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Hidden video: Connie Mack criticizes Ryan Plan while pitching Penny Plan

When Congressman Connie said Paul Ryan's budget was a "joke" last week, it was his strongest criticism yet of his fellow Republican's proposal. But it wasn't the only criticism. The liberal group American Bridge obtained/shot hidden video of Mack last week at a tea party meeting where he pitched his penny plan and hip-checked the Ryan plan.

"The Ryan budget, that doesn't balance for 20-24 years. We can't afford to wait that long. We need to get serious about balancing the budget," Mack says in the video (about 4:50 in).

"My plan is the only plan that's in the Congress that would balance the budget within a 10-year window," he said, noting it's supported by senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.



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Saving Florida's Future

Isn't it inciteful that Connie mack thinks he does not have to vote for bills which he supports if he does not think they will pass. That is some fortification of his stance. Maybe he would rather support his Herman Caine style gimmicky penny plan that is all hype no substance or detail.
Ask Mack WHICH programs he would cut.

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