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Democrats pick candidate to challenge David Rivera

Roses photo

After weeks of intra-party turmoil, Democrats appear to have settled on a candidate to run against Republican Congressman David Rivera: Colombian-born businesswoman Gloria Romero Roses. 

Roses announced her intention to run in a statement released Monday by the Florida Democratic Party -- a sign that she has the backing of the Democratic establishment, which has been in disarray over how to challenge Rivera. State Rep. Luis Garcia of Miami dropped out of the race last week after accusing national Democrats of double-crossing him and recruiting other candidates. (Garcia is now running for Miami-Dade County Commission.)

Democrats initially tried to recruit former Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas to run instead of Garcia. Once it became clear that he was leaning against a campaign, they looked elsewhere -- including to Roses, as we reported last week.

A political newcomer, Roses has never before run for office. She manages Nexus Homes, a business that partners investors with assisted-living operators in Florida. She has also worked in real estate.

It is clear from the statement launching her campaign that Roses plans to play up her business experience and, not surprisingly, attack Rivera for the cloud of investigations into his personal and campaign finances that has followed him since before he was first elected in 2010, though a state probe has since stalled.

"As a real estate professional, I have seen the boom-bust cycle of our local economy that comes from our reliance on construction and housing to be the economic engine," she said in the statement. "Florida's growth has been stagnant coming out of this downturn in part because Congressman David Rivera has been too focused on defending himself in his ongoing scandals rather than fighting for jobs and strengthening our small businesses."

National Democrats view Rivera, who is Cuban-American, as vulnerable, his campaign fundraising hobbled by the investigations against him. Roses' statement included a quote from Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux calling Rivera "corrupt."

But the rookie Roses will likely face a tough race against the incumbent Rivera, a once-formidable fundraiser who has been quietly campaigning in the new Congressional District 26. Following once-a-decade redistricting, the district now stretches from Southwest Miami-Dade to Key West. 

Unless they move, neither Rivera nor Roses would live within the district's boundaries (nor would they be required to; members of Congress do not have to live in the districts they represent). But while Roses lives in Southwest Ranches, Rivera lives in the existing district and has represented portions of Miami-Dade for a decade since he was first elected to the Florida House.

Rivera's campaign responded to a request for comment regarding the announcement with a statement of its own:

"Congressman Rivera is completely focused on doing the job the voters elected him to do. Throughout his first term in Congress, he has worked on measures to improve the economy, create jobs and bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington. Once the redistricting process is over, and Democrats have finally settled on choosing a candidate, there will be more than enough time this Fall to deal with their false and negative campaign tactics. Until then, Congressman Rivera will remain focused on the issues that matter to his constituents, particularly jobs and the economy."

"For example, Congressman Rivera is pleased he was able to play a leading role in advocating for passage of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement. Passage of this trade agreement was one of the most important commitments Congressman Rivera made during his 2010 campaign. This agreement, which was blocked by House Democrats for years, represents thousands of jobs for his community and for America, as well as a tangible means to improve our economy. Congressman Rivera will continue to focus on similar legislative efforts to improve the economy, create jobs and balance the federal budget."

The full press release announcing Roses' campaign is below: 

Miami, FL – Gloria Romero Roses, a Miami small businesswoman, today announced her intention to run for Congress in Florida’s new 26th Congressional District. Roses will take her experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and mother to bring a pragmatic approach to solving the tough challenges facing our country.  

“Congress needs more leaders with business-sense who are focused on creating jobs by setting priorities for investments in our community,” said Roses. “As a real estate professional, I have seen the boom-bust cycle of our local economy that comes from our reliance on construction and housing to be the economic engine. Florida’s growth has been stagnant coming out of this downturn in part because Congressman David Rivera has been too focused on defending himself in his ongoing scandals rather than fighting for jobs and strengthening our small businesses.”

"Congressman David Rivera is corrupt, and he hasn't been focused on the people of south Florida: when's he's not busy defending himself from the FBI and IRS, he's pushing an extreme agenda that is out out touch with Florida's middle class families,"  said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. "Gloria is a proven leader with real world experience who can bring her full attention to getting results for the people of south Florida — she's a strong candidate and we're confident that she'll have the resources she needs to win. Her announcement puts the 26th district squarely in play for Democrats." 

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Roses has built a reputation for sound business sense and getting results. Currently, Roses is managing partner of Nexus Homes, LLC which partners investors with high-potential, high-quality assisted living operators throughout Florida to provide more choices for middle class families seeking to assist elderly family members. She has worked extensively in real estate in South Florida including Condominium and Homeowner Association management and development. Having served on the Workforce Housing Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, she knows first-hand how to bring people from different backgrounds together to solve problems. 

“Our country is at a crossroads, and I want to be a leader that middle class families can trust to kick start our community’s effort to diversify the economy and put South Florida back to work. I want to go to Congress not for personal gain, but to strengthen the middle class, protect Social Security and Medicare, and improve educational opportunities for our young people. I am committed to solving problems and moving South Florida and this country forward.”

Roses has been a leader in the effort to improve educational opportunities in the Miami community because she believes that she is living the “American Dream” as a result of having the opportunity to a great education. 

“Whether it was dealing with overcrowding in public schools or empowering parents and business leaders to lead through change with their advocacy, I have solved tough challenges and brought people together to remove barriers and focus on building the greatest talent pipeline in the country as a basis for growing our economy,” said Roses. “I look forward to meeting people across the district, listening to their concerns and sharing my vision for growing the economy, ensuring our children are given educational opportunities and protecting the commitment made to our greatest generation.”

Gloria currently lives in SW Ranches with her husband, Tom Roses, and her daughter, Alexandra. 



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Last American Democrat in South Dade

Who? The Democrats couldn't even dredge up a real American? I'm done with them. I'm writing in Dante Fascell.


Seriously? Who would you rather have representing you in Congress? An international relations professor with extensive experience in crafting and negotiating policy and a former chairman of the state appropriations budget with thorough knowledge of fiscal issues and one of the most focused and strategic minds in politics who is bound to be accused of something because he isn't afraid to ruffle feathers or a real estate lady?

Shame on you, Democrats!

How very sad that the Democrats chose this naive woman who has NEVER run for anything and will expect her to ask her friends and relatives for money and work her butt off only to be beaten up in the media and tripped up in debates by one of the smartest minds in politics. Seems they are throwing her under the bus because Garcia saw through their ruthless tactics, and they can't figure out why they could never convince the people not to vote for Congressman Rivera. So they get this clueless woman just to put someone up against him and he doesn't walk into the seat. How very heartless of these democrat decision makers. You will have your ars handed to you.


How does someone from Broward expect to be elected in Miami when nobody here ever heard of her? Is she loco? The democrats better plan on spending mucho dinero on her. But it certainly doesn't seem likely since they didn't help the last candidate, an elected state official Representative Garcia, who at least had some name recognition, a few past votes, and the same name as Rivera's former opponent. He would have been a much better candidate.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, very dumb move.

Clueless in Miami

Who is this person?
What does she know about miami South Florida / Miami politics? Rivera will chew her up and spit her out. Nice Move, Debbie! Oh what fools that Democratic Party be!


The fox is inside the chicken house. Just like in 2008 when she wouldn't support the three Democrats running for Congress against the three Republican incumbents, she wants to make sure that her "House buddy" stays in his post.

Debbie Knows Politics

The problem is that Joe Garcia's negatives will drive out more Republicans to vote and thus hurt Obama's and Bill Nelson's re-election efforts. The Dems would rather have a candidate that at least won't hurt their real priorities, than someone like Joe who is so despised and would hurt the rest of the ticket. This is actually the right move for the Ds.

The Dog

The Democratic Party is nuts. They are going to run an unknown pretty face with no political experience except anti-union stuff against an unscrupulous crook, thief and psycho in the good Republican, David Rivera. Gloria Roses might be fantastic, but a real candidate will likely emerge really soon, depending on how the district is finalized.

Dog of war

This is the best they can do? They have a guy tailor made for defeat and can't get a real candidate to run? Wasserman Shultz should be fired. Rivera will win.

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