot!

Leia G

I wonder if the state and local officials are in denial about the ugly truth of this matter at hand. America, we now have,evidence on this case from the beginning until the very ending of this brutal murder. With a fair trial, there is no possible way out of Zimmerman being convicted. It is so obvious that the officials are desperate to turn Zimmerman's guilt into a sweet blanket of innocense. Upon conviction of this crime, Zimmerman should not only b labeled a racist but one of the world's dumbest criminals. Family of Trayvon, Justice will be served on earth as well as Judgement Day.


you know the truth is there is no jsutificatio for shooing children in the chest or xhaing folks that look suspicious ...is Zimmerman or anyone to Judge if it had been a white kid a suspended kid or a gay kid it would not matter, If Zimmerman had been a black man or a rascist it does not matter. he hadled that one really wrong and Law Enforcment back up wrongful shooting. So please dont judge the shooter or the victim take a look at the crime. and look at some ofyou all with the negative comment . no oe is squaky clean.Madame BigEmama Holmes. for you haters...kiss my big black bag of Judgement papers and send them in the mail...it won't be in Sanford. Ha!


Oh please. Stop feeding into this race stuff. These black activists, including the money seeking mother are too busy running their mouths as usual to see the truth because they don't want to see the truth. These blacks carry a complex that any time a normal law applied to others is applied to them, there is racial implications.
This is why such a minority is a majority in our prisons. These activists would say the reason for this is America's racist attitude towards blacks. The "you owe us" attitude activists have instilled in the youth over the years has allowed the blacks to feel they can say and do what they want and if touched, just default to my civil rights have been violated. America has bent over backwards for this one minority group and it seems to me if things are so bad here, wouldn't you move back to say Africa. This black card stuff has gone far enough and America is really getting tired of it. It's a disgrace to entertain the money seeking, loser parents of this troubled kid on Capital Hill today. The outcome of this is case should be if you mouth off, sucker punch someone in the face and smash their head into the sidewalk then the consequences should be your actions can get you killed and not made a hero with monetary gain. Enough of the black card traps in America.


Can we pass judgment on Zimmerman after all the FACTS are released instead of hanging this man out to dry without all the facts. Lets take a step back and let the investigators do their jobs then we can determine if Zimmerman was a racist prick or a man defending himself.


Unfortunately this has turned into such a hot topic it's become another forum for college kids and other people to waste their time marching, with hoodies on no less. I feel like this is an excuse for someone to grab the old hoodie from the back of the closet and stand outside with a sign. And what's with these lawyers, professional people in the Capitol, wearing hoodies themselves. Turned a tragedy into another fashion statement.

a matter of fairness

to NED @12:10pm:

you are a perfect example of unfairness in this country.
if your brother was killed this way and you saw your post on the internet just how would YOU feel?

by the way the ceo/owner of facebook wears hoodies all the time. should he be gunned down too?

a matter of fairness

unlawful shooter's story continues to grow.
now he's added that the victim reached for his gun.
WHY WHY WHY WHY did this shooter run BEHIND this victim?

these lies will not reconcile. lies never do.


"Can we pass judgment on Zimmerman after all the FACTS are released instead of hanging this man out to dry without all the facts"
facts as law officials know and what we know is enough to have facilitated an immediate arrest of zimmerman.
the facts are heard on the 911 tape and in zimmerman's initial statement.




Tube SAlvation

The Invasion of the Hood Hoodies Snatchers to Capitol Hill ;P


THE CARD - -obviously u say a lot but what has any of it to do with this case?
i refuse to go along with bashing this young man simply because he is a different color than me. it's just not the right thing to do.

who knows if zimmerman is racist. maybe he's not.
but certainly we can question if the police dept is racist for hearing that tape and not going out to make a swift arrest, unless they were all drunk or something. but u gotta admit, this is not normal police work to let someone who has just unlawfully used a gun to continue walking around with that gun especially since he disobeyed the 911 operator not to follow the kid.

let's begin by eliminating race out of the equation.
let's begin by simply doing the right thing.
we can figure out who was racist or not racist later.

right now this is simply about injustice.. PERIOD.


If u call him a thug because he had a twitter account name that was lame (all kids do) and he had pot residu or whatever little bs you choose to milk, your a moron. Zimmerman had the gun, trayvon was exiting the gated community. If he was taking a short cut or looking for a hubcap to steal, so what? Zimmerman had his cell he didnt need a gun, he should have kept his fat butt in his truck

Tired of this

Seriously, the portrayal of this sweet, innocent child is starting to unravel.



ever gave any thought to the fact that zimmerman could have seen this kid go to the store. THEN zimmerman went for his gun and waited for the kid to return down the same street? what was zimm doing with a gun?


Trayvon Martin's crappy parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, are expected to attend a forum today on Captial Hill on how to properly raise a child, where race baiting Democratic lawmakers will be looking at racial profiling and hate crimes even when there was none in an effort to gain more black votes and further divide the country on the basis of race.

The forum is sponsored by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee. It's billed as a briefing on racial profiling and hate crimes and how to profit from them, and is expected to capitalize and motivate the black voters ahead of Novembers elections. Discussed will be the role of the federal government in those issues, specifically in 17-year-old Trayvon's case and trying desperately to getting Barack Obama reelected.

Viviana Smith

Some of these comments are perfect examples of why race is still an issue in America. Referring to blacks as "these people" is degrading. I agree that this is not a "race" issue but a humanity issue. This young boy, regardless of his record, was shot and killed yards from his house and Zimmerman was not even questioned. He was also sent home with the murder weapon. That is a gross injustice in and of itself without it being about race. As a parent, I also would demand that the man that killed my son be arrested and that a jury hear the evidence presented and decide his fate. However, the police department in Sanford made so many blunders with the lack of a police investigation and questioning of the witnesses, that I'm not sure if guilt will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
In addition, this boy's history is not justification for killing him. At the time of the incident, Zimmerman did not have prior knowledge of Trayvon's juvenile delinquencies. Therefore, it is unfair to create a smear campaign to defile the memory of this young boy because it is irrelevant. Zimmerman's criminal record and penchants for calling the police any time he deemed someone suspicious is, however, relevant to the case. This man called the police over 40 times in a year and in addition he was not registered with the Neighborhood Crime Watch and broke the number one rule of this organization which is not to carry a weapon. The most damning evidence against him was the fact that the police dispatcher explicitly told him to stop following Martin, which he ignored thus getting into a physical confrontation with Martin that led to Martin's demise. The only people that really know what happened from beginning to end is Zimmerman, God and Martin and the latter is not here any longer to tell his story.

silence is consent

not on board with his lawyers trying to make bucks from his name, especially so soon after this tragedy.
not on board with overdoing the hoodie thing as in Church; the basketball team making a statement is okay but people showing up in Church or other places with a hoodie if the sun is shining is another thing. trayvon had on a hoodie on a cool night which was warranted.

I AM ON BOARD that this child was unlawfully killed.
I AM ON BOARD police fell down on the job for whatever reason and being slow to correct it.
I AM ON BOARD you do not disobey a 911 operator and run after someone for no reason.

how can you claim you feared for your life when you ran after what you claim you feared?
just won't wash.... sorry. but it is what it is.

I WILL NOT TAKE SIDES BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF MY SKIN.... this could have been anybody's child, relative, friend

....... and yes, i agree it is too early for his parents to be attending such things. let the lawmakers and others go through this process for now.


I'm pretty sure the EYEWITNESS who saw Trayvon beating the guys head into the sidewalk while he was on top of him has a pretty good idea of WHAT WAS GOING ON.

silence is consent

"Seriously, the portrayal of this sweet, innocent child is starting to unravel.""

trayvon could have been the devil's borther-in-law, the fact remains he was a child who was unlawfully gunned down and killed.

youngsters go through all kinds of maturing issues, even some in their twenties are still trying to find their way. and that is not to say trayvon was a bad kid. chances are he was like any normal male kid his age.

what we are dealing with here is an unlawful act and the subsequent disregard for remedy by police authority who may or may have been racially motivated to do absolutely nothing knowing a man who just shot someone was still walking around with a gun AFTER disobeying a 911 operator. THAT is the problem, NOT TRAY'S BEHAVIOR AS A GROWING MATURING YOUNG PERSON.


I'm pretty sure the EYEWITNESS who saw Trayvon beating the guys head into the sidewalk while he was on top of him has a pretty good idea of WHAT WAS GOING ON.
Posted by: KTC | March 27, 2012 at 01:34 PM

SO TRAY was defending himself from someone who ran behind him and attacked him... and it turns out tray was the better fighter.

or are you thinking trayvon should have stood there and be pummeled?


stick2relevence - you obviously are black and like the parents, jessie "I called Obama a Negro" Jackson on open mike, Al Sharpton, the new black panther military only see what you want to see.

Zimmerman was returning to his car, which means he was retreating. Your hero, drug user, thief, running off his mouth Trayvon approached Zimmerman, suckered punched him and started beating the crap out of Zimmerman, which must please you at this point. The part that makes you upset is Zimmerman, who was protecting the area, then pulled out a gun and shot the man who was beating him up. Zimmerman had a legal permit to carry a gun which means he could use it to defend himself. The police looked at the evidence consisting of Zimmerman with a broken nose and a cracked heat, (which also must please you) a wet back, which means he was on the bottom. The bottom line was the black kid didn't like Zimmerman doing his job and looking at him and he was going to make his point like a lot of black kids do. Yeah the kid is dead because he got an attitude and you know it so shut the F up.


The big lesson here is - Don't vote for the Democrats. They want to take away a victim's right to stand his or her ground and require a legal obligation to retreat from an attacker that may have to be proven in court. Stand Your Ground is in 27 states and is being proposed in more the State Courts have upheld these laws as CONSTITUTIONAL a word most Democrats don't understand. They are on the side of Rapist, Kidnappers, Burglars, Robbers, Carjackers, etc... The citizens of this country want the right to defend themselves and their families from criminals and not have to be dragged like an animal in front of a judge to justify their actions.


One last thing why can't we get coverage of the fires being set by Trayvon supporters near railroad tracks in Sanford? this is a sign of things to come. When Zimmerman is cleared of any wrongdoing there may be riots. The Police Chief of Sanford has already had to flee with his family, Zimmerman has a $10,000 bounty on his head, The original State Attorney Wolfinger had to step aside so the lesson is from Revs Sharpton and Jackson is - "give us what we want or else." This is truly disturbing.

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