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DREAM Act-er lauds Rubio's DREAM Act, raps Democrats for playing politics

Ruben Navarette Jr., an often-critical analyst of Sen. Marco Rubio's policies and stances (or lack thereof) on immigration, says the Florida vice-presidential shortlister might be on to something by proposing a small step in helping some (but not many) illegal immigrants attain legal residency (though not guaranteed) citizenship.

In short: Bad news for Democrats, who have made the more-expansive DREAM Act, which Rubio has bashed for allowing too much "amnesty," into a cudgel to batter Republicans when it comes to the Hispanic vote.

From Navarette's CNN column:

You may have heard that a group of Republicans in Congress -- including GOP rock star and possible vice presidential pick Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida -- are getting ready to introduce their version of the DREAM Act.You also may have heard that Democratic lawmakers and liberal advocacy groups despise the Republican alternative and derisively label it "DREAM Act Lite."

As someone who has written about immigration for more than 20 years and hammered Democrats and Republicans (including Rubio) when appropriate, I call the GOP approach to the DREAM Act something else: A common sense solution. It could break a stalemate and improve millions of lives. And it could only be opposed for ugly partisan reasons.

While it's not perfect -- and no piece of legislation is -- it is better than nothing, which is all the critics have been able to offer, even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.

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Juan Escalante

Navarrette finally hits the nail on the head with this opinion. As a Dream Act beneficiary myself, I find it ridiculous that our so called "allies" would oppose a measure that could benefit the immigrant community just simply because it comes from the GOP.

Similarly, immigrant advocate, undocumented or not, need to start realizing that it has been 10 years since the original Dream Act was introduced and that times are changing.

What happens if President Obama gets re-elected but the Congress falls to the Republicans? See what kind of Dream Act will get passed then.

Better yet, I am fearful that that is what needs to happen for some people to wake up and realize what is really at play here.

Tally Folly

How generous of the GOP and Rubio to insincerely offer not to kick these kids out of the Country but not provide them with citizenship all in a political calculation to ensure they can't vote against them.
GOP are repugnant. They will send illegal immigrants to fight wars in their name yet will not offer them the right to vote or citizenship for fear it will be strategically be to their detriment. Real patriotic...

Robert Jenkins

Rubio won't become the Vice President candidate; unless the investigations against him are cleared up. The G.O.P., is in enough trouble already; they don't need another Spiro Agnew moment. While some in Miami can and do forgive his Valor Robado/Stolen Valor thing. I doubt many Independents will. Lying about "your" exile experience, is akin to lying about your Military service. When the fact that Rubio, knowingly falsefied his official U.S. Senate web page, and was "forced" to change it; will bring really bad vibes from many Americans. As they will think; If he lied about something so basic, he has no honor or is even trustworthy of my vote. That of course is just the tip of the iceberg; foreclosure, Double billing the State and the G.O.P. of Florida for comped flights, his misuse of the credit card, his innovative special fund projects that paid himself and his family, to do things they really didn't do, instead of using them for thier stated purpose. No Rubio may not finish out his term as senator; but it won't be because he becomes V.P.!!!

Hacim Obmed

Latino's need to learn that they are in America and not some corrupt banana republic. Anyone that broke the law will pay the price and that means deportation and they will never get citizenship and it doesn't matter how long they cry and beg about it. In the case of innocent young kids who are the victims of criminal acts by there parents, we are willing to offer some chance to stay if deportation would cause them unusual harm and suffering. This is simply an act of humanitarian kindness and not because deporting an illegal alien is somehow less appropriate if they are young. Unfortunately, because they came illegally it is impossible to ever allow the young illegals to become full american citizens like normal immigrants. They will have to remain permanent residents forever. This is to insure that the kids will never become citizens and will never be able to sponsor immigration for their criminal relatives. If the Latino's don't like this deal then they will get nothing. I can grantee you that Obama will never get the democrat version of the Dream act passed. If you don't beleive this then why don't you demand they make the dream act or some kind of Amnesty legislation into a plank in the platform of the democratic party when the convention comes up in August. They will never do it. If they will put "Gay Marriage" into a plank then why not your precious Dream act? The answer is simple, they are lying and playing games to get your votes and they have no intention of really helping the Illegals.


I personally think that DOMA and Marriage Equality will happen before the Dream Act ever passes. The politicians know that the LGBT community will go out and vote and they cast ballots favoring both parties, not just Democrats like other minorities do.

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