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Game changer alert: Connie Mack's gotta Super Pac.

Freedom PAC, a new shadow political committee has announced it will be the second of its to play in Florida's nationally watched U.S. Senate race by supporting Congressman Connie Mack.

Mack, a target of the Super Pac called Saving Florida's Future in February, could use the help. He's losing straw polls these days and his performance has underwhelmed enough fellow Republicans that Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is considering hoping in the race to unseat Democrat Bill Nelson.

While a recent endorsement by the American Conservative Union is some help to Mack, the Super Pac is worth so much more. If anything will keep Atwater from entering the race, it's the prospect of facing a political committee that can raise and spend unlimited sums from corporations to help an opponent.

The SuperPac is also a perfect antidote to the cash-gap between Nelson and Mack, who has $1.3 million in the bank. Nelson's campaign has $9.5 million. Nelson will also be a likely recipient of Saving Florida's Future help.

Heading the pro-Mack Super Pac, Matt Williams, an experienced Florida hand and former campaign manager for Attorney General Bill McCollum, who lost a squeaker of a 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary to the self-financed Rick Scott.

Rounding out Freedom PAC's consultant ranks: Rob Cole, adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mittt Romney and former New York Gov. George Pataki; and Jake Menges, adviser to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The three all have ties to Arthur Finkelstein, adviser for McCollum, Mack and former Sen. Connie Mack III.

The press release:

The Freedom PAC Florida’s immediate objective is to elect Connie Mack to the United States Senate. 

Congressman Connie Mack has been fighting for Florida throughout his distinguished career in public service.  His goal is to promote the ideals of Freedom, Security and Prosperity and we believe he is the only person who can defeat Senator Bill Nelson this fall. 

Congressman Mack understands that the high cost of fuel in Florida is the fault of President Obama and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson for refusing to put forth a workable energy policy and opposing the Keystone Pipeline, which would create thousands of new jobs and bring America one step closer to energy independence.

Freedom PAC supports candidates who support Freedom and liberty. 




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Saving Florida's Future

Wow I am quaking in my boots. Don't worry I have inserted my cup in case Connie's team goes for another of his patented groin shots.
So Mack's lineup reads like the Bad News Bears. I know you'll appreciate the baseball references, but so far those consultant's RBI's are pretty lame.
Just be aware boys that Connie has a wandering eye and is prone to seek out tastier treats elsewhere if you grow stale. Hopefully you can come up with something better than that Stupid Monkey ad.
Good luck raising money after all the faltering, poor decision making, and whispers about other candidates entering the race.
I'll be two steps ahead of you if you are wondering where I am.

Saving Florida's Future

Now trending on Twitter.
Name another item Connie Mack IV could replace in his campaign logo for the baseball since he never really played ball, unless you are referring to Ron Gants balls.
Use the hashtag #MackLogo for results.

Alice Rodriguez

Just wondering if any of the "posters" actually know Connie Mack. The State of Florida would be lucky to get him. I have worked with Connie in the past on charity events where he stands nothing to gain. He is a true gentlemen, who loves his family and stands his ground. He comes from political integrity and chose not to ride his father's coat tails. Bottom line his name, his position and his integrity are not for sale therefore he cannot raise the money the Nelson camp can. If Connie chose to take an easier path he has a rolodex full of A-listers which includes Cher. Connie has chosen to run on his beliefs, his integrity and his intelligence. That's refreshing. He is well-educated and certainly knows the policital arena up close and personal considering he was raised in it. So before you read interest BS research his bills. You will be surprised to learn the real candidate here is Connie Mack the IV.

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