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Hispanic caucus chair: Ozzie Guillen's Castro comments 'appalling,' 'insulting'


Mr. David P. Samson


Miami Marlins
501 Marlins Way
Miami, FL 33125

Dear Mr. Samson,

As a Cuban-American State Senator and Miami Marlins season ticket holder, I write this letter to you today with great disdain towards the recent statements made by Miami Marlins Manager, Ozzie Guillén.  Mr. Guillén’s statements regarding the Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro, are not only appalling, but also insulting to the Cuban-American exiled community and all freedom loving people.

The Miami Marlins have become a symbol of the progress and greatness of this community.  Around the country, people see the new Miami Marlins as an extension of the unique Hispanic community in South Florida, predominantly consisting of Cuban-Americans who fled Communist Cuba in the early 1960’s in search of a sanctuary against political persecution.  Many families endured much sacrifice to start all over again in a foreign country where they can live in peace, free from tyranny.  The vast majority of my constituents are comprised of Cuban exiles, including my parents who fled from Fidel Castro’s communist regime in 1969; having experienced approximately ten years of living under a tyrannical and murderous regime.

What I also consider disturbing is the fact that the Miami Marlins received tax dollars from this community, including Cuban-American exiles, to fund the construction of the new stadium.  As a result, I expect your organization to honor the commitment it has made to this community by taking a strong position against Mr. Guillén.  I understand his statements are not reflective of the Miami Marlins organization; however, I feel it is the responsibility of your organization to vigorously condemn these statements and take punitive measures against Mr. Guillén.  If the Miami Marlins are to be respected in this community, your organization must stand with the Cuban-American exiled community and execute expedient punitive measures against Mr. Guillén which will rectify the situation. 

Members of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus and I will be expecting an imminent public apology from Mr. Guillén and be looking forward to further actions taken against him for his deplorable comments.


 State Senator René García


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Armando Perez Aleman

Ozzie Guillen made a wrong comment at the wrong place. We know he is controversial, and that is fine as long as he does it with arbiters, but making an unnecessary comment in the heart of a community that has suffered because of this tyrant was and is unacceptable. I really do not feel sympathy towards him nor do I want to attend a game directed by him.
In addition, to those of you who are saying that his apologies are enough: No, they are not. Those are inexcusable comments.

Ozzie Guillen hizo el comentario inapropiado en el lugar inadecuado. Sabemos que él peca de controversial, y eso está bien siempre y cuando se limite a los árbitros y el beisbol, pero decir lo que dijo en el corazón de una comunidad que ha sufrido gracias a este tirano es inaceptable. Realmente no siento simpatía por él, ni deseos de asistir a un juego que dirija.
Y para aquellos que creen que ya se excusó suficiente déjenme decirle que no, no se ha excusado suficiente porque su comentario no tiene excusa.

Bob J.

Ozzie Guillen is an idiot who's mouth continuously gets him in trouble on and off the baseball field, he proved that in Chicago. You would be hard pressed to find a big pro sports figure who gets in as much trouble with his mouth as Ozzie does. He should be fired as manager of the Marlins immediately!

Gregory Lewandowski

Hard for Ozzie to talk his way out of this mess.


Yes please fire this guy now. I cannot stand such ignorance from someone. He should have never been allowed to represent miami. He needs to go. He can take his sorries somewhere else.


Bob j: Rex Ryan is pretty close


Ozzie Guillen: Gets drunk after every game, loves Castro: Now feels 'Guilty' and Embarrassed!! http://liveoncampus.com/wire/show/3365115

Le Chifre

Go Ozzie! Anything that upsets the Cuban fascists in Miami is fine with me!

These Cubans come here and claim to love America and its freedoms. But they have no hesitation in enforcing their Cubano political correctness on the rest of us. They come here, get instant amnesty, immediately sign up for welfare and bankrupt the taxpayers to pay for it. They bring with them terrorists like Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles. And then proclaim them freedom fighters! Pathetic. Disgusting. UnAmerican. But typical.

It's such a shame that the Cuban people overthrew the Batista dictatorship! Oh, how terrible!

Viva Ozzie! Viva Fidel! Viva la Revolucion!


Before you all throw in the towel on Ozzie Guillen, make sure you are the people who don't have jokes about people of color floating around your dinner table. Be sure that you allow your children to date whom ever they want. Be sure the people who clean your houses and watch your children are being paid equally by you because, treating and respecting people fairly is what counts.

Once you have gotten your ducks and a row. Then understand that the responsibility we owe each other is what should help us set high expectations for all of us to follow.

It is sad to read that for years people have put up with Ozzie's antics because "that is just the way he is". We owe it to everyone to be respectful.

I've seen him apologize and I believe he is sincere. The next time he decides to go on a rant all of us owe it to him to remind him that he like all of us is human, and he doesn't have the right to pollute the air with some of his darker and unpleasing comments.

The best lesson in this we can all learn is be mindful of what you think and say.


You persecute someone for speaking their mind, no different from Fidel.. bunch of hypocrites... go make cuban bread.. I'm hungry. Forgiveness heals more than hate.


My father died in La Cabaña(perhaps the most famous of all the Castro-Guevarra Cuban revolution era prisons). What crime did he commit? Sending HIS OWN money, our family's money, to a friend living in the USA.

In 1969, three years after my father's passing, my mother and I immigrated to this country. The suffering that my mom endured, having to start over in a new country, cannot be covered or excused by Ozzie Guillen's "apology".

This is MUCH MORE than just America's favorite pass time.

Anything short of Guillen's firing would be unacceptable.

Jody Cabrera

First amendment protects free speech. Ozzie should be protected under our constitution. Otherwise we become as bad as the Fidel. Marlins acting like a bunch of commie dictators.

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