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FDP to RPOF: Apologize for Allen West's Dems-are-commies remark


Lenny Curry, Chairman

Republican Party of Florida

420 E Jefferson Street

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Dear Chairman Curry,

On behalf of the Florida Democratic Party I request that the RPOF immediately condemn Congressman Allen West’s egregious allegations that “78-81” Democratic Representatives in Congress are “communists” and demand an apology from Congressman West.  Each of us understands the hyperbole that surfaces during every political season. It is a long-standing practice in American politics. But there are and must be lines.  To suggest that elected Democrats share political views with Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong or other communist dictators who murdered their people and suppressed the freedom of hundreds of millions for generations recalls the shameful practice of Joseph McCarthy. I am sure you proudly recall that it was a Republican Senator, Margaret Chase Smith, whose statement of conscience publically admonished McCarthy’s tactics of accusing unnamed persons of being “card carrying communists.”         

While our parties have marked political differences and separate visions for this State and Nation each of us must remember that both Democrats and Republicans shed their blood fighting for freedom. Both parties have a proud tradition of opposing fascism and communism no matter the cost. While Congressman West has clearly forgotten that lesson, I trust your party has not. Your silence will be read as acquiescence.

I look forward to your reply, and request that Congressman West apologize to our nation for his dangerous, inflammatory remarks.



Rod Smith

Chairman, Florida Democratic Party

Palm Beach Post has background, video links


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Inflammatory? Sure. But this is just a peek at the inner thoughts of many on the "right". THe worst things about it is that it is irresponsible. It can't make things better. It can only make extremists more comfortable with their extremism instead of seeking therapy, like they should.


Actually, they are not "Communists"...they are Socialists. In October 2009, the Democratic Socialists of America released in its newsletter a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization. THEY released that information. I think a multitude of people confuse the two so I can see where West made the mistake. And he does not need to apologize for anything. Given the vitriol Michelle Williams and Sharpton and the others associated with the Democratic party spew, this tiny mistake is nothing.

Allen West is on a SECRET LIST

OMG!!! I just found a SECRET LIST of Republican FASCISTS!!!

And look who's on it!



They have been infiltrating the American government by way of the Republican Party! Gakk gakkk gakkkkkk!


Join us in defeating this piece of garbage in November:


Allen West is on a SECRET LIST

Btw, Galtgirl

That list is a fake.

Here is the list you're talking about:


The website that "published" that list NO LONGER EXISTS. Go ahead and check out the "source" of your little DSA list and tell me what you see:


It is a fraud perpetrated by the right wing. And YOU are its victim, dummy! LOLOLOLOL!!!

You are so gullible and filled with hatred that it's not even funny. Oh wait. YEAH IT IS! LOLOLOL!

Rider I

Not really my friend in California Alone the majority of Democrats voted to allow Communist into government work. Which is like allowing Nazi's into work. So why would a Republican denounce the issue. California is one of the only states that has voted for Communist Party members to be allowed into government work. Even though, they moto is to destroy Democracy and implement a German Socialist Hitler, Maoist, Stalinist, mono party type rule. California Democratic legislatures have been linked to the worlds biggest devastating legislation that has destroyed the West. From the savings and loans, to the .com to the mortgage legislation that all forced directed a whole nation into the service industry. So our production and export industries where destroyed. While the service union leader who no longer believes in a bipartisan Union, is funded by the Communist Chinese to keep placing service legislation as our main legislative economic direction. So not that hard to see that there are at least 80 Democratic Congressional folks who are Communist, as alone in California they voted to allow economic terrorist that admit to wishing to economically terrorize the US into government positions. Being part of Al Queada who wishes to economically destroy the USA, Part of the Nazi Party or the Communist Party is no longer a fire-able offense. Being part of a political party that wishes to destroy the US and preaches destruction of Democracy is not a fireable offense. http://www.cpusa.org/communist-party-membership-no-longer-a-fireable-offence-in-california/ In US history there has been more Communist terrorism and more US wars against Communist wish to create Hitler, Stalinist, Maoist regimes in the world than any other organization.


Allen West; Speaking The Truth On Communist Influences In Congress?
Florida Political Press


Gee why are all you commies flipping out because you have been outed? If Communism is such a wonderful thing why can't you just admit you are commies instead of trying to hide behind the Dem label? Why are you hiding?


Galtgirl, the only difference between socialism and communism is time

Dave Posh

Allen West is right. They are socialists.

The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.

And socialists are communists, according to Communist Survivors in this 1-hour special broadcast at http://rightsidetv.com/2012/04/glenn-beck-tv-communist-survivors-april-13th-2012/


Apology, not needed for Truth.....

tony N

Cornel West Live Part 1

EXPOSED: Disgraced Rep Diane Watson Plays Race Card Against Obama's Critics,Praises Communist

PowerShift 09 - Keynote Address - Van Jones (Part 1 of 3)

Obama Cabinet Member Anita Dunn: Mao Tse Tung "Favorite Philosopher"; Truth is subjective


tony N

We Control the News Media - Anita Dunn Barack Obama's Communications Whitehouse Director



Lets cut to the truth here! Is it acceptable to be a Communist in America today? "Yes" or "No"?
We need a Joe McCarthy today! "They" built FEMA Camps for US. Let US put "them" in their own Camps. Start at our White House and quickly move to the House and Senate! Fill up the buses! Every man or woman in our House or Senate that has not stood up and denounced this impostor is guilty of treason! Arrest them one and all!


Fascist, communists are all a form of socialist. Allen West is a war hero who fought against the tyranny of these groups. Allen West is a true american who is standing up against these radicals. The communists have infiltrated the Democratic party. Hell no don't apologize. Out these commie pinko bastards for who they are. To all you progressives out there. There is no utopia. There is no equality in your world other than everyone will be equally poor. Can't stand you ignorant free loading bastards. Grow the F up and stop expecting everyone else to care for you. There is not one man who calls himself a progressive. A true man takes care of himself and his family, never looking for a handout or anything free. Grow up and man up you whimps. And that goes for you so called progressive women. Not a responsible one in the bunch. I guess since there are no progressive men(just immature boys), they expect the government to fill that role. But you reap what you so immasculating men all these years. Oi vey. Don't show up at my doorstep when the system collapses. Then you will finally learn the difference between men and women.

Obama = Hitler = Stalin = Mao = Chavez = Castro, all birds of the same feather.

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