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Herald and others sue to open Zimmerman documents

The Miami Herald and other media outlets are asking a judge to unseal court documents in the prosecution of George Zimmerman in Sanford.

In a motion filed Monday, the press asked that a Seminole Circuit Judge reconsider a quickly made decision last week to seal the court file, which in Florida is normally a public record.

In a case that has riveted the nation, Zimmerman is facing a charge of second-degree murder in the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen visiting his father’s girlfriend in a gated Sanford community.

Trayvon, 17, the neighborhood watch volunteer got into a physical confrontation, and Zimmerman shot the teen. Claiming self-defense, Zimmerman was not initially arrested and police cited Florida’s Stand Your Ground law in not charging him. Story here.


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By all means, let's have the press ensure that so many Floridians know about this case, including its court documents, that they won't be able to find an impartial jury ... at least not an honest one!

It's time for the press to back off of this case, let the justice system work (or not), and stop throwing its sensationalist fuel on this tragic fire.

But, as usual, for the Big Media, it's all about selling column inches and screen graphcis to the infernal advertisers. One day soon we're going to have to call out and perhaps end the Media-Advertising-Technology Complex.

Pamela Conley

The truth cannot be sensatiolized and the truth is all enquireing minds want to know to ensure no slight of hand smoke screen or any other form of sensory is preventing truth and clarity to this case and most importantly because it was not given the thorough investigation at the onset we all want to know why such secrecy?


Legal system not The Press !!!

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