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Trayvon Martin's name could come up at White House discussions

Trayvon Martin's name is likely to come up Friday at the White House, where Attorney General Eric Holder is scheduled to meet with African American clergy.

The meeting was planned well in advance, a White House official said, and designed so clergy could hear from senior administration officials on issues such as education, housing, justice and faith-based partnerships. It's the sort of meeting they hold routinely with "a range of stakeholders on a variety of issues," the White House said. 

Also in Washington: Protesters plan a demonstration on Saturday at Freedom Plaza near the White House. The event's organizers advise attendees to dress in "all black attire or wear a hoodie." Here's their Facebook page. The event is from 2 to 4 p.m.


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Arvin Williams

As regards the raw truth about power/ambition in Florida..I personally experienced this seedy side of political ambition first hand when i began effective debate against conservatives on am talk and the internet as "Captain America" i was asked to be aregular "liberal" caller to Lou Dobbs , Todd Schnitt, The American Advisor,i debated every conservative from Ward Connerly to Ann Colter (effectively) after being outed and my real name announced by the producer of the Steve Kane show , this is what began in ernest..THE POLICE IN FT LAUDERDALE WOULD STOP ME ONTHE STREET IN THE CORAL RIDGE AREA (where i worked detailing yachts and cars )DAILY(i would be fingerprinted on the street 6times ! )I would be harassed through their operatives whereever i lived (was illegally evicted several times SUED FOR THE OFFENSE ONCE AND PREVAILED ) Followed around POMPANO AND LAUDERDALE by activist a couple who supported Allen West (his campaign signs would appear at a job site and suddenly the job would end or there would be no more work ! Finally an arrest in Ft LAUDERDALE claiming i had a charge in N.C (for checks ) DATING BACK 18 YEARS ...AT ARREST THE OFFICER REFUSED TO ALLOW ME TO BRING MY LAPTOP THAT I CARRIED DAILY IN A BACKPACK (this as we all know is unusual because whatever posessions anyone arrested has with them is always brought to the jail at detainment !I was transported by a van to N.C handcuffed and shackled the entire trip.upon arrival here the DETENTION CTR (gREENVILLE N.C. ) refused to accept custody saying "they had no warrants on file fopr me , (was this kidnapping under color of law for political retaliation ? ) at some point in that nightmare of a night a police officer from the city of Greenville arrived and along with a night magistrate WROTE UP NEW WARRANTS ON THIS 18 YEAR OLD CHARGE ! i sat in the jail for 1.5 months and when i went to court for a PROBABLE CAUSE HEARING..GUESS WHAT .THE CHARGES WERE DISMISSED (the judge found no probable cause , thank God a civil servant who carried out his duties without bias )..ALL THIS WAS PRECIPITATED BY THE EXTREMIST REPUBLICANS I HAD ANGERED ON AM TALK AND THE INTERNET ,, IN FLORIDA AND NOW OF COURSE HERE (this has only galvanized my desire to alert my fellow Americans of the destructive intent of the anti-Obama /anti-Federal Government ideology that controls the Republican party now ..how's that for ABUSE AND POWER MADNESS !

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