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Gov. Rick Scott will sign bill banning governments from hiring companies tied to Cuba

Gov. Rick Scott said on Friday that he intends to sign contentious legislation that would ban the state and local governments from hiring companies with business ties to Cuba and Syria.

The governor will sign the bill on Tuesday in Miami, he told Spanish-language radio station WAQI-AM (710), known as Radio Mambí.

“As we all know, the record of the Castro and Assad governments are undeniably repressive,” Scott told host Ninoska Pérez Castellón. “I’m going to sign legislation that protects Florida taxpayers from unintentionally supporting dictatorships that commit such despicable acts.”

In throwing his support behind Florida House Bill 959, Scott sided with the near-unanimous majority of state lawmakers who voted for the legislation, which was authored by Miami-Dade Republicans who argued taxpayer dollars should not fund companies connected to oppressive regimes in Cuba and Syria.

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Jobs 4 Florida

wins the worst legislation ever prize !!! next: close every single CITGO gas station, prohibit county employees from traveling to Cuba, ban every major airline from europe and latin america to fly to Miami...this law seems MADE IN CUBA !!!

Et tu, Brute?

Companies that do business with ANY country on the U.S. terrorist watch list (i.e, our sworn enemies) must be denied any contract that involves tax dollars period! If you disagree with that then you should re-evaluate your priorities in this life.

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