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Connie Mack camp: George LeMieux's 'lackluster' campaign=paltry cash haul

From the Connie Mack campign on George LeMieux's fundraising:

"George LeMieux continues to raise less and less with each passing quarter, while Connie Mack raises more and more.  George LeMieux's weak fundraising performance is because his lackluster campaign of desperation has turned off supporters and, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, his negatives are three times higher than his positives.
"George LeMieux is proving there are fewer and fewer Charlie Crist supporters, and his own figures show he is spending almost everything he is raising in real time.
"Having raised barely over $300,000, one has to wonder how he managed that feat and how many cousins or law partners he has left to ask for a contribution."


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