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Connie Mack's first TV ad: the Bill Nelson-monkey-cocaine connection

Republican Rep. Connie Mack's campaign is showcasing its first TV ad, which bashes Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson for voting for the $787 billion stimulus.

"He voted for millions in wasteful spending. Including...." a woman intones as $144,541 starts flashing on  screen, "spending our tax dollars to see how monkeys react under the influence of cocaine."

Monkeys hoot as the camera shows pictures of various primates.

"Hey Bill Nelson," she says, "stop monkeying around with our tax dollars."

No word on the size of the buy or the location. Mack's campaign says it's being announced in time for tax-filing day and it will air on cable and broadcast.

The ad doesn't note that the research is being conducted to understand and treat drug abuse. Still, at the least, the animal-rights crowd will oppose this money being spent. And the ad is fun-kitchy-bad, which means people will watch it if it airs. Whether it will move votes is another matter. Failed NV Senate candidate Sharon Angle bashed the "coked up stimulus monkeys" -- but she never actually cut an ad.

From the Florida Democratic Party: “This ad is as childish as Congressman Connie Mack’s campaign. The people of Florida don’t care about this monkey business. Florida voters want to talk about real issues like growing jobs and strengthening the economy. If this is the best they’ve got, they are in real trouble.”



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Saving Florida's Future

Most of those are chimpanzees (apes in the commercial not monkeys.
Sharon Angle is a great mentor for ya Connie.
Another swing and miss. Look I can use baseball references too without ever having played a game!


Typical Mack, distorted facts, only part of the information and certainly lacking in any intelligent content. Mack is a spoiled rich boy who's simply clinging to the family political aristocracy through the Florida good ole' boy network. He has no depth of character, has been an ineffective congressman and lives so high on the hog he can't even keep up his alimony, although jets back and forth to California to be with his new wife Mary Bono-Mack. He really doesn't care about Florida, he's rarely here. All you have to do is look at his track record as a Congressman and you'll quickly see that his body of work is nothing more than payoff's to his big business cronies. He's nothing but a career politician with little to no experience in the real world and a silver spoon in his mouth. Oh, and I wouldn't make him your drinking buddy because you'll likely end up in a brawl. He's know for that too...

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