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Coked-up monkeys? Nah. Connie Mack's first radio spot is all pipeline politics

Senate candidate Connie Mack's campaign announced a new radio spot today attacking Sen. Bill Nelson over the stalled Keystone Pipeline project. Mack, a Fort Myers Republican, made it a campaign issue earlier this month when he launched a petition drive at a Miami gas station, where the station owner was the only guy who signed the document and didn't think it would do too much. But something's better than nothing, he said.

With gas prices high and rising, the pain at the pump could be a winner for Republican candidates. Democrats say fuel prices are the result of speculation and global supply-and-demand forces.

The new radio spot differs markedly in style and substance from Mack's first TV ad, which bashed Nelson for his stimulus vote -- in large part because it funded cocaine research that used monkeys.

The press release:

MIAMI – Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Congressman Connie Mack, released his first statewide radio ad this morning, blasting Lockstep Liberals Barack Obama and Bill Nelson for blocking the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would create thousands of jobs and make America less dependent on foreign oil.
The ad is running statewide in Florida. Click here to listen to the ad and see below for a transcript:
Announcer: Rising gas prices hurt families and kill jobs. That’s a fact.
Still, the Lockstep Liberals, Barack Obama and Bill Nelson, refuse to build the Keystone pipeline. That pipeline would bring Canadian oil to America. It’s energy we desperately need. The pipeline would create thousands of jobs and make America less dependent on Middle Eastern oil.
But President Obama and Senator Nelson are afraid of the political clout of a few leftwing environmental extremists.
Let’s stop the extremists by signing Connie Mack’s petition to force Washington to build the Keystone pipeline. Go to www.ConnieMack.com.
Bring down gas prices, create jobs, make America less dependent on Middle Eastern politics. Sign the Connie Mack Keystone pipeline petition today. Go to ConnieMack.com


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Saving FL Future

It may seem admirable that Mack endorses projects that may bring work to states other than Florida, however this is at Florida's expense. The oil sands of Canada are one of the most destructive forms of extraction of natural resources and carbon generation which advances global warming. Florida coastlines which to be impacted in the billions of dollars from destruction due to sea level rise and climate change.
Does Mack deny climate change or does he just not care about the potential impacts of the state he seeks to represent?

Gilbert EngageAmerica

Regardless of who is making the ad, we cannot continue to flip flop on this Keystone issue the way that we have been for the last 3 some odd years.

This continuing volley is an extreme nuisance not just for not just our energy security but for people who need jobs too! What we need to realize is that Keystone solves the problems of jobs and labor that we have been facing for a while(http://eng.am/xmoh86). We need this project so we can start making a recovery.Why is this still an issue?

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