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American Conservative Union to the rescue, backs Connie Mack in Senate race

Congressman Connie Mack, whose Senate campaign has lost luster in the eyes of some Republicans, is scheduled to get a big endorsement Tuesday from the American Conservative Union, the nation's largest grassroots group, the Associated Press Reports.

The endorsement comes none too soon for Mack, who is favored by FreedomWorks but has failed to inspire a show of support from the Club for Growth. State CFO Jeff Atwater is mulling whether to enter the race, but an ACU endorsement will probably give him pause.


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Robert Jenkins

In Collier County; he is referred to as Carpet bagger Connie. Or Mr Sonny Bono's widow's new husband. How he was elected here I'll never know. He knew "this" time he was toast, so "he" decided to run for Senator. Now Mr. Sonny Bono's widow's new husband is getting kicked around like never before. "If" Atwater enters the race Nelson, better pick up the pace. As at least it would be a closer race. What Mr. Sonny Bono's widow's new husband should do; is to wait for Rubio to be indicted and petition Scoot for the job. That is unless Scott appoints himself to the vacated position. Now that would be an even money bet, if ever I heard one.

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