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"Dear George," drop out of the Senate race, campaign letter says. (PS. thanks for running)

Six years ago, George LeMieux was the "Ask George" maestro of Attorney General Charlie Crist's powerful gubernatorial campaign and helped mastermind a high-profile "just drop out" letter to then-opponent and state CFO Tom Gallagher.

Today, the tables were turned on LeMieux.

A delegation of high-profile Connie Mack supporters and Republican money men asked LeMieux to quit. Cmpaign stunt? Sure. Somethings never go out of style. When we asked LeMieux about his campaign this week, he said he was staying in for the long haul.

The letter:

Dear George:

So much is at stake in this year’s elections. For Florida. For our country. For our way of life.

As Republicans we all agree that Barack Obama must be defeated. So too must we defeat his closest ally in the U.S. Senate, Bill Nelson.

Mitt Romney is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, giving him the time he needs to raise the necessary money to run and win, and to take his message and campaign to the American people.

Here in Florida we will also be far better off if we can unite now behind the candidate who is best able to beat Bill Nelson.

Since getting into the race for the U.S. Senate last fall, Congressman Connie Mack has been consistently outperforming the field in fundraising, public polling, and in serious conservative grassroots and organizational support.

With such a wide lead and his deep strength in the Republican primary, we believe it is imperative to ensure Congressman Mack has ample time and support to mount the campaign necessary to defeat Bill Nelson in November.

Your withdrawal from the election and endorsement of Connie would be of great benefit to the entire Party as we turn now to the fall elections and unify behind our shared goal of stopping President Obama and Senator Nelson from doing any more damage to our state and country.

We thank you for your dedicated service to our Party, and hope that you will not only recognize how important it is for conservatives to win in November, but that you will take the difficult and selfless step toward unifying our Party now.


Jorge L. Arrizurieta
Brian Ballard
Carlos Beruff
William "Hoe" Brown
John Browning
Jeb Bush, Jr.
David Cardenas
Henry Dean
Stephen Diaco
Dr. Dan Diaco
Charlie Dudley
Pepe Fanjul, Jr.
J. Pepe Fanjul
Marty Fiorentino
Joe Fogg
Charles Githler
Senator Mike Haridopolos
Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos
Ambassador Al Hoffman
Bill Isaac
Jerry Jordan
Darlene Jordan
Steven Kirchof
Thomas Koski
Dr. Rick Lentz
Bob Long
Syl Lukis
Sheila McDevitt
Dennis McGillicuddy
Gracie McGillicuddy

John Meshad
Senator Pat Neal
Jim Rathbun
Ambassador Francis Rooney
Tom Schultz
Ambassador Ned Siegel
Toney Sleiman
Bill Smith
Mac Stipanovich
Stanley Tate
Senator John Thrasher
Emory Waldrip
Janet Westling
Dr. Peter Wish


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Can't take anymore

Looks like this letter was signed by the elite of the smug, self-entitled, 1%'er poobahs of the RPOF. Why have a primary election (or even a general election) if this august group has selected their favorite?

Windi DS

This is most of the same bunch that called on Chairman Greer to resign, funny what goes around comes around!


These muckity-mucks of the Republican establishment are right to ask LeMieux to quit the race for the greater good of putting the best candidate up who can take that limp fish Democrat Nelson out.

L'Meow is the worst kind of political crony, a turncoat lawyer, with a height of narcissistic ambition that is only exceeded by the depth of his craven corruption.

But they're wrong about the little, privileged, bar brawling, legacy-loafer Con-man (er, Connie) being that best candidate.

They should both quit and let a strong candidate like Jeff Atwater take up the conservative banner against Nelson.

Scott Rothstein

Hooray! Someone finally told the "Charlie Crist Republican" the truth. Step aside George. Your political career is pretty much over. Don't go down like Charlie. Have some self respect. PS - don't do any of those Morgan & Morgan commercials.

What's Up

It's so funny that George put a knife in charlie and Jim Greer's back and is now at the end of his political road because many of his friends are now disloyal to him, really funny.


George LeMieux should not step aside. Rather Connie Mack should have never entered this race. As for a possible new candidate, how many does it take for those who signed this letter until they settle on someone? Oh, and stop telling us who we should support. I believe I still have the right to vote - that includes the for whom part of the process.

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