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FDLE records show how investigators probed maze of David Rivera's campaign, personal finances

On Jan. 3, 2011, days before taking his seat in Congress, Miami Republican David Rivera filed financial documents in Washington he said would “dispel any speculation” about his personal finances.

But the documents didn’t mention the $18,000 Rivera owed at the time to his mother’s business partner, records show. One day after filing the forms, according to the records, Rivera received $20,000 from his mother, put it in a campaign account, and later used the money to pay off the business partner’s loan.

This was one example of the financial maze the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office encountered in their 18-month investigation of the congressman’s finances. The agencies closed their investigation of Rivera last week without filing criminal charges against him.

Rivera, who has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, remains under investigation by the FBI and IRS.

In a memo wrapping up their case, Miami-Dade prosecutors said Rivera “essentially live[d] off” campaign contributions for almost a decade while serving as a part-time state lawmaker, paying mortgages on four different properties and jetting around the globe though he never held a full-time job or earned more than $28,000 a year.

So how did he do it?

Newly released FDLE investigative reports show that Rivera used back-dated campaign records, a web of bank accounts and undisclosed loans, a batch of credit cards and misleading disclosure forms to disguise his finances from the public eye during much of his eight-year tenure in the Florida Legislature.

Rivera, once the powerful budget chief in the state House of Representatives, also collected at least $175,000 in undisclosed donations for a perpetual campaign as a Miami-Dade committeeman with the state Republican Party — money Rivera frequently used to pay for meals and travel, including plane tickets for his then-girlfriend, the records show.

Other expenses Rivera called “campaign related,” the records show, included $105 for show tickets at a medieval-themed casino in Las Vegas, and $360 for tickets to an off-Broadway show in New York. The title: Perfect Crime.

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joe blow

FloriDUH's Repiggie run law enforcement agencies are a total joke!
David Rivera is still under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION by the FBI and IRS for using his girlfriend Esther Neufer, his mom and godmother to launder illicit gambling money from Flagler Dog Track.
Anyone can beat the charges in FloriDUH with our corrupt and incompetent Repiggie government but David WON'T beat the charges by the feds.
He is toast.

joe blow

don't forget David's roommate, pal and political benefactor is none other than......drumroll please.....Little Marco Rubio that other Corrupt Republican shill currently pandering to get VP on Romney's ticket.
Just wait till the national media tears little Marco to shred over all his corruption scandals while House Speaker in Tallahassee.
Calling Jim Greer, calling Jim Greer! Jim has ALL the goods on little Marco! LOL!


They seem to make a habit of this behavior in Florida.

joe blow

they don't call it FloriDUH for nothing!
welcome from the Banana Republic of Myami controlled by the crazy Cubans! Corruption is the way they did things back on the island. What's the big deal?


All those facts and our incompetent State Attorney, is unable to press charges. She has to go!!!

buckeye one

the crazy Cubans will re-elect her. They don't like prosecutors who go after their brethren.

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