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Group of 200 holds rally for Trayvon Martin at Florida Capitol

Led by local officials, nearly 200 protestors rallied at the Capitol Wednesday, using the Trayvon Martin case to highlight problems in the state’s justice system, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and racial profiling.

Rep. Alan Williams, D-Tallahassee, led the group in chants of “I am Trayvon Martin” and “No justice, no peace!”

The rally, organized by the National Christian League of Councils, was one of dozens that have taken place in the months since Trayvon, an unarmed teenager, was shot dead in Sanford. Last month, a group of criminal defense attorneys converged on Gov. Rick Scott's office to protest the fact that Trayvon's shooter, George Zimmerman, was not arrested.

“But for the grace of God, Trayvon could have been my son,” said John Marks, mayor of Tallahassee. “We’re not here to try [Zimmerman] in the streets or through the press. We just want the justice system to work as it should.”

Former Florida Sen. Al Lawson said it is time to repeal the Stand Your Ground law, which allows people in danger to respond with deadly force.

Lawson voted for Stand Your Ground in 2005, as it received a unanimous vote in the Senate. IMG_2421

“The law was passed for the National Rifle Association,” said Lawson. “I voted for the bill. It was a mistake.”

The group had harsh words for the Sanford Police Department as well.

“One of the things that upsets me the most is that the cover-up is almost worse than the crime,” said Williams, who was wearing a hoodie.

The rally came just an hour before Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll was scheduled to meet with Rev. Dr. RB Holmes, pastor of Tallahassee's Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. Carroll and Holmes are the chair and vice chair of a task force put together by Scott to investigate the Stand Your Ground law.

The task force will begin in earnest after the investigation into the Trayvon shooting is complete.

Frustrated by what he called "stalling" by Scott, Sen. Chris Smith has created a task force to look into Stand Your Ground, and scheduled the first meeting for Thursday.



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For anyone that is interested….
I am an audio guy..

I took the 911 call with the most audio informatiion regarding screams, compressed it, ran it at half speed and pitch corected it 100 percent.. even though it runs slower (just a tenth over half speed) anyone with an ear for music can tell not a note has been changed.. Digital affords you this luxury. In the analog days we had to physically slow the tape/medium down and you lose pitch and clarity.

Anyway, what I find most interesting is the ghastly scream at about 1:12 right after the final shot.\.

THIS AUDIO IS NOT ENHANCED per sey.. not like enhancing a photo.. the only enhancing has been to adust volume levels so you don’t hurt your ear listening to everything at relative volume levels.

There are a few swirling artifacts in this copy because I had to compres the wav file to a 128 kbps mp3 to fit on my page so you had a player to hear it on.. These artifacts are slight and will not distract.

The 911 call as you have never heard it before, draw your own conclusions. Listen for the scream after the shot.


Again, draw your own conclusions, I am not here to change any minds tonight. This exercise is just a way to access the call and hear things you would not of just listening to the raw recording.

Jerome Almon

As a Black male, I am amazed at how each time a Trayvon Martin like case occurs, the MEDIA seeks out and appoints the same tired, and exploitive individuals as "Black leadership" as if we voted for them. The truth of the matter is these individuals are responsible for such incidents as much as the alleged perpetrator by not doing 1 thing to prevent them (which can be easily done). If such incidents as the Trayvon Martin case didn't occur what would Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton do to legitimize themselves, and in regards to the latter 2-make a living. The truth is they all PROFIT from such incidents, and have zero incentive to see them prevented. These people are typewriters in an Apple and Google world, and need to be gotten rid of by Blacks if we sincerely want to move forward.


To get a feel for the Trayvon Martin killing, you need to listen to the 911 call made by a neighbor. The fatal shot is heard in the background.
Just listen to it.
You need no experts.
You need know nothing about this case.
And you don’t even need an open mind.
But you need to listen to that heart wrenching call.
Then draw your own conclusions.
Here it is: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11548279

Jerome Almon


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